Storm Of Letters

Paper Poetry Prompt#2

Melissa Bee
Sep 20 · 3 min read
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Scribbles and photography by author

I remember the letters
Those hearts scribbled young love
Fifteen years old, working hard — no school
To teach me be careful with trust.

I remember those letters,
That came to be — all to escape a
Dark childhood — to be free
I’d faithfully write
Before and after work,
Every day and every night.

I remember those letters
The smiles the mailman delivered
Rushing out after — watching
Love to me he would bring
On paper — love that made my
And my heart strings sing.

I remember those letters,
Four to five a day, fifteen twenty
Back and front pages,
I’d write out of paper quickly
Ink trickled to E, couldn’t hold my
Think — As I lay longing, but happy,
By myself with love far apart,
I remember those letters,
More than the thirty minute
Collect calls permitting to talk.
I remember those letters,
We wrote — until you were
No longer behind bars.

I remember those letters,
Stopped —
When you got on that plane,
Back to your country — visits halted
frequently, abruptly.

But I followed you there,
Stayed loyal and fair,
Stayed true to the letters —
You decided to tear —
Your words, lies and not rare,
When you had that affair,
You broke my heart —
Took her, she was near.

I remember those letters,
You told me they burned,
I told you tonight —
One night — it’s my turn.

I’ll never be mad at the words
I put on those pages,
For the words kept me strong —through
Those aching stages and storm.

A year and a half writing to you,
Twenty years later,
I realize the good and the truth,
While I may have lost you — love,
I could have grown old with,
There’s many things I have now —
I don’t have to wonder — why, how?

If I never lost you —
I’d never find myself,
My words would be lost
Worth buried in me — on earth
Losing first love —
that was the first step
To writing above all — well
Those letters this September,
Are now a distant memory —
A glistening present now,
Are the ashes of lost paper — gives
Rise flowing word vapor — easy
Those letters I remember,
In a new powerful form,
Stronger, burned— into a different

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© All rights reserved. Melissa Bee

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Thank you to Suntonu Bhadra for the Paper poetry prompt themes of Scribble and Stamp/s. It was this prompt that allowed my mind to reflect and reach the letters of my past.

I encourage all of you who are inspired to take up this challenge.

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Paper Poetry

We are living in the digital world, covered in the autonomous aspects & tracked motions of life. Yet, somehow we are losing some critical elements. Keyboards, touchpads, & speech-to-text are there, but I believe that handwritten words on paper still means something to poets.

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