Aragon: Agent beta release, Roadmap update, Q4 2018 Transparency Report, MVP DAO for Reddit communities

Biweekly update 12th February-26th February

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During the last two weeks, Aragon team made progress with development. They released Aragon Agent beta — a new app that enables Aragon organizations to interact with any Ethereum contract or protocol. Yesterday the team published a new public roadmap with describing current and future goals for Aragon Network and Aragon Client. Also, Aragon Q4 2018 Transparency Report was published, a recap of what has been going on with Aragon during Q4 2018. As for social encounters, during these weeks the team attended several meetups in the USA (Denver, Nashville) and Aragon AMA with John Light on Ethfinex Telegram chat took place. Stefano Bernardi wrote on “Aragon Agent and the future of DAOs” and Luis Cuende shared advice for how to succeed at working remotely in “Running Aragon One as a remote team” article. The last, but not the least — Aragon community continues to grow. The list of DAO is rapidly increasing: on February 26th, 2019 there are already 337 Aragon DAOs on mainnet. There is a constant slight growth in Aragon social media channels and a stable increase in the number of token-holders.


GitHub metrics
Developer activity (from
  • Releasing Aragon Agent beta by Jorge Izquierdo (Co-founder Aragon Project, CTO Aragon One)— a new app that enables Aragon organizations to interact with any Ethereum contract or protocol.

Aragon Agent is a fully-fledged Ethereum account owned by an Aragon organization. It’s like a multi-signature account on steroids that enables organizations to interact with any Ethereum contract or protocol. Trading tokens on 0x or Uniswap, opening a Maker CDP, managing names in ENS, owning digital LAND parcels, or even breeding digital cats.

Before Agent, those interactions required taking funds out of the organization and sending them to a trusted operator. Then the operator would interact with the external contracts, and return the assets to the organization afterwards. With Agent, this can be done within the organization in a completely trustless way.

Agent also allows organizations to interact with other organizations, opening up an incredible amount of experimentation with inter-organization interactions.

An Agent represents one identity of the organization. For the external world, the Agent identity is static, even after upgrades to the governance process of the organization. This removes the need for painful migrations after governance changes.

The best way to build deep integrations with other protocols is still building an Aragon app with aragonSDK. But Agent introduces a great way to interact with external contracts without the need for building a custom Aragon app.

Applications and contracts on Ethereum have lots of different use cases and user targets. That’s why Aragon team decided to push three different interaction models for Aragon Agent:

  1. aragonCLI Agent support (beta)
  2. Web3 signer integrations (coming soon)
  3. Agent webapp (coming soon)

Moloch DAO & Permissioned DAOs by Yalda Mousavinia.

Aragon Greta DAO by Gustav Marwin.

Cooperative DAO Governance — Models,Techniques & Proposals by Julian Brooks.

Developer relations opening application; Is this Just kidding by Tommy Cox.

Preparing for Polkadot.

Updates from Aragon chat (12th February — 26th February):

@luis (Luis Cuende, CEO at Aragon One Team):

- Continue working on 2 or 3 blog posts
- A1 goals tracking and tasks cleanup
- Supporting next A1 offsite planning

- Enhancing product dev cycles at A1
- Multiple operational tasks
- Write and review blog posts

@jorge (Jorge Izquierdo, CTO at Aragon One):
- Release Agent
- Started working on the radspec registry for non-Aragon contracts
- Some contributions to aragon/aragon and aragonCLI to support the Agent release

- Kleros Aragon Court: auditing the Kleros protocol
- Agent release blog post
- Work on my research writing backlog: Aragon Chain, Voting v2 contract arch, Metadata DAO

- Released Aragon Agent 🎉
- Aragon Court: started implementing from scratch (general court state machine working!)

