Aragon: Aragon 0.6.2 is now live on mainnet, Q4 Development Update, AraCon registrations close in a week

Monthly update 18th December — 15th January


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  • Aragon 0.6.2 is now live on mainnet

A release full of UX improvements and fixes from user feedback.
Given that it was a frontend only release, all DAOs are automatically updated to 0.6.2 on both and

You can read some highlights from this release here.

The fourth quarter of 2018, spanning the months of October to December, was all about shipping, iterating, and then more shipping. The period also coincided with many breakthroughs on Aragon research, from scalable on-chain voting to a crystallization of the first version of the Aragon Network. The results have helped guide the Aragon project’s product roadmap as well as the Flock proposals of Aragon One and the Aragon DAC.

Some highlights from the post:

  • Aragon 0.6 — Alba was released on mainnet in time for Devcon4.
  • Followed a few weeks later by the release of aragonOS 4, a refinement to Aragon smart contract framework.
  • Aragon DAC spent the quarter polishing Aragon developer tools including aragonSDK and
  • Research is ongoing on multiple fronts, including work on staking for the Aragon Network and better voting infrastructure.
  • also made progress on the in-development Aragon Payroll app.


Luis Iván Cuende @licuende (on December 20th, 2018): Awesome decentralized organizations that can be created **today** with Aragon.

  • 1/ UBI: Organization in which you can invite friends, and pool funds to create a basic income for your circle. Voting can be used to approve withdrawals
  • 2/ Grants: Organization governed by a committee that gives us funds to select grantees. The broad community can elect the executive committee. Aragon Nest will work this way, soon cc @MyPaoG @stefanobernardi
  • 3/ Payroll DAO: Organization that lets employees pull out their salary, every block. They can also choose their token allocation from all tokens the organization has
  • 4/ Signaling: Create a DAO and give power to token holders to raise their voice. You can do it in a permissionless way, without authorization from any token issuer or entity
  • 5/ Any more awesome decentralized organizations you can think of? Tweet them and I’ll RT some
  • 6/ You can them today on , and come to AraCon if you want to know more about decentralized organizations!
  • AGP vote delay announcement.

Due to potential network instability around the time 14 of Ethereum’s Constantinople hard fork 15, the Aragon Association Board of Directors has voted to approve an emergency one-week delay of the upcoming AGP vote and review period.
The new scheduled start dates are:

  1. AA Review: Thursday, January 10th
  2. Community final review: Thursday, January 17th
  3. AGP Vote: Thursday, January 24th

Start times are still 00:00 UTC, and the AGP vote will still last for 48 hours.

Submit your proposal for community review for a chance to be on the ballot. You can find details for submitting a proposal in AGP-1 here.

AGP Vote #1 Megathread.

See also AGP discussion: Migrating off Alphabet Inc. Services.

AGP wishlist and blacklist by Luis Cuende, CEO at Aragon One Team and AGP discussion: Aragon holiday.

AGP-18 Discussion: Security and Decentralized Governance by Jack Gane.

How to create an Aragon Governance Proposal: A new video to the Aragon YouTube channel with an example demonstration of how to create an Aragon Governance Proposal.

Here are the proposals that have been submitted for review so far:

Aragon forum:

Updates from Aragon chat (18th December 2018 — 15th January 2019):

@luis (Luis Cuende, CEO at Aragon One Team):

- Worked on Aragon One Flock proposal, and its corresponding AGP!
- Worked on hiring
- Wrote a blog post on the Aragon One commitment with Aragon
- Tons of legal work to end the year

- Work on AGP coordination

- AraCon talk prep and hype

- Q1 2019 goals prep

- Prep AraCon keynotes
- Aragon One 2018 goals review and 2019 planning
- Help with AraCon communications

@jorge (Jorge Izquierdo, CTO at Aragon One):
- Kept working on Concierge projects
- 0.6.2 deployment and outreach
- Research: Simple Voting Relay Protocol technical description
- A lot of hiring and other random stuff

- AraCon keynote prep, special guest invites and selling tickets

- Leading trial week with A1 web3 dev candidate

- Research: Push SVRP, Identity and Triggers

- Coordinating Concierge project for early feb deployment.

