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Biweekly update 30th July — 13th August

“The great aeternity reviews by Paradigm fund have become a tradition.” It is a pure pleasure to watch companies, that work hard towards making the world better. AE team was successful with the development enhancements all round; in the State-channels report, they mentioned updated UML diagram, Websocket client disconnect and reconnect, Improved hard fork detection, the initial design of virtual state channels and other substantial changes. SDK JS 4.3.0 for aeternity is out, featuring added ability to use call-static/dry-run without keyPair, so now you can make static calls and implementation of the NodePool stamp to manage more than one Node. The social æctivity was represented by events, videos, and interviews. aeternity’s dev star Milen Radkov met with weiDexExchange and told about his initial steps in blockchain development and discussed the biggest challenges in the field now. Emin Mahrt had a talk with BTCTN about the paths towards becoming a blockchain developer. Besides, Aeternity replenished the list of The Crypto Valley’s Top 50 Blockchain Startups in 2019. The team keeps growing — aeventure just welcomed a new team member. Not only the team, but the whole community is also increasing. There is a boom of activity in chats — check it yourself! The number of subscribers on twitter and facebook is growing as well. By the way, for all AE holders not to forget: The æternity ERC-20 AE token will become non-transferable on September 2, 2019. Stay tuned and live large with Paradigm!


Aeternity GitHub metrics
Developer activity (from Aeternity

The æternity ERC-20 AE token will become non-transferable on September 2, 2019. Approximate time when aeternity Ethereum ERC20 token will become non-transferable this year. 1567454169 is hardcoded into the contract — see here.

Dynamic transaction fee calculation

Implementation: PR #2588

The FSM used a hardcoded fee of 30 000 * local gas price (or

33 000) for all transactions. In certain cases this was insufficient and

transactions which should be ok were rejected. This was changes such that the

fee is computed dynamically for each transaction. The only exception is the

channel_mutual_close_tx transaction which requires a hard-coded fee.

Updated UML diagram

Implementation: PR #2591, PR #2596

The UML diagram describing the core states of the SC FSM has been updated.

Previously it was part of the source file itself. It has been moved out into its

own file 2 to ease maintenance. The resulting diagram can be viewed in the

wiki 1. The intention is to keep the UML diagram up-to-date with

changes to the source code and easily comprehensible.

Websocket client disconnect and reconnect

Design: PR #389

Implementation: PR #2602, PR #2603

Clients can now disconnect from the FSM without the FSM shutting down

immediately. Instead a client may reconnect using the new off-chain

channel_client_reconnect_tx transaction. The tx contains the information

needed to locate the right FSM, including the client’s public key.

It must be signed by the client, proving that it possesses the private key

(or other signing capability) for the account.

Improved hard fork detection

Implementation: PR #2608

The detection logic was improved to detect whether a protocol version was active


Refactorings and general improvements

Design: PR #381, PR #383

Implementation: PR #2591, PR #2596, PR #2597

The FSM has grown quite large over the last year. Therefore, an ongoing effort

is to refactor parts of the code to make it easier to comprehend and

maintainable. Refactorings are meant to be done is small chunks to keep impact

low and feature development going.

The initial design of virtual state channels

Design: PR #382

An initial design of VSCs is in review, which is meant to act as a proposal for

further community discussion.

  • Contract monitor — an Elixir SDK example application. The app was done during the 2-day hackathon with the idea of showcasing some of the SDK’s features. It keeps track of a smart contract’s usage in realtime by utilizing the SDK’s event listener, as well as retrieving data from the past by using the middleware. It also lists any contract events that have been emitted after the monitoring has begun. Note: it works only with testnet contracts.

A guide on how to run the application is on github.

  • SDK JS 4.3.0 for aeternity is out! New stamp to manage multiple nodes! Install it.

Bug Fixes

  1. State Channels: Fix onChainTx event params (#566) (11c85eb)
  2. State Channels: Fix websocket url (#558) (33c1fd8)
  3. Swagger: Pass query params in case of get request (#570)

Code Refactoring

  1. State Channel: Do not include white space for outgoing websocket messages (#559)


  1. ACI: Implement sophia variant type (#567) (8505dcf)
  2. Contract: add ability to use call-static/dry-run without keyPair (#577) (c38edd9)
    So now you can make static calls without keypair, instead will be use zero accounts with predefined amount of tokens
  3. NodePool: Implement NodePool stamp (#574) (674166c)
    Change composition of AE stamp, compose it with NodePool instead of Node. Now you have ability to manage more then one Node.
  4. State Channel: make state channel compatible with aeternity@4.0.0 (#568) (0d0e09b)
  5. TxBuilder: Add helper for producing tx hash (#579) (e1b405e)
  6. AE Make all AE stamps composed with Accounts (#581)

a)Change composition of Universal stamp. Now composed with Accounts instead of b)MemoryAccount.
c)Now you have ability to manage more then one Account and init sdk without account at all


