Paperloops: The Mission Story

Shalom Dickson
Aug 8, 2019 · 3 min read

“One fateful 3 AM on October 2016, I had the vision to construct a framework for designing effective solutions to socioeconomic problems.

The vision was structured with 3 pillars — intervention, innovation, and invention, inspiring the coinage — INTERNOVENT — the lab to serve as a 3D mechanism to design, develop, and distribute proven solutions.

3 months later, 2017 ushered in the first challenges of the adventure, all of which were embraced with the support of my friends and partners. We spent the most parts of the coming months diving into the problems head-first, and with the real-time feedback from our experiences, refining our mission and formulating our principles.

Eventually, we crafted our place in the Future and we have accepted the mandate to help materialize all its exciting possibilities. The result of our soul-searching was a ‘social innovation company’, elaborately defined as “an inter-mechanism of creative structured procedures, intelligently designed, for implementing practical solutions to socioeconomic problems”.

That’s quite a mouthful, I know.

Among other things, our journey with solutions experimenting led us to explore the challenges faced by minors in managing and spending money. We iterated on the solution over the months until we reached a version that answered most of the questions raised.

The path to today was not crystal clear, but we were decisive about taking it. Many ups and downs later, including taking long reflection breaks and participating in building a world-class software engineering institute, I decided to join the first Lagos Cohort of Founder Institute (, the world’s premier startup launch program offering the structure and network that powers Silicon Valley’s billion dollar technological icons to the most driven entrepreneurs across the globe.

Today, what started out as a simple e-wallet for teens has been established as a self-sufficient mission to organize and digitize their financial ecosystem into an entirely new market, fit for the New Economy.

Right now, we are growing a strong team around this Mission and expanding its network of influence. We have validated our solution with the market, and the feedback is soaked in excitement.

Tomorrow’s adults will no longer lack legal access to the tools which enable them to have adequate financial control today. Our digital wallet helps them spend money in schools and camps even without a mobile phone, and they learn healthy financial habits through savings, donations, and earnings from task rewards and summer jobs. Our solution creates a financial time loop from the teen’s dream future, enabling their present.

Ladies and gentlemen, I introduce to you — Paperloops.

Don’t just admire the tree. Water it.”

The above text (without images) was mailed to the initial mailing list of Paperloops, and addressed by Shalom Dickson.

Shalom Dickson is an innovation evangelist and Lead Visionary at Paperloops.

How The Paperloops

How the Paperloops provides tips and Financial Literacy education for tomorrow’s adults, helping them become more financially aware and included. #NotTooYoungToBank

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