4 Ways to Keep a Fresh Mind at Work

By Jake Zimmerman

Monday has finally arrived. Your weekend is over and it’s time for work. For some, Monday is really exciting. You get to head into the office, work hard, and get sh*t done. For others, it’s a struggle to make it through Monday morning without wanting to sit in a cold, dark corner and pretend work isn’t real (not that I’ve ever tried this…).

It would be cliche to tell everyone there’s an easy way to get through the work week, because there isn’t, however, there are ways to keep your mind from wanting to retreat to that cold, dark corner.

Proper Nutrition

We’ve all been in that tough spot between late for work and hangry that makes even the most well-scheduled professional skip eating breakfast or packing lunch.

Not eating breakfast leads to a distracted morning (because what can you possibly think about besides your insatiable need for Chipotle?) and low productivity. Not packing lunch means that now you have to go spend your hard-earned paycheck on lunch (at Chipotle… guilty).

To avoid the (sometimes dreaded but not really) Chipotle vortex, wake up 30 minutes earlier to throw together a salad and some fruit for lunch. Still no time for breakfast? Take all the stuff you need to the office and make it there!

The last major nutritional mind-booster for your work week? WATER. Keep a bottle on your desk, it’ll help you stay focused and hydrated.

To-do Lists

To-do lists are a tool that can be utilized inside and outside the office. It’s proven that multi-tasking isn’t really a thing, so juggling all those projects (personal and professional) at once can get overwhelming real quick.

Writing down a list of all your tasks can help you prioritize and alleviate the stress of feeling like you’re forgetting something. It also helps me take things one step at a time, completing one task before moving on to the next. Plus, it feels good to cross things off your list (and when you’re done, you can head home to binge watch Game of Thrones).


Whether it’s a light jog through the neighborhood or a full-out swole session at the gym, exercising helps relieve stress and propagates a healthy lifestyle.

Depending on your work schedule, exercising in the morning can be a great natural energizer to get you through the day (no morning caffeine binge for you!). If you’re not a morning person, try to use your lunch break for a brisk walk to get your heart rate up.

A great way to stay committed to exercising is setting goals for yourself, like participating in your company’s annual 5k or another charity event!

Take Advantage of Days Off

Work isn’t always easy (that’s why it’s called work!). It’s important to give your mind a break and take full advantage of the days you aren’t in the office.

Hiking through your favorite trail, seeing that concert you’ve been wanting to go to, reading your favorite book, or even just vegging out and watching Captain America can really have an impact on your attitude the next time you head into work. Making an effort to let go of your daily stresses and really enjoy yourself is key to refreshing your mind for the office.

We all have stressful days, or even weeks, at the office. Fortunately, there’s a whole lot of ways to create an awesome work-life balance that allows your mind to recharge. What are your favorite ways to refresh your mind before, during, or after work? Let me know in the comments, I can’t wait to share with the team and test your ideas out!

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Jake is a recruiter at Corporate Brokers. He finds stellar candidates for clients in the customer service industry. When he’s not in the office, you can find him recharging his batteries by travelling to the West Coast and catching Billy Joel in concert.