  1. ACI Add some additional clarification to getContractInstance

Bug Fixes

  1. Account: Fix — json for account commands. Add proper error code to AENS commands. (#90) (7de13eb)
  2. CLI: Fix exit codes around the CLI (#84) (c775e1d)


  1. sdk: Update sdk version to 4.3.0 (#92) (454385d)

Social encounters

  • The Crypto Valley’s Top 50 Blockchain Startups in 2019. The Top 50 blockchain companies in Crypto Valley doubled their valuations in the first six months of 2019 from US$ 20 billion to US$ 40 billion. The ecosystem now includes more than 800 companies active in Distributed Ledger Technology and blockchain and employs over 4,000 professionals. Six Unicorns — companies valued at more than US$ 1 billion — are based in Crypto Valley.

Upcoming events:

  1. September 20–21 — The Æternity Universe conference will take place in the period in Prague, Czech Republic. Meet Pablo Coirolo, CEO & Co-Founder Light47 & CEO Americas aeternity, Nikola Stojanow, CBDO aeternity Blockchain, CEO aeternity Ventures and many others!



  1. Lima will introduce the Fast æternity Transaction Engine (FATE), æternity’s customized virtual machine. The Fast æternity Transaction Engine uses transactions as its basic operations and operates directly on the state tree of the æternity chain. This enables native integration with first class objects such as oracles, a naming system, and state channels since those are all managed by specific types of transactions described on the protocol level. FATE is a simple-to-use machine language, superior to the more traditional byte-code virtual machines currently used on other platforms. It enables easier, safe coding, faster transactions, and smaller code sizes. It is custom-built to seamlessly integrate with the functional smart contract language Sophia.
  2. The next scheduled hardfork of the æternity protocol will happen in September with the Lima Release.
  3. A governance mechanism based on a Sophia smart contract will be introduced and will make it easier for the community to launch governance votes. Delegated voting and a signalling mechanism for hardfork activation will become available. A governance æpp will be launched.
  4. IMPORTANT: All AE tokens users must migrate their AE tokens to the Mainnet before September 2 when the smart contract that manages all Ethereum AE tokens will expire.
  5. Auctions for renting names in the æternity Naming System (AENS) will be launched with Lima.
  6. A mobile æpp that enables state channel payments will be available during the æternity Universe One conference that will take place in Prague, Bohemia on September 20–21, 2019.
  7. Here is the draft timeline for the Lima Release, token migration and the September hardfork.


With the goal to enable the æternity community to launch initiatives such as the BRI, the governance mechanisms will be improved with the Lima hardfork. In this respect the developer community will focus on:

  1. Enabling “signaling” that automates the process of hardfork activation. A key header info field will be introduced and contain information that could be set by a miner via a config parameter. That information will signal whether the miner supports a proposed hardfork or not. For example, when 90% of mining power signals support for a hardfork — it is automatically activated after a week.
  2. A Sophia smart contract will be used to enable weighted delegated voting.
  3. Drafting a detailed specification that determines what exactly could be changed by governance on-chain.
  4. A client-facing application for initiating and participating in voting proposals.

State Channels Payment æpp

In order to showcase the most simple functionality of æternity’s state channels, an æpp that can be used to buy various items during the æternity Universe One conference will be developed. It will allow event participants to make payments to multiple points of sale via state channels. To learn more about the first major event dedicated to the æternity ecosystem, visit the Universe One website.

Naming System Auctions

æternity’s protocol-integrated naming system (AENS) enables human-readable names for AE token accounts, including oracles and smart contracts. It is currently possible to associate an account with a test name (.test) and more than 550k names have already been registered for free.

Most valuable names be established, an auction system must be incorporated. The first step will be the drafting of a detailed specification of the auction mechanism and then developing a Sophia smart contract to execute it. It is expected that the AENS auctions will be ready in time for Lima.

