A bumper haul of McSweeneys

This weekend I went to the McSweeney’s pop up kickstarter event on Valencia Street in San Francisco. I’d already backed the campaign but thought I’d swing by anyway. So glad I did! Met some great people and came home with this small haul of books.

So I’ve added it to my existing McSweeney goodness, including issue 13 (Comics) which is incredible and Issue 16 which is fold out and boxed, and intriguingly contains a comb.

Here’s some on the new goodies…

This is what I grabbed:

  • Notebook of Things, which I’m hoping will help inspire me as it’s blank pages with a slight suggest at the bottom like “Most of a Haiku” and “Minimalist Greeting Card Themes”
  • The Best of McSweeney’s Internet Tendency — including the now infamous “I’m Comic Sans, Asshole”
  • McSweeney’s 42 — “Multiples”, this one appeals to the OuLiPian in me as it’s ’12 stories appearing in up to 6 versions’, instantly reminds me of Exercices de style
  • The Wild Things by Dave Eggers — loosely based on the brilliance that is Where the Wild Things Are by Sendak
  • and It is Right to Draw Their Fur — Animal Renderings by Dave Eggers, a fabulous set of illustrations.

For all these and so much more take a look at http://www.mcsweeneys.net/books

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