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MyCryptoHeroes — n00b guide

New player and still doubt to invest to the game? here’s some activity to enjoy the game.

I’m sorry to say n00b to you guys, but this article main target are new player that don’t know nothing to do & want to enjoy the game (since it’s on top dapps game).

What is Extension & Heroes?

Like other kind of dapps game, this game collectible items are Heroes & Extension, Heroes are playable character and Extension are equipment that heroes can use. You can collect and trade them in marketplace or in-game marketplace using GUM (MCH Premium Currency), but you can only trade Original grade.


Yes, there’s Original and Replica. Original one always have level 1 when we receive it and we can level it up by doing quest, while Replica stay at maxed level since start but have usage period (usually 7 days & expired after that).

  • Original Heroes can only obtained by buying/investing.
  • Original Extension can obtained from drops.

Here’s some basic activity you can do in the game:

You can skip!
I always press skip.


Actually the gameplay is pretty simple, all you have to do is set a team to exploring some ‘node’, and they will fight automatically. The team containing three Heroes (front, mid, back) and each Heroes have two slot of equipment (Extension).

What is node?

We can translate node as dungeon in my opinion, it’s a place where your heroes fighting three monster in each three stage, in the end of the dungeon, you receive rewards/drops/loots and EXP to lvl up your Heroes.

Each node drops different type of extension (phys, int, agi, heal, etc), every time we enter node, we consume energy based on the difficulty. Obviously higher difficulty are harder to clear but the drops are higher, if failed to clear the nodes, we lost our energy and not gaining exp & drops.

Node List

The nodes are evolving through the season, and the extension drops are change every time they evolved, it make more variation of the extension.

Change Art

In the beginning of the game, you have three novice heroes for free, since it’s novice the skill are not so good. Just like this one i have, MCH Warrior. All three free heroes active skill are Rest, it sucks since the effect is only heal themselves in one particular turn. But don’t worry, you can change the active skill by change their arts.

Change art?

Yes, the Heroes have visual arts with them, it have 64bit & pixeling style, by change their art it gain new active skill and change the visual arts of the heroes.

You can access change arts via Heroes Inventory > Select Hero > Change Art > Add Art > Upload Art. Upload an image to replace the art of the hero. After that you can change the Active skill.

Check this tutorial for more information about editing art: Draw Pixel Art by Kasumi


GUM is the main currency of the game, you can gain GUM by selling your Original items, and by TOKU gaining rewards. TOKU rewards also giving some good stuff like Novice Heroes, which we as n00bs needed.

Here’s TOKU rewards information based on Season 11,

Total TOKU Reward are 40

In the list, there’s one time reward that give you free Novice Heroes, at 1.000TOKU and 10.000TOKU. You can have Fukuzawa Yukichi and David once you reach 10.000 TOKU.

So how you can earn TOKU?

The only way to earn TOKU is Dedicate CE(like exp point of your original collectible) to Cryptid, Cryptid eat CE to gain power.

  • Original, Cryptid will eat some amount of your original CE after that your Original collectible level will reduced.
  • Replica, Cryptid will eat whole of your replica, so it will disappear.

In conclusion, you level up your collectible by clearing nodes and gain CE, you can gain GUM/reward via TOKU, you gain TOKU from decreasing your collectible CE. It’s the cycle.

But, gaining GUM by not investing the game is kinda slow, so if you willing to spent your money to the game, i’m suggesting buying PRIME membership. It’s monthly subscription with cost 1.000GUM = 0.1 ETH. If you read carefully, the TOKU reward table PREMIUM member is giving more GUM than basic reward, so buy PREMIUM once, as long as you active to the game you’re safe to buy the subscription every month, while gain more GUM. It’s a win win.

In one season you should aim to gain 10.000 TOKU, since it give you 2 free Novice Heroes once, after that you can enjoy farming extension and sell it.

I think that’s all for this n00bs article, since i am also n00bs. Need to progress more to find out more exciting feature of the game. See ya later!



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