The story of Maria and her red notebook

Maria works as an HR manager and therefore obviously doesn’t leave her house without the notebook (duh!). We met her and asked her why she choose the grand voyageur [xl] red. “For years I have been using this small notebook you know, like agendas? And I didn’t have a problem with it up untill the moment I realized I need more than one notebook and my bag is already filled with bunch of stuff, I mean a serious bunch, I can never find what I’m looking for. It’s like bottomless well we call it [laughs]! A friend of mine told me about the traveler’s notebooks and that’s when I started googling and looking to order one online. I found some leather notebooks from Asia and I seriously considered getting it even though the shipping takes long, but then I started reading blogs where bunch of people said that their leather has a weird smell! That was a definite no for me, I am planning to have this notebook and never have another so I needed a really good, not good, perfect quality! I am so thankful now I didn’t run after the first ball as they say, and I ended up with the most perfect notebook ever!” We asked Maria for what purposes she uses her notebook: “I have 3 refills I keep at all times, two squared and one blank. First one is my to do list, I mean private life. I write everything by date, just like a little diary. The second one is for my work life and the blank one is for everything else, like I heard a song I loved and wanted to remember the lyrics or a recipe I just have to try! I also keep one blank refill at hand for the times I travel and it is my favorite one actually, I keep it at home and it’s like my little memory chest.”

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