Aragon: Aragon Network Vote #2 Info, Jorge on Aragon Court v1, Aragon being used by Livepeer Node, More AraCon videos

Mar 26, 2019 · 15 min read

Biweekly update 12th March — 26th March

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This is not financial advice.

During the last two weeks, Aragon illustrated average social activity in the media landscape. To start with, John Light has created Aragon Network Vote #2 Megathread in the forum containing all important information about the next Aragon Network vote. Aragon Governance Proposals for #2 vote are due in just under one month, on April 11th, 2019. Luis Cuende wrote a post on user support and product feedback. Jorge Izquierdo explored what Aragon Court v1 is, his post is mostly a development update on the current state of the implementation and some aspects that team is still researching about and deciding on. More AraCon videos appeared on the official Aragon Youtube channel. Aragon community continues to grow. The list of DAO is rapidly increasing: on March 26th, 2019 there almost 400 Aragon DAOs on mainnet. There is a constant slight growth in Aragon social media channels and a stable increase in the number of token-holders. And last, but not the least — these weeks Aragon being used by Livepeer Node to manage staking returns.

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GitHub metrics
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Developer activity (from

To consolidate information about the upcoming Aragon Network Vote #2 John Light has created Aragon Network Vote #2 Megathread in the forum containing all important information about the vote.

In addition to using this thread for discussions, you can also use the Aragon Governance page 8 on the Wiki as the “single source of truth” for all important Aragon Governance Proposal (AGP) information and voting announcements. Any important updates will be linked there as soon as they’re announced through other official channels. So when in doubt, you can always check that page and have the most up-to-date info about the vote. The AGPs repo 5 will still be used for submitting AGPs and used as a historical archive of AGPs and Aragon Association review votes, but the wiki will be the main place to look if there are any questions about what the most up-to-date information is about an upcoming vote.

Dates for the next Aragon Network Vote

These dates may change if an emergency delay is approved by the Aragon Association Board of Directors. Check the Aragon Governance page 8 on the Wiki to confirm if you have any doubts.

Aragon Network Vote #2

  • Proposals for this vote are due, Aragon Association review begins: 2019–04–11 at 16:00 UTC
  • Aragon Association review ends, final community review begins: 2019–04–18 at 16:00 UTC
  • Aragon Network Vote #2 begins: 2019–04–25 at 16:00 UTC
  • Aragon Network Vote #2 ends, final results announced: 2019–04–27 at 16:00 UTC

Sign up for the voting alerts mailing list here.

For your reference

Here are some important links to be aware of pertaining to the AGP process:

Learn about the Aragon Governance Proposal process 3

Learn and discuss how to submit an Aragon Governance Proposal 2

Learn how the Aragon Association Board of Directors votes on proposals 2

Check out all open Aragon Governance Proposals 3

Vote on open proposals during an Aragon Network Vote 1

See results from past Aragon Network Votes

by Luis Cuende, CEO at Aragon One Team.

by Jorge Izquierdo, CTO at Aragon One:

The Aragon Court is a dispute resolution protocol that runs on Ethereum. It’s one of the core components of the Aragon Network.

The Aragon Court handles subjective disputes that cannot be solved by smart contracts. For this, it employs jurors that need to stake a token to the Court which allows them to get drafted to adjudicate disputes, that can earn them fees. The more tokens a juror has activated, the higher the chance to get drafted and earn more fees.

The Aragon Court attempts to find what the subjective truth is with a Schelling game. Jurors are asked to vote on the ruling that they think their fellow jurors are more likely to vote on. To incentivize consensus, jurors that don’t vote on the consensus ruling have some tokens slashed. Jurors that vote with the consensus ruling are rewarded with ruling fees and juror tokens from the jurors that voted for a minority ruling.

A design goal of the mechanism is to require very few jurors to adjudicate a dispute and produce a ruling. A small number of jurors is adjudicated by default to a dispute, and their ruling can be appealed in multiple rounds of appeals.

Even though the Aragon Court could theoretically resolve any type of binary dispute, in its first deployments it will be used to arbitrate Proposal Agreements. These agreements require entities creating a proposal in an organization to agree to its specific rules around proposal creation, putting some collateral at stake that could be lost if the Court finds the proposal invalid.

This first version of the Aragon Court has been heavily inspired by Kleros’ work. The code for the work-in-progress court has now been open sourced:.

This post is mostly a development update on the current state of the implementation and some aspects that team is still researching about and deciding on.