- Aragon Court: implement dispute creation, voting, appeals
- Voting v2: prepare ETHCC presentation and write about new voting arch

@lkngtn (Luke Duncan, Research at Aragon One):
- Review @bingen ‘s delegative voting spec
- Test and document Agent app + Openlaw flow on rinkeby
- Work on Aragon Network communications plan

@light (John Light, Community at Aragon One):

- More communications documentation
- Publishing upcoming blog posts
- GitHub organization / governance documentation

- Finished governance comms plan
- Drafted review of ANV-01
- Reviewed and published the Agent post
- Worked on Q1/Q2 events planning
- Continue with Q2 events planning
- Start planning for ANV-02
- Work on upcoming blog posts

@jounih (Jouni Helminen, Design at Aragon One):

-New preferences layout (full screen modal)
- More discoverable preferences
- new sections for App menu panel
- Custom label preferences screens for desktop + mobile
- Aragon Figma housekeeping

@monica (Monica Zeng, Human Relations at Aragon One):
- New job description
- Hiring: screenings, interviews
- People ops: contracts, amendments, equipment
- HR Strategy: Planning Offsite #5, coaching

- @danielnorman’s onboarding: Welcome to the team :frogdance:
- Misc HR ops

- Research travel agency
- Close offsite #5 partner + offsite prep
- New payroll policy + prepare payroll part I
- Interviewing potential candidates
- Coaching + help with internal ops

Planned for this week:
- Offsite planning
- Travel agency partnership and coordinate next itineraries
- February compensation + expenses
- Hiring: follow-ups and technical challenges + usual coaching sessions
- Internal ops

@LorenaGM (Lorena González, Assistant at Aragon One):

- Agenda Management
- Travel arrangements 
- Accounting & payments
- Other administrative and legal tasks & follow-ups

@bpierre (Pierre Bertet, UI & Interaction Developer):

- App Center
- PRs reviews: aragonUI + aragon/aragon

@sohkai (Brett Sun, Lead Developer at Aragon One):

- Support Agent app beta pre-release
- Modernize Survey app and planning its re-release
- Sync with AGP security partners on next steps and priorities
- Support Aragon 0.6.4 development, to be release next week!

- Kickoff A1 sprint 4.2
- Release Aragon 0.6.4
- Deploy smart contract upgrades for Aragon 0.6

- Helping @danielnorman onboard!
- Pushed 0.6.4 release to next week, so we can get a few more fixes and changes in for the Agent app
- Working with the Security Partners to have a smooth contract upgrade soon

Planned for this week:
- Release Aragon 0.6.4 (for real!)
- Write local identity data spec, and more generic “identity provider” spec for other methods of resolving addresses to metadata
- Review Staking and Payroll
- Review TPS’s 3rd milestone

@bingen (Bingen Eguzkitza, Solidity Engineer):

- Review some PRs from aragon-apps, dao-kits and aragonOS
- Nest: support and review a couple of projects
- Review Single Delegation spec comments
- Review and iterate over Jorge’s Sum Tree sortition implementation
- Devops: help setting Nextcloud app

@delfi (Delfina Polito, Frontend at Aragon One):

- AraCon post-event changes on website
- Aragon public roadmap for website
- Finished second iteration of developers portal redesign

- Deployed public roadmap to Aragon website
- Polish preject’s blog
- Closed some issues on Aragon website
- Started with forum themes redesign

- Continue with what’s left of forum redesign (light and dark themes)
- Update mailing list on Aragon One blog

@aquigorka (Gorka Ludlow, Frontend at Aragon One):

- Address comments on `responsive` open PRs and get those merged!
- Continue work with thats pending on the second iteration of `responsive`
- Do some research into automated tests for the front-end

- Swipe open/close updates
- `aragon/ui` new components and changes from `responsive`
- Common components for `aragon/aragon` from responsive
- Started work on `Custom labels

- Work on `Custom Labels` view
- Get as much work done on the remaining fixes for `responsive` and merge open PRs

@dizzypaty (Patricia Davila, Product Owner at Aragon One):