Partnerships and team members



In the end, 4 teams were selected for an investment offer. Тhe 4 startups receiving investment from æternity Ventures include event ticketing provider, satellite data marketplace, blockchain game, and decentralized freelancing platform:

  1. Abend — a cashless, user-friendly, on-site payment platform whose prototype is already running on æternity blockchain. The team behind the project engages to create “own little economy” for the music events segment internationally.
  2. Cryptotask — The Croatian team is urging the long-awaited freelancing revolution by creating a task-oriented, easy to use, decentralized freelancing task market with advanced dispute resolution system built-in (something like Upwork but much better and on æternity blockchain).
  3. Cryptic Legend (Malta/Serbia) — blockchain-based hero management, battle simulation game set in an ancient fantasy world. Aside from selling legends/heroes directly to the players, Cryptic Legends aims to provide the option for trading heroes between players.
  4. Homeport — the Bulgarian project, Homeport is an open marketplace for ground station capacity and data storage based on smart contracts. It is focusing on the efficient collection of satellite data, including earth imaging, atmospheric data, broadband internet, and maritime comms, using a decentralized global teleport.

To reach these milestones, the 4 start-ups will be guided by æternity Ventures in areas including media relations, pitching to investors, tooling, blockchain infrastructure, æternity apps architecture, token economics, and business model.

  • New Coin Release: Trust Wallet now Supports Aeternity. Learn more via link.


No updates.

Social media metrics

Social media activity
Social media dynamics
Social media dynamics

The graph above shows the dynamics of changes in the number of Aeternity Facebook likes, Reddit subscribers and Twitter followers. The information is taken from

Here you can find all kinds of resources to get acquainted with aeternity!

Mainnet Launch

  1. Introducing Roma: The First Live Implementation of the æternity Blockchain
  2. æternity’s Roma Release is Here

Protocol Upgrades

  1. The Minerva Release is Out!
  2. The Majority of Mining Power Adopted Fortuna


  1. æternity Development Roadmap Update

AE Token Migration

  1. Migration FAQ in the Forum
  2. How Will AE Token Migration Happen?
  3. Phase 0 of AE Token Migration [COMPLETE]
  4. Phase 1 of AE Token Migration [COMPLETE]
  5. End Date for Phase 1 of Token Migration and Ledger Nano S Support
  6. Phase 2 of AE Token Migration and Minerva Hard Fork [COMPLETE]
  7. Phase 3 of AE Token Migration [RUNNING] — Last phase before Ethereum smart contract freeze — MIGRATE TODAY!
  8. AE Token Migration Video Guides (Ledger Nano S, MyEtherWallet, MetaMask, Base æpp)

Community-Building Campaigns

  1. Create a Community Building Campaign and Grow the Æcosystem

On-Chain Governance

  1. æternity’s First On-Chain Governance Vote: Decentralization 2.0
  2. Forum Discussion on the Block Reward Initiative (BRI)

Getting Started with æternity Blockchain

  1. Tutorials and Guides (for developers and miners)
  2. Documentation Hub (very useful!)
  3. æternity protocol at GitHub
  4. Oracles at GitHub
  5. State Channels at GitHub
  6. Smart Contracts at GitHub
  7. Sophia — Smart Contract Language at GitHub
  8. Naming System at GitHub
  9. Governance at GitHub
  10. Bitcoin-NG at GitHub
  11. Forum (the best place to get support)
  12. æternity Development 101 (free course at
  13. æternity page at BitcoinWiki
  14. General FAQ
  15. Technical FAQ
  16. Mainnet FAQ
  17. Website
  18. Bug Bounty at HackerOne
  19. Bounty for Fixing Outdated Tutorials
  20. Mining AE tokens (Video by SavageMine)
  21. 2018: A Year in Review

Getting Started with æpps and æpp Tools

  1. Documentation Hub (very useful!)
  2. æpps website
  3. Developing æpps
  4. Weekly æpp and Tool Updates (great place to start)
  5. Run Your Own Middleware
  6. æternity Best Current Practices (Making Improvement Proposals)
  7. æpps FAQ
  8. Tech Twitter Account
  9. The First æpps Summit: Summary

æternity Ventures

  1. Starfleet 2019
  2. Æternity Launches Starfleet Incubator for Blockchain Innovation by Bitcoin Magazine
  3. æternity Ventures Website
  4. æternity Ventures Blog
  5. Twitter Account

æternity Crypto Foundation

  1. 1000 AE for Telegram Tipping
  2. Announcing a Donation to the Project
  3. æternity Crypto Foundation Blog
  4. Twitter Account

