The Story Behind This (Probably) One of a Kind Paintball Gun

And the Man Who Is Selling It

Nicholas Kennedy is a disabled veteran from Salem, Oregon who served for the Army active duty at Fort Riley, Kansas for exactly three years and 16 weeks. He found it difficult to find ways to use the skills and attributes the military instilled in him after he became a civilian again, but he found paintball, and soon fell in love with the sport.

Now, Nick is the owner and captain of the Abiqua Kings (ABK) woodsball/speedball team, and they are one of the fastest growing, most recognizable teams in the Northwest. The Abiqua Kings pride themselves on being the good guys of the paintball field and look for players who are respectful, honorable, kind and who will spread the love of paintball to everybody they play with and against. In addition to focusing on players who respect the game, the Kings have one of the highest counts of veterans on our team in the NW.

When not running the Abiqua Kings team, Nick is the paintball manager and assistant campground manager at a local adventure campground in Oregon and has the pleasure of introducing people to the sport almost every single day.

His marker for sale is a limited edition Supergame (SG) Contract Killers Empire sniper. It’s very rare, and very hard to find. In fact, the only way to get this marker is to win it in the raffle at Supergame.

It truly is one of a kind, and though he hates to see it go, he knows that someone out there will appreciate it, and use it as much as it deserves to be used. Unfortunately, Nick doesn’t play very much pump paintball and it breaks his heart to think of it sitting as a mere decoration on his mantle.

However, in the few times Nick has used this marker, it has delivered. In one game, he had eight face mask shots with this beast. No wonder his nickname is “Hawkeye”! This marker really is as accurate as accurate gets.

What he loves most about this marker (besides the incredible accuracy) is the seamless laser engraving that it has. One can tell it was done with extreme passion and precision.

According to Nick, the looks people give you when you break this bad boy out is almost worth the price tag alone! He has gotten a lot of comments and offers on this gun, but until now he wasn’t willing to part with it. Now it is some lucky person’s chance to jump on a marker that likely won’t come around again any time soon, and you can be that person at