– Product sprint planning tasks & calls
– Plan user research at EthCC & Flock teams coordination
– Product on-boarding for new team members 
– Agent app scope and flows

@yalda (Yalda Mousavinia):

- Roadmap prioritization 
- Sprint planning
- Legal logistics (entity formation for real world interface; accounting)
- QA testing of Milestone 3 from our Nest grant

* Legal and operational logistics for receiving our first payment
* Polished up Rewards app product spec and missing screens; initial braindump of the information architecture for profiles
* Created tickets in Github for Rewards app and other TPS tasks
* Initial brainstorms around EthCC user research strategies
* Roadmap, prioritization, QA testing

Besides my typical PM tasks of testing/sprint planning, etc. Plans for this week:
* Hopefully finalizing banking / finding a bank [getting paid in ETH within hours of market dipping, and not enough DAI on market = not stable :)]
* Prepare slides for my Thursday talk on Autark at Full Node Berlin
* Finalize proposal for EthCC user research questions
* Publish initial draft product spec for Profiles and DAO’s “about” information

@quazia (Arthur Lunn):

This week worked on:
- Defined clear development processes for the team
- Finished back-end front end integration for our Projects app bounty flow including allocations/vault integration/IPFS integration
- Started work on the Rewards App Spec [WIP]

@listenaddress (Thomas O’Brien):

- Got good idea of methods/data for profile, discussions and about section.
- Researched 3Box, OrbitDB, and Textile. Began conversations with those teams.
- Got 3Box-linkedin demo and simple auth server going. 
- Reviewed Aragon and espresso code and documentation. Began tinkering.

@danielnorman (Daniel Norman):
- Read the whitepaper

On-boarding tasks
Goal setting

Techincal onboarding with the help of @sohkai 
(wip) rxjs upgrade testing/review

- Continue on technical onboarding
- `aragon.js` — support the rxjs upgrade 
- `aragon.js` — review/test other blocking PRs
- `aragon.js` — Rebase and continue on ACL caching PR

@gabi (Gabriel Garcia):

- Worked on e2e test for aragonCLI
- Looked hack.aragon/forum/chat/codebase gathering information to update aragon CLI documentation. Created this document to write ideas and necessary changes, any feedback is welcome.
- Help release `@aragon/cli@5.4.0-beta.1` 🚀
- Gave support to new users

@kevin.siegler (Kevin Siegler):

- Review @yalda ‘s spec for the rewards app
- Implement and test the frontend/backend integrations to finish up the projects app


Projects app:
- front end
- back end integration of Projects app (web3, ipfs)
- polish up code for other apps in the Planning Suite (our Milestone 5 work which rolled into Flock)


- Figure out what needs to be stored for profiles and discussions.
- Research distributed DBs including Textile, OrbitDB, 3box. We’ve started conversations with these three groups.
- Start poking around Aragon’s IPFS node setup, aragon-datastore, and the projects app.

This week for Open Work Labs:
- Finish proof of concept app that integrates 3box and linkedin 
- Write up research on 3box 
- Start working on a POC with textile cafes 
- Write up research on textile
- Start forming a proposal about what tools to use (3box, textile, caching server…etc) for profiles / discussion features
- Start gathering relevant open data standards

Social encounters

Upcoming events:

Twitter: DGOV Foundation‏ @dgovearth (on December 26th 2018): “We are very happy to announce the participation of some of the brightest from the the Aragon team at the DGOV Council. We are grateful for additional sponsorship from Aragon to allow us more active facilitation as well as a video team on site. Thank‘s @AragonProject”.


Token holders and the number of transactions dynamics (from

Transparency Framework — is Aragon main transparency tool. It shows their use of funds with human readable descriptions attached to each transaction.

