Pantos Project Update: Third TAST Technical White Paper published

Dec 5, 2018 · 3 min read

Three months after we published the second TAST Technical White Paper we are now happy to share the third Technical White Paper on Token Atomic Swap Technology (TAST) with you.

Findings of the first two TAST Technical White Papers

We evaluated which blockchains and technologies are suitable for Pantos’ Token Atomic Swap Technology and which similar projects are currently being developed in the first TAST Technical White Paper.

After our initial research we focussed on how to solve the cross-chain proof problem. Every project trying to conduct cross-chain asset transfers faces this problem. As a solution, we presented and described the novel concept of claim-first transactions in the second TAST Technical White Paper.

Release of the third TAST Technical White Paper

In the third TAST Technical White Paper we address existing challenges of the concept of claim-first transactions. We present a way of creating cryptographic Proof of Intent for cross-blockchain asset transfers, and propose the concept of deterministic witnesses, a solution for assigning witness rewards in claim-first transactions. This work supports the implementation of cross-blockchain asset transfers using claim-first transactions by providing concrete algorithms.

In the third TAST Technical White Paper, we present a set of solutions to the challenges of implementing claim-first transactions. The concrete contributions of this paper are as follows:

  • We provide an example of a cross-blockchain asset transfer using claim-first transactions.
  • We describe a method of generating a cryptographic Proof of Intent (PoI).
  • We propose the concept of deterministic witnesses, a witness reward model for claim-first transactions.

You can find the final published version of the Third Technical White Paper on TU Wien’s TAST homepage or you can download it directly here.

Research progress and future work

“We have made substantial progress within the TAST project, and I am very proud of the content we were able to publish within the first three white papers. We are currently looking at an approach that is concrete but also simple enough to be realized in a prototype, and we are currently working on implementing this prototype,“ says TAST researcher Michael Borkowski.

In upcoming research, we will further simplify the approach presented in our latest paper, and we want to extend the functionality we have developed so far to enable additional, exciting features. For instance, we would like to enable smart contract invocations across blockchains. The basis we have developed so far seems very promising in this regard.

We are looking for talented developers

We are constantly looking for talented people to join our amazing team. If you are interested, take a look at our career page if you want to work with us as for example Pantos Researcher (m/f) or Pantos Developer (m/f) and shape the future of the cryptocurrency industry.

About Pantos

As the first multi-blockchain token system, Pantos aims to bring blockchain projects closer together, improve communication between developers, researchers and users, and set innovative standards for cross-chain token transfers.

The goal is to serve as a lighthouse project in an increasingly fragmented blockchain space. With multiple blockchains serving all kinds of different purposes, Pantos is seeking to allow these projects to talk to one another in a standardised way. This will speed up innovation by creating a link between blockchains which then can scale together.

To get the latest news on the progress of the Pantos project you can follow our official channels:


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