What Forms Do I Need to File my Taxes?

Team Papergov
Mar 28 · 1 min read

When filing taxes, having all of the necessary forms nearby will be helpful. A first step is to have the names, dates of birth, and social security numbers for all individuals covered in your tax return. It could just be you, or it could include a spouse and/or dependents.

One of the most important and useful forms is your W-2 form provided by your employer, or former employer if you’ve changed jobs in the past year. Income earned from investments or as an independent contractor is also important and may be on a 1099 form. Examining the different tax forms provided by your bank will be helpful in showing which forms are needed for you. Additional information to have on hand when filing your taxes are other forms of income you may have collected. These sources of income could be from a property sale, rental income collected, social security benefits, a scholarship, or lottery winnings. Having a list of your transactions for the year nearby can also be helpful when filing your taxes.


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