Ledger support is here!

One of our most requested features has arrived! In addition to Metamask, Paradex now supports Ledger, the go-to hardware wallet for securing your tokens. To give your Ledger wallet a spin on Paradex, head over to app.paradex.io and follow the instructions for getting started below.

Connecting your Ledger

  1. Plug in and unlock your Ledger device using your PIN, and open the Ethereum application on your device. Click the “Connect a wallet” button in the top right corner of the Paradex app and select the Ledger tab in the menu that drops down. Paradex will attempt to detect your Ledger, and you’ll see a list of your Ledger’s Ethereum addresses if successful.
  2. Click the address you want to use with Paradex, which will bring up a confirmation window confirming your selection. Click the ‘Confirm’ button to proceed.
  3. Confirm the “Sign the message” prompt that appears on your Ledger device. You’re all set!
Just a few quick steps to start trading with your Ledger.

Note: Before you can use your Ledger on Paradex, you’ll need check a few settings. Plug in your Ledger, then open the Settings menu within the Ethereum application on the device and confirm that Contract Data & Browser Support are both enabled. If you don’t see a Browser Support option, verify that your device is using firmware version 1.2 or greater.

Selecting a gas price

The only instances where you directly submit Ethereum transactions on Paradex is when wrapping/unwrapping Ether and unlocking/locking tokens for trading (submitting or cancelling orders won’t prompt you to pay gas). In those cases, we’ll prompt you to select a gas price to use for your transaction.

In the gas price modal, you’ll see a slider, buttons to finalize or cancel the transaction, and a handy gas price guide showing current average gas prices on the network and the corresponding estimated confirmation times.

Simply select a gas price using the slider (we default you to the safest & lowest price you can pay while still reliably getting your transaction mined; if you’re in a hurry, increase the price) and click the ‘Create transaction’ button. On your Ledger device, you’ll be prompted to confirm the transaction.

If you run into issues with your Ledger (or anything else), click the green question mark in the bottom right hand corner of the app. You’ll find help articles and answers to some of our most frequently asked questions, as well as a contact form to share your bugs and feedback.

A big high-five to everyone who voted for this feature in our product planning board. If you have your own idea for a feature or enhancement you’d like to see on Paradex (a white theme, market orders, browser notifications, and more!), head on over to paradex.io/planning and add your vote!

Consumer API

We’re handing out keys to our consumer API! Whether you’re a liquidity provider, trading firm, or an enthusiast with a side project, we’d be happy to get you a key or two. Send us a note and we’ll get you set up on both our mainnet and testnet environments.

Come say hi!

We’re excited to step out from behind our computers for a few upcoming conferences and events, some of which we’ll be presenting at. You’ll find us at Token2049 in Hong Kong in just a few weeks (March 20–21), as well as Distributed Markets in Chicago (April 23) & Token Summit in NYC (May 17).

We love virtual hellos too. Chat us up on Twitter at @ParadexIO.

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