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Paper Poetry prompt#6

Photograph by the author

Shreds of lignified bark
supple in the past
needles of dignified age
moist, decayed
pain decomposed
despair half-rotten
trimmings of profusion
mulched around
and over the thoughts
rushing, rotating
shuffling from
viridescent to tawny
to glowing amber,
weed of notions
plucky and upright
came up claiming
to be the greenest
thwarting saplings
throwing offshoots
adamant to encumber
Gleam of mindfulness
transcending slowly
it’s buoyance and flare
enervated the eccentric
inclined to plunder,
Serum of soul now
wicking up fervently
congealing essence
of chaotic silences
on inverted receptacle
in subliminal cerebration
dextral and sinistral
reaching equilibrium
Awakening the spirit
from venerated slumber

Image and illustration by the author

Thank you for reading my poem.

This piece is written in response to latest Paper Poetry prompt “obstacles or fences”. Thanks to Suntonu Bhadra and Melissa Bee at Paper Poetry for the opportunity to contribute to this prompt challenge.




We are living in the digital world, covered in the autonomous aspects & tracked motions of life. Yet, somehow we are losing some critical elements. Keyboards, touchpads, & speech-to-text are there, but we believe that handwritten words on paper is still meaningful to some poets.

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Era Garg

Era Garg

An enthusiast balancing chemistry with pen & poetry, painting nature , exploring my identity in universe.

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