- Review and contribute to the AN v1 scope document started by @lkngtn 
- AraCon keynote prep and reviewing talks from other people in the team. Also doing interviews and general shilling.
- Finally get the SVRP document ready for publishing it, and kick off POC implementation

- Led trial week with a Web3 Dev candidate for A1. TW was successful and he will be joining the team after Aracon 🎉

- Tons of AGP reviewing, super exciting that 12 AGPs were proposed!

- Coordinated a Concierge project deliverable and reviewed @bingen’s work on it. Almost ready for deployment!

- Research: published about Single Voting Delegation and Aragon Triggers on the Forum. Also some conversations on SVRP, which is getting close to publishing.

- Aracon: shilling to death

@lkngtn (Luke Duncan, Research at Aragon One):

- Gave a presentation on Aragon Governance and the Aragon Court at Coinfund’s Rabbithole Talks

- Reviewed AGPs

- Worked on a scope document for first version of the Aragon Network

- Started working on Aragon Network presentation for Aracon

- Lots of in-depth discussions related formalizing specifications for Aragon Network/Court

@light (John Light, Community at Aragon One):
- More AraCon planning, just a little over a month away :D

- Reviewed posts published by others on Aragon Association and Aragon One blogs

- Created a video with instructions for creating an AGP

- 2019 goals planning

- Code of conduct updates

- AraCon! (Register here:

- AraCon promotion 👉

- Finalize Q1 A1 goals

- General comms/events planning
- Q1 Aragon One goals planning
- 2019 comms/events planning
- Reviewed AGPs, merged the ones submitted on-time for review by the Aragon Association Board of Directors

@tatu (Tatu Kärki, Communications at Aragon One):

- Edited and published the AraCon agenda post, 
- Edited and published the Tips and tricks to Solidity, and The Aragon One commitment, posts
- Created and put out the second AraCon newsletter,

Worked on mostly on some writing and on a video project

- Quarterly updates
- Video related work
- AraCon posts and publicity

- Worked on the Aragon Q4 Development Update post with @sohkai, 
- Did a bit of work on the 5 Reasons We Made AraCon Less Than $200 post, 
- Worked on AraCon stuff, publicity etc.
- Finally put out the video from 2018 ETHDenver, presentation by Jorge,

@bingen (Bingen Eguzkitza, Solidity Engineer):

- Payroll: review and fix allocation and DOS issues
- Staking: address PR comments
- Review some PRs on aragonOS and aragon-aps
- Devops: provision Bitwarden
- aragon CLI: minor fixes PR’s 287, 288, 289, 297, 302, 304
- Nest: review milestones and support for several projects

- dao-kits: review PRs #58 and #60

- aragon-cli: review PR #313

- Research about Kleros

- Iterate over Staking app

- Help with Concierge Melon kit
- Implement a Concierge project
- Some research for Aragon Network
- Minor fixes for Staking
- Review Single Voting Delegation and Triggers

@sohkai (Brett Sun, Lead Developer at Aragon One):

- First development sprint of an exciting year to be 🙌

- Catching up with communication and reviews from last year

- Wrote Q4 dev blog post

- Review and close open PRs, prioritizing those in the current A1 sprint ( Sprint: 3.1#2019–01–13&filterLogic=any&repos=83571693,87797080,98191281,104566586,107204572,105753403,110835045,113607062,110852964,119700565,127890952,133029873,134983488,136166954,133385725,110709027,115292819,145604823,128055455,158613596)

- Review TPS and Payroll milestones

- Product prioritization for next sprint and Q1

- Lots of AGP and Flock proposal reviewing 🎉 
- Reviews and responses for a lot of in-progress or previous frozen work, priority is to get a handle on in-flight PRs and merge existing ones
- That Planning Suite Nest review

- AraCon presentation prep

- New Aragon One sprint started: Sprint: 3.2#2019–01–27&filterLogic=any&repos=83571693,87797080,98191281,104566586,107204572,105753403,110835045,113607062,110852964,119700565,127890952,133029873,134983488,136166954,133385725,110709027,115292819,128055455,158613596,164905821

- Get things ready for an Aragon 0.6.3 release by AraCon!

@alexa (Alexa Weaver, Operations Assistant):

- Catch up from Holiday Break // Finalizing 2018 books
- Misc. AraCon tasks
- Normal Ops tasks
- Ops A1/AA split, plans for automation/streamlining.

