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Biweekly update 23rd April — 7th May

On April 27th, 2019, Aragon Network Vote #2, the second vote held under the Aragon Governance Proposal process, concluded. It stirred up some heated debate. Nine Aragon AGPs were approved by the Aragon Association Board of Directors to go on to the final ballot. Six AGPs were ultimately approved and three were rejected by ANT holders in this vote cycle. You can check out the final results from Aragon Network Vote #2 in Aragon official blog. That Planning Suite is now live on the Rinkeby testnet! This suite of apps extends Aragon’s functionality, with project management integrated into GitHub, budgeting and allocation for more complex proposals, reward/dividend payments, and an on-chain address book for identifying Ethereum addresses. Also, the MyID team released their DAO powered by Aragon on mainnet. As for social encounters, Luis Cuende was speaking at BlockSplit conference in Croatia at the end of the month. The list of DAO is endlessly increasing: on May 7th, 2019 there are almost 490 Aragon DAOs on mainnet. Aragon community continues to grow. There is a constant slight growth in Aragon social media channels and a stable increase in the number of token-holders. Good thing going. More to follow!


GitHub metrics
Developer activity (from

Final results from Aragon Network Vote #2:

Here are the final results from Aragon Network Vote #2.


AGP-9: The Separation of Church, State, and Network

AGP-28: Decentralizing aragonpm.eth

AGP-34: Flock Funding for Aragon Black

AGP-35: Edgeware Lockdrop Participation

AGP-40: Aragon Cooperative DAO funding proposal

AGP-43: ANSP Engagement Policy


AGP-37: Retainer for Ongoing Aragon Network Security Provider

AGP-41: Aragon Portfolio Diversification — Acquisition of DOTs

AGP-42: Keep Aragon Focused on Ethereum, not Polkadot

See also a Twitter thread with the results.

Verifying the vote

You can double-check the results of this vote yourself in the governance.aragonproject.eth organization on Aragon.

Feedback welcome

In the spirit of data-driven improvement, the team invites all members of the Aragon community, voters and non-voters alike, to fill out a brief, six-question survey and give them feedback that will help us improve future Aragon Network votes. Anonymous results from the survey will be made public for the benefit of everyone interested.

Survey link.

Preparing for the next Aragon Network Vote

With this Aragon Network vote behind, it’s now time to start preparing for the next vote.

The date of Aragon Network Vote #3 is scheduled to start July 25th, 2019 at 16:00 UTC, and the deadline for finalizing AGP drafts before the Aragon Association review is July 11th, 2019 at 16:00 UTC.

This gives Aragon community members about two and a half months to prepare AGPs before the next vote. Check the Governance page in the Aragon Wiki for updates about Aragon Network vote scheduling and proposal deadlines in case there are any emergency changes. You can also subscribe to the low-volume Aragon Network Vote Alerts mailing list to receive important announcements straight to your inbox.

For complete details about how to make an Aragon Governance Proposal of your own, please review AGP-1, which defines the official process end to end. There are also links to additional resources about the AGP process on the Governance page in the Aragon Wiki. You can ask any questions you have about the Aragon governance process on the Aragon forum or Aragon Chat. And if you have an idea for an AGP that fits into one of the tracks defined in AGP-1, you are invited to start an Aragon forum thread in the Community category using the AGP tag so that Aragon community members can give you feedback about your proposal.

That Planning Suite, live on Rinkeby — Earn some spice, control the universe

That Planning Suite is a collection of five apps for the Aragon platform that has the following functionality:

  1. Projects is integrated with Github and allows organizations to allocate tokens or ETH against multiple issues in a single action with the possibility to require DAO approval before funding is allocated. Additionally, Issue Curation proposals can be created via the Projects app, which are forwarded to the Dot Voting app to collectively determine project priorities.
  2. With Rewards, you can distribute payments to token holders based on the number of tokens one has earned in a specific cycle of time (one-time reward) or based on the total tokens one holds (dividend).
  3. Dot Voting is used to cast votes for Allocation or Issue Curation proposals. Members can vote on how to distribute an allocation across distinct entities or prioritize a list of Github issues by specifying a percentage of votes per option.
  4. Allocations is used to propose a financial allocation meant to be distributed to multiple parties or options. Proposals are forwarded to the Dot Voting app for an organization to collectively determine the distribution of funds. The percentage of the allocation amount distributed to each party is determined based on the results of the Dot Vote.
  5. The Address Book is for maintaining a list of Ethereum addresses mapped to human-readable names, on-chain. The Address Book will enable a more user-friendly way to access and review common addresses a DAO uses for Allocations and Dot Voting.

Many of the apps are interconnected and are recommended to be installed as an entire suite to maximize decision-making powers for your organization.

See also Autark / Open Work Labs — April 2019 Update — Regular monthly progress report for Autark and Open Work Labs’ work on AGP-19, which was funded via Aragon Network Vote #1. This post is broken down into the initiatives in their original proposal.

Publications on Aragon forum

TheGraph integration by Olivier Sarrouy. The purpose of this post is to discuss potential ways to integrate TheGraph as an alternative data source for Aragon apps.

Apiary: Curve Bonding Onboarding by Cem F.

Our new Nest proposal + Bug/Feature we found when building (PanAragon stage 0) by Maria Paula.

Profiles in Aragon by Yalda Mousavinia.

Underlying Platform for Futarchy on Aragon by Gustav Marwin.

