Paper Poetry
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Paper Poetry



Inktober / Poemtober

Pathetic ink illustration by author (who is not an artist but likes to play)

Auto tune to the tune in
to the times to the tumult
to the tempest, this tantalizing
tick tock tap your toe
spin the dial, mix the static
pick and scan til it’s spick and span
grind, to the teeth
windows down, road groove
to the call sign, abc’s & 123's
talk talk news and gospel blues
rock and roll the tires rotate
rhythm rap bump bump the back seat
shotgun rider DJ rules



We are living in the digital world, covered in the autonomous aspects & tracked motions of life. Yet, somehow we are losing some critical elements. Keyboards, touchpads, & speech-to-text are there, but we believe that handwritten words on paper is still meaningful to some poets.

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