@jounih (Jouni Helminen, Design at Aragon One):

-Templates for 1–1 user testing
-UX for form
-Lorikeet Figma template
-1–1 user testing plan for events in 2019, starting with AraCon
-Payroll mobile/responsive design (if I get time)

@bpierre (Pierre Bertet, UI & Interaction Developer):

- Review / support / merge the opened Aragon UI PRs

- Lorikeet: default light and dark themes (with @jounih)

- Lorikeet: start using it as a base for aragonUI

- Lorikeet: documentation (starting with the theming system)

@delfi (Delfina Polito, Web Development):
- AraCon website changes

- Start with forum redesign

- Improve performance on different websites

- finishing my interview questions for the blog post
- doing minor changes and adding new stuff to AraCon website
- continuing with the developers portal redesign

@aquigorka (Gorka Ludlow, Frontend Developer)

- Continued work on making the client and apps responsive
- Added tabbed animated navigation for mobile to the token manager app
- Updated call to action button to icon
- Updated settings app to become responsive

- Address comments on responsive behavior open PRs

- Continue work on responsive Finance app

- Start work on responsive Permissions app

- Write my interview questions
- Address all of `responsive-menu-panel` comments and merge that PR!
- Rebase open responsive PRs on `aragon/apps` with the latest changes suggested
- Continue work on the rest of the open responsive PRs
- Continue work on responsive Finance app

- Addressed comments on Responsive Menu Panel PR
- Merged Responsive Static Apps app PR
- Submitted WIP Responsive Finance app PR
- Submitted Responsive SidePanel PR to `aragon/ui` and closed Responsive SidePanel PR in `aragon/aragon

@cjyabraham (Chris Abraham, Project Manager at Aragon DAC):

- various hack.aragon related work: reviewing PRs, discussing feature upgrades with Delfi/Ardi, etc.
- Aragon DAC project management

- Aragon DAC flock proposal

- reviewed aragonAPI docs PR

- reviewed

- created a PR to integrate improved hack.aragon diagrams

- work on the Aragon DAC December sprint report

- work on the Aragon DAC flock proposal

- Aragon DAC flock proposal

- finalizing the PR for improved hack.aragon images

- sprint planning

@monica (Monica, HR Lead at Aragon One):
- Worked mainly on hiring: interviews & planning trial weeks
- Started writing the equipment policy

- On hiring: prep a trial week + prep tech challenges

- Creating a new view for the goals system

- Review new contracts model

- Finish Equipment Policy

- A candidate’s Trial Week

- Doing usual screenings, interviews and coachings

- Finish Team Handbook update
- Work in an internal monthly discussions calendar for the team
- Hiring: usual candidates screenings, interviews, coaching
- Prep Daniel and Paul’s onboardings.
- Prep AraCon ( panel

* Helped Lorena with Goals scoring
* Finished the Equipment Policy
* Successful Trial Week 🚀
* Usual candidates screening & interviews

@danielconstantin (Daniel Constantin):
- Opened a bunch of issues

- Did a proof of concept of the “simple” aragon.js API (see here)

- Added some improvements to the react-boilerplate

Worked on a couple of issue, but most notably:

- AragonApp API rewrite using promises + events (here)

- Handle `arapp.json` parsing errors (here)

@griffgreen (Griff Green, Governance Circle Lead at Giveth):

- Flock proposal ready for external review. Comment away!

- Nailing down numbers for the flock proposal

- Working with Status to coordinate Liquid Funding as an Aragon App

- Worked on Flock a lot! Very excited for feedback on our proposal (Scope still being debated… sent to a few Flock Devs)

- Coordinating with Jarrad and Iuri Status to get the Status DAO on Aragon using LiquidFunding

- Nailed down numbers for the Aragon DAC budget for the next 7 months

- Flocking real hard… Comment on our flock proposal:
- External Comms/Coordination (Status, Association, A1, Loomio, Autark, prob others)
- Helping Jeremy test Dapp-DAO interactions on Frame for Mac… will soon have an Augur-DAO demo 😉 
- Preparing for the Meet up in CM (that i’m at right now 😉 )

@krrisis (Kris Decoodt, Communication Circle Lead at Giveth):
- Aragon dac positioning discussion (more coming up)

- Further debriefing & copywriting for the aragondac website (live on )

- Review of the Aragon DAC flock proposal

- Review & feedback to the aragon monthly editor

- Small extra contributions to the aragon Flock proposal discussion

- Created the last commits for the monthly 11, squashed, merged, published, created the post & spread the message in various places-

