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Super Farm: Lost Worlds, a new frontier for NFTs

Earn double rewards in $LOST and $PNG with our newest partnership

We’ve teamed up with the innovative team behind Lost Worlds to help you boost rewards and increase your stake in $LOST.

Experience NFTs IRL

Lost Worlds is the first location based NFT Platform.

To mint NFTs on their platform, you must physically travel to a drop location. Meaning you can visit real-world locations and unlock access to curated projects from incredible creators for your efforts.


Lost Worlds combines the best aspects of GameFi with NFTs. Earn LOST tokens, exclusive NFTs, and non-tradable ERC721 badges by minting from real world locations and completing achievements on the platform.

For the adventurous types, take on the role of an explorer and be financially rewarded for your discoveries. If you can’t mint something on location, you can buy it in the secondary marketplace.

Endless Possibilities

The main focus of their launch is on digital art, but that’s far from the endgame. The platform and technology are built to support broader goals in: music/video, art/fashion, games/avatars, events/charity.

The market for in-person mints has the opportunity to go global.

LOST — AVAX Super Farm

You can take an early stake in the Lost Worlds’ ecosystem by buying their native token $LOST. And starting today you can join their new $LOST-$AVAX Super Farm. Earn a boosted APR with double rewards in $PNG and $LOST.

You can find their new Super Farm here.

Comment below with your thoughts and questions on the Lost Worlds Super Farm. And don’t forget to share this post and join Discord and Telegram to be a part of the future of Pangolin.

Learn more about Lost Worlds:

Website | Twitter | Discord | Whitepaper

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