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Rosette Nebula

In honour of Paper Poetry’s first year

X-ray (NASA/CXC/SAO/J. Wang et al), Optical (DSS & NOAO/AURA/NSF/KPNO 0.9-m/T. Rector et al), Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons Mixed image created by James G. Brennan.

Swallowing gases birthing stars
this gargantuan mouth is open for business,
chewing elements in what looks like an
awful mess within exploding dust clouds
raising temperatures way beyond the chill it burns.

High energy UV radiation photons prizing electrons
from hydrogen reconnecting once ionized
showing off its new wavelength colours
nurturing its stellar nursery riding atop
constellation Monoceros on the unicorn’s broad shoulders.

Once finished feasting the canvas splattered upon,
this interstellar creation gives a Pollock or two
more than a run for their creative money,
after all their paints, brushes, and canvas
would not be theirs to create without a cousin such as you.

The governor of Oklahoma declares they have adopted you,
only a human with an ego found in such false power
would find the arrogance to look upon your face
let alone claim to own you!

Enjoy consuming his insignificant stardust.

Screenshot Star walk app.

Submitted to Paper Poetry in honour of their first fabulous year. Congratulations, long may you continue!

Thank you, (in alphabetical surname order) Suntonu Bhadra, Carolyn Hastings, Indubala Kachhawa, for your continued support and giving my words a platform. I am truly honoured! 🙏☘✨🙏☘✨🙏☘✨

Thank you all for reading and your precious time. Always. J. 🙏☘✨



We are living in the digital world, covered in the autonomous aspects & tracked motions of life. Yet, somehow we are losing some critical elements. Keyboards, touchpads, & speech-to-text are there, but we believe that handwritten words on paper is still meaningful to some poets.

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James G Brennan

James G Brennan


Writes eclectic free verse poetry and is free to read. "Everything in life is writable about" Sylvia Plath.