@luis (Luis Cuende, CEO at Aragon One Team):

- Working on market segment analysis

- Improve and execute product management process

- Kickstart a new reporting process

- Kicking off Sprint 7 towards 0.7 launch!

- Ops stuff

- Think about how to make Ethereum great again

@light (John Light, Community at Aragon One):

- Catching up with comms after our offsite

- Finalize new comms docs

- Planning and logistics around upcoming events

- Preparing for the next Aragon Network Vote

- More Aragon Network Vote prep

- More upcoming events planning

- Review comms docs with the team, incorporate any feedback

- Publish blog post about AraCon with all photos and videos

@tatu (Tatu Kärki, Communications at Aragon One):

- Worked on a couple of team interviews

- Continued getting AraCon videos uploaded

- Some work on the wiki

- Get all AraCon presentation and panel videos uploaded and ready

- Working on blog posts

- Submit Aragon wiki page

@monica (Monica Zeng, Human Relations at Aragon One):
- Prepared an HR update

- Lead the team retrospective workshop

- Offsite #5

- Prepared and sent some contracts

- Worked on new calls system & new reporting process w Luis

- Review job applications

- Create, post and promote new job opening

- HR ops: compensation contracts

- Coaching + update team handbook with new guide

- Offsite postmortem + review Q2 goals

- Reviewed new application and interviewed some candidates

- Coaching sessions with 3 team members

- HR legal: prepared contracts minutes and preparing some new models

- Finish preparing new contracts and minutes

- March payroll and reimbursements

- Coaching sessions with 4 team members

- Review new applications and post new opening on the A1 new website

@LorenaGM (Lorena González, Assistant at Aragon One):

- Agenda Management & travel planning

- Administrative documentation review

- Execute payments

- Other administrative tasks (A1 Office HQ, taxes, misc. deliveries…)

@sohkai (Brett Sun, Lead Developer at Aragon One):

- Read, discuss, and triage baseline audit by authio (security partner)

- Get aragon apps frozen again for security review

- Provide data from aragon.js to the new App Center app

- Start modernizing Payroll’s contracts

- Aragon 0.7 contract changes + review baseline audit by authio

- Make changes in aragon.js to support upgrading apps in the App Center, turned out to be more complicated than initially anticipated

- Get Facu up to speed on Payroll

- Freeze aragonOS and aragon-apps again for security review

- Help finish the local identity changes

- Continue testing the changes for the App center

@bingen (Bingen Eguzkitza, Solidity Engineer):

- Review several aragonOS and aragon-apps PRs

- Review security report

- Review DevOps documentation

- Review Nest project milestones

- Review Aragon Court

@aquigorka (Gorka Ludlow, Frontend at Aragon One):

- Local identity integration too

- Export CSV data in Finance

- Wrapped up work on Local Identities / Custom Labels. PRs are hot and ready for review

- Submitted export data as csv in Finance PR

- Submitted toggle show/hide system apps in MenuPanel PR

- Wrap up Local Identities, Export Finance and Toogle show/hide system app PRs

- Modal component `aragon/ui` PR

- Let users know voting does not cost tokens update

- Transactions in activity panel

@yalda (Yalda Mousavinia):

- Determined that getting LinkedIn API access for useful fields like work history will not be possible due to LinkedIn’s stringent requirements on becoming a partner to access the data

- Finalized the job listing for FE developer role and began talking to potential candidates

- Conducted one user research interview (instead of three)

- Second wave of comments/questions on Aragon Black proposal

- Sprint planning: points estimation and analysis, assessing velocity, prioritizing tickets

- Finalized corporate structure / accounting tax classification. More banking research, but still unbanked

- Began drafting Autark monthly update and getting feedback

- Conduct one more user research interview + document highlights from last weeks + this weeks

- Try to lock down bank based on research from last week & various intros

- Complete any remaining design work for making our apps responsive

- Review more FE dev candidates / promote job listing

- Finish and publish Autark monthly update

- Collaborate with Arthur on forum post about monolithic apps/cross app UX

- Sprint planning: prioritizing tickets based on velocity analysis, add missing specifications as needed

@danielconstantin (Daniel Constantin):

- aragonCLI v5.6 milestone ( `aragon devchain — verbose` , prepackaging the gui client, `aragon ipfs propagate`, and a couple more issues)

- Review @aragon/api-react

- Revisit the “Simpler aragonAPI using events and promises” PR

@danielnorman (Daniel Norman):

- Local Identities integration across repositories

- Review/Update Infrastructure documentation

- Finish rxjs upgrade to v6 in apps

- Wrap up Local Identities PRs

- Caching to speed up initial load


- Finished an initial discussions app backend spec

- Worked on discussion data formats

- Finish discussion spec

- Finalize v1 linked data formats for profiles and discussions

- Summarize our research, findings, and decisions

- Hopefully start coding on profiles!