Videos, Interviews and Presentations

  1. What is æternity?
  2. Short overview of æternity’s main technological features at
  3. æternity Weekly Development Updates (videos)
  4. Public Developer Hangouts (videos)
  5. æternity’s State Channels by Dimitar Ivanov
  6. æternity’s State Channels by Ulf Wiger
  7. æternity’s Consensus Algorithm by Michal Zajda
  8. æternity’s Generalized Accounts by Vlad, Hans and Dimitar
  9. æternity’s Arkane Wallet by Vlad, Marco and Karel from Arkane Network
  10. æternity’s FATE VM and more by Nikita and Michal
  11. æternity’s Peer Communication (Noise Protocol) by Georgi Spasov
  12. æternity’s Smart Contracts by Erik Stenman & Tobias Lindahl
  13. æternity’s Virtual Machine [Elixir] by Bozhidar Nikolov
  14. Property-Based Testing in Blockchain and P2P Networks by Thomas Arts
  15. Challenges & Advantages of Using Erlang in Cryptocurrencies by Ulf Wiger
  16. Interview with Vlad during Berlin Blockchain Week
  17. Interviews with Vlad & Stoyan during Chainges, Amsterdam
  18. Interview with Nikola and Emin during Consensus 2018
  19. Podcast with Nikola on Ventures, Starfleet and Growing the Global Blockchain Talent Pool by Technology Blog Writer
  20. GLOBSEC: Parallel & Undercover World of Blockchain by Julio Alejandro
  21. Sofia Crypto Meetup #34 — æternity Mainnet
  22. How to sleep well after a major code refactoring by Thomas Arts & Tobias Lindahl
  23. Why Developers Shouldn’t Shy Away From Blockchain Development — interview with Dincho Todorov by Altcoin Magazine
  24. A Scalable Ethereum — Can æternity Blockchain Get Ahead By Starting from Scratch? — interview with Ulf Wiger by


  1. æternity Webinar: Scaling decentralized applications by Vlad Dramaliev
  2. æternity Webinar: Sophia, a functional blockchain language by Erik Stenman
  3. æternity Webinar: Evolution of the æternity consensus engine by Michal Zajda

Opinion Articles and Blog Posts (Team)

  1. 5 Issues Companies Are Facing With Blockchain
  2. How Will Blockchain Technology Enter the Mainstream? | Writers Contest Winners [Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4]
  3. Could a Blockchain-Based Reputation System Prevent a Dystopian Future? in HackerNoon
  4. Advantages of Functional Programming for Blockchain Protocols in HackerNoon
  5. Can Blockchain Win? — Social Media Platforms 2.0 [Part 1]
  6. Can Blockchain Win? — Social Media Platforms 2.0 [Part 2]
  7. Facebook’s Blockchain Affair | Can Blockchain Win? — Social Media Platforms 2.0 [Part 3]
  8. The Future of Payment Gateways
  9. DAOs on æternity
  10. Introduction to æternity’s Bitcoin-NG Implementation
  11. Proof of Work vs Proof of Stake
  12. On (Decentralized) Governance
  13. Blockchain Must be Open Software
  14. The Digital Insurance Marketplace
  15. Trade Financing is Broken
  16. How Smart Contracts Might Change The Way We Live
  17. Blockchain Oracles
  18. Democratizing Blockchain Forks
  19. Building a Truly Decentralized Blockchain
  20. Re-Discovering Prediction Markets

Community Resources

  1. Coin Spotlight: æternity by Coinplan Insights
  2. Blockchain Scalability Solutions from æternity by
  3. æternity Review: What is AE, What are æpps, and What Makes It a Unique Token by BitBoy Crypto
  4. æternity: Scalable smart contracts interfacing with real-world data by Fujan Crypto Report
  5. Token Analysis: æternity (AE) by Edward Ward (Comprehensive)
  6. Coin of the week review by faast
  7. Comprehensive Wiki Guide to æternity by WikiCryptoCoins
  8. æternity (AE) Review: Building Scalable Smart Contracts by Coin Bureau
  9. æternity biweekly review by Paradigm Fund
  10. What is æternity? by ZebPay
  11. What is æternity? by
  12. What is æternity? by
  13. What is æternity? by
  14. æternity review by
  15. æternity — Ethereum 2.0? by The Crypto Lark
  16. æternity review — The Ultimate Money Guide to AE by Ultimate Money

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Paradigm fund

Paradigm is a family office fund investing in crypto space since 2013. We are a group of industry experts & crypto enthusiasts consisting of PhDs and graduates from the top universities with experience in creating startups, trading on traditional financial markets and blockchain

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