AGP analysis and suggestions for improvement by burrrata.

Updates from Aragon chat (23rd April — 7th May)

@luis (Luis Cuende, CEO at Aragon One Team):

- Product-market fit work

- Product prioritization

- Work on specific use cases for Aragon

- Deep dive into Aragon’s UX and UI design

- 0.8 and future releases coordination

- Release coordination

- Work on Aragon use cases to dogfood even more

- Write

- Special surprise

@light (John Light, Community at Aragon One):

- More planning / logistics for upcoming events

- Prepping for the Aragon Network Vote #2 (get your ANT :aragontoken: ready to vote! 🗳)

- Worked on upcoming events logistics

- Facilitated ANV-2 and published the final results

- More event logistics

- Work on Help Scout docs

- Finished migrating the user guide to Help Scout (implementation coming soon!)

- Worked on logistics for some upcoming events (announcements coming hopefully soon!)

- Caught up on a bunch of messages and tasks after taking a couple of days off

- Reviewing feedback from ANV-2

- More event planning and logistics

- Drafting a blog post about the All Aragon Devs calls

@lkngtn (Luke Duncan, Research at Aragon One):

- Fee analysis for the court

- Review @jorge ‘s Proposal Agreement spec

- Publish court launch scope doc to forum

- deploy test org for integrating TPS into the aragon cooperative org

@tatu (Tatu Kärki, Communications at Aragon One):

- More videos

- Blog post pipeline review

- Help out with ANV #2 related things

- Videos

- Start thinking about the wiki redesign

@monica (Monica Zeng, Human Relations at Aragon One):
- Reviewing new applications

- Hiring strategy

- Payroll and reimbursements

- Coaching sessions with team members

- Focus on hiring: review +80 applications and keep hiring promo going

- Review all new applications and continue hiring promo

- Misc HR ops, HR legal and offsite related tasks

- Monthly pulse check and coaching sessions with the team

@LorenaGM (Lorena González, Assistant at Aragon One):

- Agenda management

- A1 HQ: organization, supplies shopping & suppliers follow up

- Accounting organization & Payments

- Other administrative tasks, postal deliveries & run errands

- Travels & upcoming visits logistics

- A1 monthly accounting review

- A1 HQ: suppliers & supplies follow up

@sohkai (Brett Sun, Lead Developer at Aragon One):

- Release 0.7.1 with polishes / UX fixes

- Payroll frontend release

- If time allows, update Survey frontend to have write capabilities

- Deprioritized survey to work on 0.7.1 and Payroll

- Fixing a few bugs exposed with TPS’ launch and other things missed while QAing 0.7

- Some confusion about Payroll’s price feed mechanism (now clear)

- 0.7.1 release

- Payroll frontend release

- If time allows, update Survey frontend to have write capabilities

- Adding development documentation and other technical blog posts

- Released Aragon 0.7.1

- aragonAPI caching discussions

- Review aragonAPI caching work, aragonOS killswitch implementation

- Payroll alpha release

@bingen (Bingen Eguzkitza, Solidity Engineer):

- Review missing comments on Staking main PR

- Polish Multisortition for Aragon Court and asses the possibility of using it with batching over separate regions (see #research )

- Review AN v1 scope doc

- Review Kill Switch doc

- Review Advisory: Test Suite and Coverage doce by Martin from Consensys

- Vote!

@bpierre (Pierre Bertet, UI & Interaction Developer):

- Loading indicator for apps

- Identities autocomplete

- Review / merge aragonUI PRs

@aquigorka (Gorka Ludlow, Frontend at Aragon One):

- Removed date range default selection

- Added details to app content in app center

- Fixed rounding of vote percents

- Started refactoring Viewport to useViewport

- Code reviews

- Continue work for `0.7.1`

- Start work on `user feedback and support system`

- Calls and plans to start blogging

- Export labels with Finance export

- Granular custom labels export

- Export to share custom labels link

- Improvements to DatePicker in Finance

- Prepare slides for talk/lecture about Aragon

- Ideas for blog post and start draft

@gabi (Gabriel Garcia):

- Iterate dao act command (include send ETH value)

- Agent app guide

- Have new contributors

- Release new aragonCLI version (change log)

- Fix ABI issue with aragonCLI

- Include app versions on aragen snapshot

- Sync to work on AGP-28

@yalda (Yalda Mousavinia):

- dev-ing: Enhanced permission names in our apps, made updates to our template, testing our apps, fine tuning CSS, learned ins & outs of radspec and deployment/publishing processes

- Rinkeby launch blog post

- Operations, community followups, recruiting follow ups

- Created TPS getting started guide

- Profile / home / organization settings / widget gallery (design, specs)

- Sprint planning / general product work

- Recruiting / legal / finance / budgeting

- Guide people to use Aragon/TPS that have been reaching out!

- Few blog posts (Monthly update, TPS post that links to the template)

@danielnorman (Daniel Norman):

- Geth nodes scaling

- Jump back on aragon.js caching

- Scaling eth traffic

- Monitoring and alerting for geth nodes

- Code review for intent basket

- Caching in aragon.js

- A1 eth Infrastructure updates/maintenance

- App state caching

- ACL caching

@delfi (Delfina Polito, Frontend at Aragon One):

- Powred by aragon website

- New governance page inside project’s website

- New testimonial components for grants page

- Show confirmation modal before removing all custom labels

- Include edit label button in the tables’ action dropdown

- