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We’re now embedding audio and video into magazine articles

August has been a pretty big month in Readbug Towers. Not just because I became the newest member of the team (hello!), and not because of the new office pool table.

It’s because we’re now including audio and video within our digital magazines. A subscription doesn’t just get you words and pictures, it now gets you music, film and people talking about stuff.

It’s a massive step forward and is something that you guys have been asking for. First came issue 16 of Boneshaker, now with their Boneshakercast accessible through the app.

This new feature allows you to listen to the dulcet tones of Gary Fawle by tapping the link within the mag contents page. Perfect if all that literature get a bit much.

Next we welcomed Schön! Magazine to the app, the first title to feature video content. The print edition arrived at the office in style, dripping with luxurious fashion and full of celebs.

But seeing Schön! cover star Maddie Ziegler jumping around in HD totally made our month. If you want to check out these new additions for yourself you can jump on our 7-day free trial.


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