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Pass It On

You Are Everything

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Have I passed it to you,
my green-blossomed,
storm-deep one?
I’ve ached, telling you
the world’s a place where
joy resides,
cleaving with darkness.
Have you heard me?

Thank you for reading my poem—I’m so grateful! And thank you to the beautiful Paper Poetry and to Carolyn Hastings for the opportunity to publish this Pass It On poem. I hope my daughter is listening.



We are living in the digital world, covered in the autonomous aspects & tracked motions of life. Yet, somehow we are losing some critical elements. Keyboards, touchpads, & speech-to-text are there, but we believe that handwritten words on paper is still meaningful to some poets.

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Jane Smallwood

Jane Smallwood

Passionate about poetry; mine is a work in progress. I’m an editor who reads a lot, but when I read in my free time, I don’t change a word. Love to paddleboard!