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Fallen Moments

We are made of them

Jim Dutton
Paper Poetry
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2 min readDec 11, 2023


Image created with MidJourney (snowflake with pretty older woman detailed photorealistic — ar 3:2)

It falls from the sky and catches the light
The first glimpse of perfection I have seen
I study it till it melts out of sight
And wonder what its falling might mean.

The air glistens and sparkles with promise
As they fall from the sky and catch the light
I run through the flurry with a purpose
To taste them all — and I think I just might.

But the quest to have them consumes my life
I am made of them, and they are just me
As they fill the sky and smother the light
I shiver and fear their cold symmetry.

The past collects in banks along the walls
And hides forgotten souls in shoals of white
Sometimes, when it’s quiet, I still recall
How they fell from the sky and caught the light.

Jim Dutton © 2023

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Jim Dutton
Paper Poetry

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