Source: Aragon blog.
  • Salaries and expenses in Q4

These include expenses such as salaries, travel expenses and annual bonuses.
1,438.34 ETH, 94,191.87 ANT, 69,858.60 DAI & €60,162.95, equivalent of €315,520.63.
Salaries total: €268,434.53
Expense Reimbursements total: €45,095.10

  • Payments to service providers in Q4

Total of 824.29 ETH, equivalent of ~€330,303.18.

These include business expenses, payments to accountants, lawyers and code auditors. Included are things like new laptops, office equipment, etc., to team members.

Other miscellaneous expenses: ~€42,184.81.

  • Sponsoring and event tickets in Q4

Total of 281.49 ETH, equivalent of ~€44,761.51.

  • Aragon Nest grants & Open Source donations in Q4

The Aragon Nest grants program has been tremendously successful and over 10 teams have already been granted funding.
Total of 965.08 ETH & 76,237.62 DAI, equivalent of ~€259,653.22 was paid out to Nest teams.

Grand Total
In total the project spent ~€1,055,484.43 or equivalent in cryptocurrency in Q4 2018.

  • Financial hedging

Due to market volatility the Aragon Association took extraordinary measures in Q4 2018 to ensure the sustainability of the project, including hedging cryptocurrency holdings into more stable currencies. The full disclosure for this hedging action was published from the Aragon Twitter account.


Aragon Network

Granular areas of focus with well defined scope and product specifications.

  • Delegate voting

Allow people to delegate their voting power to delegates (i.e. representatives) who can vote on their behalf and continue experimenting with new voting mechanisms. Enhanced voting. Aragon One.

  • Staking and Lock Managers

Provides a secure foundation for managing collateral deposits for agreements while allowing collateral assets to be used in to participate in governance. Dispute Resolution. Aragon One.

  • Aragon Court PoC

This deliverable includes the Aragon Court protocol, an interface for users of the court to review and manage agreements and disputes, and an interface for jurors to participate in the arbitration process. Dispute Resolution. Aragon One.

Wider areas of focus with some flexibility on the scope.

  • Proposals agreements

Aragon Agreements are a core component of the Aragon Network, they enable users to define human-readable obligations and lock collateral to provide assurances to their counter-parties. Dispute Resolution. Aragon One.

  • Vote Relay Protocol

Improve the experience and scalability of voting by implementing a protocol for votes to be submitted to a set of bonded relayers. Enhanced Voting. Aragon One.

Aragon Client

Granular areas of focus with well defined scope and product specifications.

  • Responsive view

Make the platform and core apps responsive so Aragon can be used from mobile browsers such as Status or Cipher. Mobile experience. Aragon One.

  • Local identity (custom labels)

As an intermediate solution for the full Aragon identity experience, we will allow people to create custom local labels to identify addresses that represent different members of the organization. Identity experience. Aragon One.

  • Finalize Planning Suite

Finalize the development of the Planning Suite, which enables issue curation, allocating bounties as a DAO, budgeting via range voting, and on-chain mapping of human-readable names to Ethereum addresses. Autark.

  • Upgrading apps from the UI

Provide users with a secure way to upgrade app versions, fixes for features or enhancements to already installed/in use apps. App center. Aragon One.

  • Agent application

This application will enable organizations to interact natively with other web3 applications (including other Aragon organizations). Agent application. Aragon One.

  • Rewards App

Allow organizations to distribute payments to token holders based on the number of tokens earned in a specific period (one-time reward) or based on total holdings (dividend). Autark.

  • Payroll app

This app will allow organizations to manage on-chain salary payments and for employees to request payments and see their available balance. UX improvements. Aragon One.

  • Notifications & user feedback

Implement an activity panel that will provide people information about ongoing and past transactions as well as a toast component for immediate feedback on users’ actions. UX improvements. Aragon One.

  • Concierge project

Guided on-boarding of projects interested in collaboration with Aragon or use Aragon tools for their governance needs. UX improvements. Aragon One.