- discussion on funding for to be able to continue working on this (we got it, thx again! ❤ ) 
- Final review of the Flock proposal, updating of our site text on to our flock proposal, check-it-out! (more edits coming up)

@gabi (Gabriel Garcia):

- Worked on solving several CLI issues related to react-kit boilerplate, 290, 285, 274, 273
- Submit PR to update boilerplate, #21
- Tested the wallet-provider on local environment
- Reviewed last milestone of Tennagraph for Nest

- Aragon DAC flock proposal

- Kept testing wallet-provider

- Research about aragon cli issues #301 and #275

- Worked on several PRs: #318, #314 and #313

- Publish new npm package create-aragon-app

- Open a PR to update aragon client to been able to have a pre bundle: #555

- Worked on the Aragon DAC flock proposal and December sprint

- Helped with Aragon DAC flock

- Tested aragon client new node script on windows

- Helped with a cumple of PR related to boilerplates

@dizzypaty (Patricia Davila):

– Q1 goals review & refinement

– Q1 roadmap planning

– Sync up with different people after the break

– Research and requirements gathering on Identity

– Ongoing product planning activities & syncs
– Identity scope v1: review existing documentation, align on requirements and identify most urgent design activities 
– Define w/ Maria the most important gaps in knowledge to conduct user research during AraCon 
– Prepare trial week project for our dev rels candidate

@daniell (Daniell Mesquita):
- Began searching on January 1 about DAO platforms, and after lots of research, found Aragon
- Discussed about Pando and suggested a name for its VCS: Pandy; and did some suggestions for that
- Created Nest Proposals: Open Badges app
- Created Nest Proposal: Education Platform app
- Created Nest Proposal: Aragon Ads Service
- Created Aragon Nest Proposal: “Minecraft” worlds as DAOs, with real-value blocks/mobs/items
- Found an scammer Telegram group using the Aragon’s brand
- Proposed district0x to have the AddressTower district (community-driven decentralized domains).

Social encounters

Aragon Monthly Issue 11: The latest issue of the community curated digital newspaper about DAOs, decentralized governance and the Aragon ecosystem covering November 2018.

Rabbithole Talks by CoinFund with Luke Duncan of Aragon (Brooklyn — NY, United States on January 8th, 2019).

Source: @jbrukh.

Rabbithole Talks is a monthly CoinFund meetup, focused on doing deep dives into innovative token economics and technical design decisions for interesting blockchain-based projects.

Luke Duncan is a researcher working on Aragon. His primary focus is on governance processes and mechanisms which serve to align the interests of participants in blockchain-native organizations. He is also a passionate advocate for open source software sustainability and has recently proposed an alternative to traditional copyleft and permissive style licenses.

DAOs: An alternative to governments and banks (14th January 2019, Chiang Mai): Build your own organization on the Ethereum Jurisdiction with and Metamask. Giveth and the Aragon DAC shows how to deploy your own DAO in 10 minutes or less.

Video — Jorge Izquierdo presents Aragon at ETHDenver 2018: ETHDenver 2018 Opening Ceremony, Jorge Izquierdo presents Aragon on the ETH Stage.

Reddit — Response to the recent concerns about censorship by Luis Iván Cuende.

Upcoming events:

The latest AraCon2019 info newsletter.

5 Reasons We Made AraCon Less Than $200:

  1. Accessibility
  2. Diversity
  3. Hidden Costs
  4. Paying It Forward
  5. Our Real ROI Is Expanding The Movement

Announcing the Full Agenda for AraCon:

The Aragon team has organized the content to address some questions around four themes:

  1. DAOs & emergent forms of organization
  2. The opportunity and challenge of decentralized governance
  3. Ethereum & the decentralized web
  4. Aragon community, technology & opportunity.
Source: Aragon blog.
Source: @osarrouy.

Twitter: DGOV Foundation‏ @dgovearth (on December 26th 2018): “We are very happy to announce the participation of some of the brightest from the the Aragon team at the DGOV Council. We are grateful for additional sponsorship from Aragon to allow us more active facilitation as well as a video team on site. Thank‘s @AragonProject”


Token holders and the number of transactions dynamics (from

Aragon Flock proposal: Aragon One:

Aragon One is the founding team of the Aragon project and has been working on its development since the beginning. The team intends to continue the work on the project.
To cover our operation costs and continue creating a thriving Aragon ecosystem, Aragon One requests:

  • $4 million paid in DAI (or other stable assets) for 2019, for operational costs.
  • 1,675,000 ANT vested over the next 4 years, for the long-term incentivization of the current team and future employees.

