Now easier to get started and discover hard-to-find items

Today, Panjo released the first few cosmetic and structural changes that are coming to the marketplace. Panjo’s new home page quickly gets new and existing buyers and sellers to their desired destination.

The new home page quickly links buyers and sellers to their desired destination.

Panjo’s new “Shop By Category” page efficiently navigates you into Panjo’s most popular interest-based collections of items for sale. A member, who is logged into Panjo, will find shortcuts to collections of sale posts that match the tags the member follows.

This member, who is logged into Panjo, follows E46 BMW items for sale and surfboards for sale.

Panjo’s new sharing tools allow sellers to create a listing on Panjo and share the listing on forums where the seller is a member. The seller can also use the sharing tools to share the item on social media outlets.

This seller connected his Panjo account to the Bimmerforums forum and to the Silverfish Longboarding forum. He can easily share his new ‘for sale’ listing to either forum or his friends on social media.
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