  • Organization Identity

Allow organizations to manage their manifesto, mission statement, values, code of conduct, and contact information so it’s easily accessible to prospective and current members of the organization. Autark.

Wider areas of focus with some flexibility on the scope.

  • Browsing, installing & uninstalling apps

Enhance app discovery and app management for end users. Expand the on-boarding and app center experience. App center. Aragon One.

  • Individual identity

Allow individuals to create and manage their user profiles, mapping their address to a human readable name that can be used to interact with apps within the organization. Identity experience. Aragon One.

  • Rich User Profiles

Allow individuals to associate additional details to their identity such as Github commit history, work history, portfolios, and membership to other Aragon organizations. Autark.

  • Data Storage and Standards

Design the implementation strategy and information architecture for user profiles and contextual discussions. Document infrastructure solutions and recommendations for Aragon apps that require fast and queryable data that is hosted on distributed storage. Autark.

  • Organizations templates

Research new organizational models, define the apps and permissions required to realize them and create kits that people can use. UX improvements. Aragon One.

  • Organization identity & membership

Allow users to create and manage their organizations’ profiles, providing an intuitive way to add members to a given organization and granting them permissions & privileges. Identity experience. Aragon One.

  • Reputation Support

Expand governance possibilities by providing more features for reputation-based organizations, including the ability to allocation non-transferable tokens in place of (or in addition to) traditional bounties. Autark.

  • aragonSDK: Split aragonUI and Lorikeet

Push Lorikeet as an ecosystem-wide project, while still providing an Aragon-opinionated experience with aragonUI. Lorikeet design system. Aragon One.

  • Expanded Forwarder Options

Allow for more tightly coupled forwarder interactions where the forwarded call data can be leveraged and modified within the Forwarder contract. Autark.


  • Daolist: A list of all Aragon DAOs on mainnet on February 26th, 2019:
  • Aragon DAO Deployments:
New Aragon DAOs Deployed per day. Source.


Source: @izqui9.
Source: @izqui9.

Had the pleasure of using @AragonProject DAO interface last night at the @nashblockchain meetup. Some observations…

Source: @StateOfTheDApps.


Can Aragon Build an Unstoppable Robotic Government? on

Aragon mentioned in Ocean Protocol Foundation Technical Whitepaper (Version 2019-FEB-19b) “Ocean Protocol: A Decentralized Substrate for AI Data & Services”: “In Ocean, a ‘clan’ is a group of people, where membership rules for that group are governed by an Aragon DAO”.

Melonport dissolves in favor of its protocol, setting a new bar for the blockchain world: aragonOS mentioned in this Techcrunch article about Melonport.

AraCon One — The spice must flow in Coinmonks blog. “Tribes of philosophers, theologians, magicians, scientists, artists, clowns, and similar maniacs intrigued with democracy and with her doings gathered to discuss decentralised governance….”

Considering Aragon.One on the Ethereum Mainnet for Governance for a Global SteemCasting Decentralised Team on

Create your own company on Ethereum in 5 minutes on

a16z Podcast: Voting, Security, and Governance in Blockchains and Cryptonetworks with Phil Daian (@phildaian) and Ali Yahya (@ali01).

Why Voting Tokens Are F**king Horrible, And 4 Ways to Fix Them

An Aragon based mvp for daonuts (DAOs for Reddit communities).

Social media metrics

Social media activity
Social media dynamics
Social media dynamics

Twitter— average number of retweets is 10–15 for one post.

The number of Reddit threads’ comments are: 1–15.

There is a slight growth in Aragon community over time. The graph above shows the dynamics of changes in the number of Aragon Reddit subscribers and Twitter followers. Aragon project has no Facebook page. The information is taken from

Aragon chat — active discussions on development and development help.

The Aragon Chat channels are now also available through /, bridged with the Rocket Chat channels so you can choose which client / interface you prefer to use to chat with the community. The Aragon community in Matrix / Riot.— Popular topics:

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