Twitter — Jorge Izquierdo 🦅‏ @izqui9 (on January 8th, 2018): There are now close to half a million dollars being secured by @AragonProject DAOs

Source: @izqui9.


The Network Release

  • Basic network-wide governance
    Which power the network will have over organizations, governance votings to decide on service providers, payouts functionality.
  • App center
    The App center will allow third party apps to be installed in Aragon in order to enable different organizations to address different needs. Any aragonOS-compatible app will be able to be installed, and recommendations will be given to users.
  • ANT token minting
    The network will be responsible for the minting policy of ANT, it will be decided through the governance of the network. Some of its responsibilities will be to decide the minting rate, the price and how companies pay for the subscription to the network.
  • Integrate upgradeability
    Provide upgradeability as a network service for all Aragon Network organizations.
  • Release Calendar
    Alpha: November 2018
    Bug bounty (mainnet): December 2018
    Production deploy (mainnet): January 2019

@monica (HR Lead at Aragon One, in Aragon chat, 19th November, 2018): “We’re working on the new roadmap these weeks, we hope to be able to publish it soon after and have a more detailed one early 2019”.

Partnerships and team members

The Aragon One commitment: What differentiates Aragon One? Ahead of the AGP vote in January, Luis Cuende shares what makes the team unique among Aragon teams.

Althea Development Update #62: Free tier design and the life of a packet:

- The Network DAO on Aragon has made significant progress.
- Implementing the ‘Free Tier’.
- The life of a packet in an Althea network.
- An addition to Althea queue system is HTB (Hierarchical Token Bucket).

Althea Development Update #63: Beta 1:

- Althea network app deployed to Mainnet.
- Getting ready to push ‘Beta 1’:
> Real $ETH payments.
> Free tier & payment enforcement.
> Billing code optimization.
> A configurable pricing oracle.

Twitter — Luis Iván Cuende @licuende (on December 20th, 2018):

What makes Aragon One Team different?:

  • We uphold the Aragon Manifesto. All ecosystems go through dark times, where they are attacked and have to defend their values. Although we hope it’s never needed, we can serve as a guiding light for the ecosystem in those dark times
  • We come from backgrounds of self-sacrifice. @izqui9 and me were eating junk food for breakfast, lunch, and dinner and very close to bankruptcy a couple times. And we would do it again for Aragon. We are here for the long run
  • We are an interdisciplinary team. We dislike the artificial division between knowledge subjects. The best products are built when research, design, engineering and communications are one big team obsessed with a product
  • We are product-first. There’s an astonishing level of care behind apparently simple actions like voting on Aragon. Everything is there for a reason
  • We are a small team, on purpose. Instead of growing our headcount, we believe in growing our leverage. This helps us stay lean and focused
  • We are reliable and stable. Our team is like a family, where people really enjoy working with each other. We use the proven model of a small team with full-time commitment, in which everyone is full-on Aragon

If you value contributions to the Aragon ecosystem, please vote yes to Aragon funding proposal to the Aragon community on January 17th, 2019. You can read more about the commitment to Aragon here.

The AragonDAC is hiring.



  • Aragon DAO Deployments:
New Aragon DAOs Deployed per day. Source.
  • Daolist: A list of all Aragon DAOs on mainnet on January 15th, 2019:


Source: @licuende.
Source: @licuende.
Source: @thom_ivy_1.

Social media metrics

Social media activity

New Aragon DAC Twitter: since November 18th, 2018.

Also Aragon blog has now a brand new design 🎨 Check it out!

Social media dynamics
Social media dynamics

Twitter— average number of retweets is 10–15 for one post.

The number of Reddit threads’ comments are: 1–15.

There is a slight growth in Aragon community over time. The graph above shows the dynamics of changes in the number of Aragon Reddit subscribers and Twitter followers. Aragon project has no Facebook page. The information is taken from

Aragon chat — active discussions on development and development help.

The Aragon Chat channels are now also available through /, bridged with the Rocket Chat channels so you can choose which client / interface you prefer to use to chat with the community. The Aragon community in Matrix / Riot.— Popular topics:

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