“Making Money Is Possible in a Bear Market” Steve Hong, Ceo of PANTHEON X Entered the Market

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There is one man who is showing unique moves in the market. He has been in charge of financial dealings for about ten years, serving as a fund manager at Ilshin Ventures, Private Equity, Sr. Manager of Investment Banking Division at Korea Exchange Bank, Equity Research Analyst at Samsung Asset Management Research, and Energy Infrastructure Fund Management Manager at Mirae Asset Global Investments. Steve entered the crypto market at this point when the crypto market had been in a long-term recession.

This is the story of Steve Hong, CEO of PANTHEON X, who is preparing a crypto fund investment platform. Steve, who the blockiness interviewer met in Gangnam, Seoul on March 26, emphasized, “Earning money is possible even in a bear market.” From the end of 2017 to the beginning of 2018, when prices of cryptocurrencies skyrocketed, both experts and non-experts were able to make profits, but when the bubble popped, the gap between the two became clear. This idea represents PANTHEON X’s investment platform, and its private alpha service will be released this month. PANTHEON X’s strategy is to match general investors with experts who can stably make profits even in a bear market.

Q. Please tell us about the service of PANTHEON X.

PANTHEON X emphasizes “reliable investment” as a comprehensive financial platform that matches cryptofund operators and investors. Investors can select products based on the performance of the experts recorded on the blockchain. For stable profits, experts with rich financial experience such as asset managers, hedge fund managers, or ETF managers will be working with PANTHEON X. The private alpha version of service will be released this month, the closed beta will be released in May, and the open beta will be released in late June.

Q. The decline of the crypto market is prolonged. Why do you open the service at this time?

During the dot-com bubble, investors were able to make money. Similar happened in a crypto market as well. When the bull market was in full effect, everyone in the market could make money. However, prices have fallen since the beginning of last year, and it is when the performance gap between the experts and the non-experts became bigger. Some experts are still making money in the bear market. This is why we are launching PANTHEON X to allow professionals to operate on behalf of non-professionals. Also, the crypto market needs a safe and reliable investment platform to become a sound investment market.

Q. Is PANTHEON X a reliable investment platform?

I believe that crypto investment platforms should have credibility as banks and other institutions. We will record the performance of the experts on the blockchain and allow investors to view them and select the products based on them. It is also necessary to help them to easily find and select items that are difficult to invest in.

In the meantime, investments such as cryptofunds or asset management are made among individuals, so many accidents happened. PANTHEON X is safe because the investment will be made through our platform, not directly among individuals. We have separated wallets for deposit and for trading so that money cannot be taken from investors. Experts can neither withdraw funds from trading wallets nor making unusual transactions such as purchasing large amounts of tokens with low trading volumes.

Q. What professionals are joining the service?

We have recruited experts who have been earning steady profits in the industry. Amber AI, a large-scale fund of Hong Kong and China, which recently has partnered up with us, is a cryptofund with annual returns of more than 100%. The machine learning algorithms run by Amber AI learn the market entry and exit points by themselves. Cryptofunds like Korbot and Quantrithm will also be listed on the PANTHEON X platform. These funds make profits through arbitrage trading. This arbitrage trading uses different coin prices of each exchange. Despite the decline in crypto prices last year, the return rates of these funds reached 40%–90%.

Q. It seems the recruitment of experts is as important as the recruitment of investors. What advantages can be given to the experts?

PANTHEON X offers smart order functionality. This feature allows trading for the best price without having to check multiple exchanges. Through the collection of order books of each exchange can solve the problem of not being able to trade at the optimum price because of the low transaction amount. Experts will be able to see the changing prices on exchanges in one place efficiently. Smart order function will be completed in early April.

Q. Please tell us about PANTHEON X’s plan for this year.

We plan to put more than 20 crypto fund products on our platform and raise more than 10 billion Korean won. On the 30th of this month, we expect to list cryptocurrency of PANTHEON X, ‘XPN’ on Bitsonic.

Personally, I would like to correct the order regarding crypto investment. Unlike existing financial assets, there is no order or system, yet which causes a problem. I want to establish order so that new investment methods that have not existed before can create healthy ecosystems.

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