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A forthright preacher addressed his avid listeners with a commanding tone in his eyes and steely look in his voice, put forth the proposition

You can petition your poetry, with prose.

You can petition your prose, with verse.

You can petition your verse; with poetry.


Here endeth the fun…

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Fantasies entwined in the slipstream of life’s temptations
brings a kind of relief other than what was sought,
once the other side is reached.

Darkness is always alluring to the weak mind
in times of frustration and loneliness.

Pulling at threads unravelling that web of self-destruction
somehow managing to avoid the precipice again,
until the final time.

Pray to your universe it never comes.

This piece is in response to Carolyn Hastings’ prompt “Always Be a Poet” for Paper Poetry’s World Poetry Day. I had the beginning of a Doors song, “The Soft Parade” shout at me to get involved; so I did, messing around with the start of the song. I’m leaving it late, I know. I now have more time for da craic and get back on the horse to fall off more often. Here’s the link should you fancy a go…

Ah go on, here’s a link for The Doors’ song, it’s a poetical piece so it fits, one for the ladies too. Hopefully, this whole piece is just a lot of fun…

As requested, I’m tagging five new engagers to ava go and maybe spark their interest in Paper Poetry… Ema Dumitru Lover Boy in Space Brian Lageose Cher Hin Chong leauuriz & the wonderful, Amy Jasek

Thank you, Suntonu Bhadra Carolyn Hastings Indubala Kachhawa for accepting my words. 🙏✨🙏✨🙏✨
Thank you Carolyn Hastings for publishing this piece. 🙏✨

Thank you all for reading and your precious time. Always. J. 🙏☘✨



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