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Welcome to Curly Deluxe.

We created a digital presence to both show artists we dig and discover new artists to love. You'll see wearables, frameables and displayables. We find it pretty annoying that being infuriated by the world around us became the norm over the past few years. Curly Deluxe is designed to help change that with a little humor and a lot of creativity.

At its core, Curly is a subscription zine that comes out three times a year. That’s a promise, not a production schedule. Every release has a featured artist and is carefully curated. Each one includes a book of unbound, screen printed mini-posters and a selection of t-shirts and prints. Those minis are a convenient and frameable 4”x6”, so let’s hang a few up.

Our releases are limited editions and only available to purchase for 33 days. Poster and shirt printing doesn't begin until after the 33 days are up. At that point, production takes about two weeks. Then we’ll land on a ship date, and get everything out of our tiny little space.

Sporadically, there are surprises only accessible through a top secret code printed in the books. We decided to print a secret code and mail it to anyone who wants one. It was definitely the way to go because our 3-in-1 fax machine still uses Mindspring dial up and isn’t that reliable. The broader release happens halfway through the 33 days, unless someone somehow takes the code from the printed zine and sends it to their friends using the internet. But who would do that.

Artist @benvenom is featured in the Curly Deluxe Issue №1

Our first featured artist is the legendary Ben Venom. Here’s the artist’s statement:

Working with repurposed materials to create textile-based pieces, I contrast the often menacing and aggressive counterculture components of skateboarding, punk/metal music, and the occult with the comforts of domesticity. This collision of traditional quilting techniques with elements tied to the fringes of society re-envisions the story of the material through a softer lens.

Artist @benvenom

In addition to Ben, we have a few other writers and artists in Zine No. 1. And, of course, a Classifieds section.

We’re having fun building this little ship while it's already sailing. Hope you join us.


Here’s a 3 min. video about Curly for those that like fun audio and visuals.
You can also follow Curly Deluxe on ig here



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