@kevin.siegler (Kevin Siegler):

* implemented Cypress for E2E testing into the Planning Suite Monorepo

* Improved testing and test coverage on the Projects Contract

* Building frontend components for the Rewards App

* Created test app repo for FE dev job applicants

* Beginning to integrate Rewards frontend with the contract

@jackg (JackG):

- Coordinate with Diligence to wrap up the Baseline Audit

- Status update meeting with A1 devs

- Prepare Baseline Audit Report for publication on Monday before the All Devs Call

- Coordinate with A1 to implement the Recommendations from the Baseline Audit Report

@facuspagnuolo (Facu Spagnuolo)

- Onboarding tasks

- Keep working on the SVRP implementation

- Help Brett modernizing Payroll’s contracts

- Help reviewing contracts changes

  • See also:

All Aragon Devs #18 video.

Aragon App Development Survey — Autark would like to hear about your experience, especially if you had trouble or faced limitations. Please take a few minutes to take this brief survey and help us make it easier to #BUIDL with Aragon.

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Social encounters


EthCC 2: Jorge Izquierdo: Aragon One CTO’s EthCC presentation about Upgrading Aragon Voting Infrastructure.

Current State of Token Curated Registries panel — AraCon 2019. Moderator: Luke Duncan. Panelists: PJ Leimgruber, Trent McConaughy, Jeff Emmett.

Recruiting For A Diverse Web3 panel — AraCon 2019. Moderator: Monica Zeng. Panelists: Raine Revere, Medha Kothari, Taylor Monahan.

Identity in DAOs panel — AraCon 2019. Moderator: John Light. Panelists: Jordi Baylina, Adam Stallard, Rouven Heck.

Open Source Sustainability panel — AraCon 2019.

Humanist Technology in Oppressed Societies by Moises Rendon — AraCon 2019.

Power by Proxy: The Case for Crypto Cartels by Meltem Demirors — AraCon 2019.

TheDAO — From the Author’s Perspective by Christoph Jentzsch — AraCon 2019.

Nest Program Demos Day 2 — AraCon 2019. Featured projects: BrightID. Minimum bias ethereum signal aggregator by TennaGraph. Decentralized Design Lab.

Closing Keynote by Luis Cuende — AraCon 2019.

Watch more AraCon2019 videos in the playlist.

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Token holders and the number of transactions dynamics (from

There is a stable increase in the number of token-holders.

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Granular areas of focus with well defined scope and product specifications.

  • Delegate voting

Allow people to delegate their voting power to delegates (i.e. representatives) who can vote on their behalf and continue experimenting with new voting mechanisms. Enhanced voting. Aragon One.

  • Staking and Lock Managers

Provides a secure foundation for managing collateral deposits for agreements while allowing collateral assets to be used in to participate in governance. Dispute Resolution. Aragon One.

  • Aragon Court PoC

This deliverable includes the Aragon Court protocol, an interface for users of the court to review and manage agreements and disputes, and an interface for jurors to participate in the arbitration process. Dispute Resolution. Aragon One.

Wider areas of focus with some flexibility on the scope.

  • Proposals agreements

Aragon Agreements are a core component of the Aragon Network, they enable users to define human-readable obligations and lock collateral to provide assurances to their counter-parties. Dispute Resolution. Aragon One.

  • Vote Relay Protocol

Improve the experience and scalability of voting by implementing a protocol for votes to be submitted to a set of bonded relayers. Enhanced Voting. Aragon One.

Granular areas of focus with well defined scope and product specifications.

  • Responsive view

Make the platform and core apps responsive so Aragon can be used from mobile browsers such as Status or Cipher. Mobile experience. Aragon One.

  • Local identity (custom labels)

As an intermediate solution for the full Aragon identity experience, we will allow people to create custom local labels to identify addresses that represent different members of the organization. Identity experience. Aragon One.

  • Finalize Planning Suite

Finalize the development of the Planning Suite, which enables issue curation, allocating bounties as a DAO, budgeting via range voting, and on-chain mapping of human-readable names to Ethereum addresses. Autark.

  • Upgrading apps from the UI

Provide users with a secure way to upgrade app versions, fixes for features or enhancements to already installed/in use apps. App center. Aragon One.

