XPN Deposit and Withdraws Announcement on BW

Apr 26 · 2 min read

The PANTHEON X token XPN deposits and withdraws on BW.com will open May 20th, 2019. XPN holders will be able to trade on BW.

The exact time will be announced to the PANTHEON X community through our social channels and network.

XPN/BTC, XPN/ETH, more to be announced.

We are always grateful to those who support PANTHEON X, and we will strive to meet our expectations through a steady process of building our platform and solid partnerships.

More announcements on future listings and info about the exchanges for XPN are coming soon.


PANTHEON X is a 4th generation financial platform that applies components of the blockchain system which provides transparency and reliability. It offers comprehensive crypto financial services that can generate, trade, circulate and mediate security tokens based on stocks, bonds, and assets along with utility tokens.

Based on the performance recorded on the blockchain, anyone can be an accredited crypto financial expert on PANTHEON X and investors can trade crypto financial products efficiently, safely, and quickly.

About BW:

BW has global quality buyers and sellers, working closely with more than 50 mining pools/foundations/investment institutions in more than 20 countries around the world to provide large-scale matching and custody services and establish a strict trading risk control system for trading. Safer and more reliable. The BW Exchange features include mainstream currency trading, term contract, pre-circulation contract, perpetual contract, index contract, up/down contract trading.

BW has entered into a strategic partnership with PAXFUL, the world’s largest bitcoin trading platform. PAXFUL currently supports currencies in more than 30 countries including US Dollar, Euro, British Pound, Ruble, and Korean Won. Crypto is purchasable through over 350 payment methods such as PayPal, Skrill, Amazon Payments, Steam wallet gift card, Visa / Master card, and All bank transfer. Bitcoin.

BW Exchange Quick Facts
The world’s first contract trading platform based on the mining pool
CMC Global Top 10
800,000 registered users
15000+ daily active users
8000+ new users
500 million US dollars daily transaction amount

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