How I learned to love NO-TV!

When I recently relocated to my new apartment, getting my satellite tv service back up was a top priority. I mean, right under Internet and just above everything else. Its been two months now and I still don’t have a service. Totally intentional, but let me explain how did I successfully substitute TV with alternate and much better visual entertainment.

All the hardware that I needed was my 40” LED TV , Internet and this tiny little device called chromecast (If you have a Smart TV or PS3/PS4, you wont be needing the chromecast) Plug this into your TV’s hdmi port and you are set. Now let’s see how I upgraded myself to a much better entertainment feed.

1.Netflix (650 INR/Month)

This is my main feed. I watch TV Shows, Older movie titles, Netflix originals and Documentaries in here. That too in Full HD! Many might say that Netflix India is not worth the money, but I would say it is totally worth the subscription fee that you are paying here in India. For 650INR, you get a pretty decent catalogue of movies and tv shows with unlimited streaming and multi-device support. (For people complaining that the US Netflix has a much bigger menu, do give GetFlix a try to watch the US Netflix through any device. Its not free, but totally worth it).

2.Youtube (Free)

My mandatory feed. Youtube gives us more visual content in a day than anything ever existed in this planet. And its free! Indexing and finding the right content is not as easy as in Netflix but if you subscribe and keep your search entries optimal, you will never miss cable tv ever. You can watch Live News, Old and new regional movies, Trailers, Music Videos and way more from this one.

3.Mubi (350INR/Month)

Now this is a special one. Takes care of my need to watch art-house films. Mubi is a streaming service which offers you a curated set of critically acclaimed movies from around the world right on to your TV. Each movies will be featured only for a limited period of time and you can choose to watch it anytime you want within it’s lifespan on mubi.

4.Amazon Prime (499INR/Year)

Very reasonable price, a pretty decent catalogue of movies and shows and lots of shopping benefits as well, Amazon Prime is worth it. The App is available on all native IN stores except if you are on a PS4 (In that case, you will have to create a US Id to download the App to your PS4). The interface is sort of messed up and, not at all user-friendly. I guess for 499 an year, I am not complaining.

5.Crackle (Free)

This is a totally free streaming service available only in US. BUT, because I had subscribed to GETFLIX, I am able to run this service on my devices. If you are using a PS4, create a US account just for downloads and download the Crackle app from the store.

6.LocalCast (Free)

This is an essential app if you need to use your TV to watch the local media content easily from your phone, laptop or tablets. Localcast can even stream your device screens to the TV.

7. Kodi+Exodus (Free)

Kodi is a free open source media streamer with many repository add-ons available to improve the experience, including Exodus. You can watch TV Shows and Movies for free on your mobile device or streaming sticks.

8. Popcorn Time (Free)

Popcorn Time is a multi-platform, easy to use BitTorrent client that includes an integrated media player. You can find a number of movies and tv shows in here and can download it to your device. Popcorn Time supports casting the stream to Chromecast or similar devices so that you can enjoy this free entertainment on a big screen.

So thats the whole story. I’ve been surviving on these since the last two months and it’s been great. Even with the added internet charges, this is still way better than my previous DTH services. Goodbye to that!


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