  • Agent application

This application will enable organizations to interact natively with other web3 applications (including other Aragon organizations). Agent application. Aragon One.

  • Rewards App

Allow organizations to distribute payments to token holders based on the number of tokens earned in a specific period (one-time reward) or based on total holdings (dividend). Autark.

  • Payroll app

This app will allow organizations to manage on-chain salary payments and for employees to request payments and see their available balance. UX improvements. Aragon One.

  • Notifications & user feedback

Implement an activity panel that will provide people information about ongoing and past transactions as well as a toast component for immediate feedback on users’ actions. UX improvements. Aragon One.

  • Concierge project

Guided on-boarding of projects interested in collaboration with Aragon or use Aragon tools for their governance needs. UX improvements. Aragon One.

  • Organization Identity

Allow organizations to manage their manifesto, mission statement, values, code of conduct, and contact information so it’s easily accessible to prospective and current members of the organization. Autark.

Wider areas of focus with some flexibility on the scope.

  • Browsing, installing & uninstalling apps

Enhance app discovery and app management for end users. Expand the on-boarding and app center experience. App center. Aragon One.

  • Individual identity

Allow individuals to create and manage their user profiles, mapping their address to a human readable name that can be used to interact with apps within the organization. Identity experience. Aragon One.

  • Rich User Profiles

Allow individuals to associate additional details to their identity such as Github commit history, work history, portfolios, and membership to other Aragon organizations. Autark.

  • Data Storage and Standards

Design the implementation strategy and information architecture for user profiles and contextual discussions. Document infrastructure solutions and recommendations for Aragon apps that require fast and queryable data that is hosted on distributed storage. Autark.

  • Organizations templates

Research new organizational models, define the apps and permissions required to realize them and create kits that people can use. UX improvements. Aragon One.

  • Organization identity & membership

Allow users to create and manage their organizations’ profiles, providing an intuitive way to add members to a given organization and granting them permissions & privileges. Identity experience. Aragon One.

  • Reputation Support

Expand governance possibilities by providing more features for reputation-based organizations, including the ability to allocation non-transferable tokens in place of (or in addition to) traditional bounties. Autark.

  • aragonSDK: Split aragonUI and Lorikeet

Push Lorikeet as an ecosystem-wide project, while still providing an Aragon-opinionated experience with aragonUI. Lorikeet design system. Aragon One.

  • Expanded Forwarder Options

Allow for more tightly coupled forwarder interactions where the forwarded call data can be leveraged and modified within the Forwarder contract. Autark.

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Partnerships and team members

Chris Hobcroft‏ @chrishobcroft on Twitter on March 23rd, 2019:

“Funding starting to flow from @LivepeerOrg network into the Video DAO enabled by @AragonProject. Current balance of the DAO’s fund stands at $106.67.

You can propose how this fund is spent here. Learn more about the project here.”

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  • Daolist: A list of all Aragon DAOs on mainnet on March 26th, 2019:
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  • Aragon DAO Deployments:
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New Aragon DAOs Deployed per day. Source.


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Source: @licuende.

“daonuts is an interesting example of decentralized governance for Reddit communities. It has a karma system, Harberger taxes, and tipping, all built on Aragon. Read more here. Check out the DAO on Rinkeby.”

“I have to say that @MakerDAO’s voting system has quite a lot of friction (at least compared to Aragon’s Survey app), but I just voted on . You should do the same if you don’t want the stability fee to become a whopping **7.5% per year**”

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Source: @lkngtn.


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Source: Aragon subreddit.


Aragon mentioned in OrgTech Weekly #4.

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Social media metrics

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Social media activity
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Social media dynamics
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Social media dynamics

Aragon community continues to grow. There is a constant slight growth in Aragon social media channels.

Twitter — Average number of retweets is 10–15 for one post.

There is new AragonBlackTeam @AragonBlackTeam Twitter: The Pando network team is applying to join Aragon project & become the 3rd team that will stand beside Aragon One Team and Autark in its fight for freedom.

The number of Reddit threads’ comments are: 1–15.

Aragon chat — Active discussions on development and development help.

The Aragon Chat channels are also available through /, bridged with the Rocket Chat channels so you can choose which client / interface you prefer to use to chat with the community. The Aragon community in Matrix / Riot.

Aragon forum just got a fresh redesign. Check it out!

Popular topics:

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There is a slight growth in Aragon community over time. The graph above shows the dynamics of changes in the number of Aragon Reddit subscribers and Twitter followers. Aragon project has no Facebook page. The information is taken from

This is not financial advice.

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