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Paper Poetry Month-long Prompt

Fantastically Fantasy

Let the imagination and illusion take control and flourish in your poetic enchantments.

Created in Mid-Journey. Link.

Hi dear readers and writers,

1/12th of 2023 is passed; can you believe it?

It’s like sitting on the sofa with popcorn to watch a movie, and you've missed the beginning already!

Don’t worry; we still have 11 more months to experience in 2023.

First, thank you for supporting Paper Poetry by reading and by your words. We started the year with our January month-long prompt, announced by Carolyn Hastings, called The Makeover. I want to highlight the poems published on the prompt for January.

Between These Lines by Janice Fung
Rewrite for Growth by Thalia Dunn
I Saw Her Today of All Days by Carolyn Hastings
How to Write a Hiatus by Lilie Kaizen
This Prayer by Michelle Lovett, LCSW, E-RYT
Bean Poetry by Shereen Bingham
Love Is In the Air Indubala Kachhawa

Thank you, Janice, Thalia, Carolyn, Lilie, Michelle, Shereen, and Indubala for sharing your amazing words with our readers.

As February is stepping in, we want to announce the next chapter of our month-long prompts.

Prompt Details


Write a poem based on your ‘fantasy.’ Perhaps, a few poems, if you want!

It can be anything (excluding any disturbing thoughts or anything that goes against Medium’s guidelines).

It can range from unicorns to magic carpets to walking in the sun. It can be a self-depicting story, a story of others, or an imaginative tale of the future or the past.

It can be comical.

It can be satire.

Created in the Midjourney app.

Imagine the things you fantasize about and portray them in your words. Or make a craft to showcase it to the world if you want!

Please do not use ChatGPT. We are talking about your words, eh? If the words are from AI, it's not your fantasy, per se!

Poetry types: Any kind, from poem to sonnet to twittle to free-verse, pick up the mode and share your fantastic fantasy.

Word count: Minimum 10 words, maximum 500 words.

Title/subtitle/kicker: please use ‘Fantastically Fantasy’ as the kicker; your choice of title and subtitle

Tags: Please use the ‘Fantastically Fantasy’ tag when submitting your story. Any other tags (i.e., Fantasy, Paper Poetry, Poem, Poetry, etc. are at your discretion).

Image: minimum one image; maximum two images
Please note: one of the images must incorporate a handwritten/handcrafted element in either paper or digital format under Paper Poetry’s submission guidelines. Please include the image source details and link.

If you create an image using AI, please include the source of the image with a link, and a note that you created the image. AI images created by a third party can only be used with the creator’s permission with full credit given to the creator.

Extensions: Please include a promotional link to this prompt and invite another writer to join the prompt if you want!

Submission period: Wednesday, February 1 (UTC-10hrs, Cook Islands 12:00 am) — Tuesday, February 28 (UTC-10hrs, Cook Islands 11:59 pm)

Submission limits: poets are welcome to submit as many stories as they like to the prompt.

We welcome new writers to join the prompt. Please leave a comment requesting to be added as a writer, or email us at

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Let your fantastic fantasy words enlighten our imaginations.


Suntonu Bhadra



We are living in the digital world, covered in the autonomous aspects & tracked motions of life. Yet, somehow we are losing some critical elements. Keyboards, touchpads, & speech-to-text are there, but we believe that handwritten words on paper is still meaningful to some poets.

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