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Wunderground. Launching creativity with coffee.

It sure feels good helping a brand get off the ground and headed in the right direction.

The Paper Crane Factory partnered with Wunderground, the newest venture by our longtime bud Jody Hall (Cupcake Royale, the Goodship). Jody has always been passionate and ever-present in the move to make mental health awareness from a taboo topic to a topic of conversation. Wunderground’s initial product line is coffee and tea infused with adaptogenic mushrooms in support of overall wellness, including brain function, immunity, emotional calm and well-being.

With those benefits in mind, we decided to position Wunderground as the launching pad for inspired ideas and the expression of creativity. We were driven by the back of a cereal box. Games, puzzles, journeys, they all got the brain going. Wunderground is here because we (physically) outgrew (for the most part) sugary cereals, but not the need to get our synapses firing in the morning. Wunderground is a cereal box for grownups.

We decided our product was not actually coffee, but creativity. Our competition is more Adobe than it is Starbucks. We don’t need to stay in the lines when we paint. Walls and ceilings can blur. Wherever eyes come to rest, we reward. In each Paper Crane Factory endeavor, whether on our packaging, on the websites we build, at retail, if we ever send smoke signals- every engagement is an opportunity for us to make a creative impression. Wunderground became the perfect canvas for those executions.

We turned the logo into a stage. We are rotating artists from all over the world to put their work on that stage for everyone to experience. Sure, Wunderground’s creative expression is mushroom coffee. But we are giving everyone else that little boost to be tall enough for every ride.

As any grocery shelf will tell you, coffee brands are all pretty much the same. Dark colors, a reference to the roast, more dark colors, and some language around the region of the beans. It’s fairly easy to stand out. Meeting the challenge we set for ourselves wasn’t quite as easy. But as we named every product, wrote every word, thought about every pica on our digital presence, and designed every face of display, it got more and more fun. And it worked. Wunderground is one of the most praised launches we’ve been a part of, it helped Jody complete her raise, and gets Wunderground well on their way to Series A funding.

We’re excited for you to explore what we created and find it out in the wild. Super proud of this one and our role in it.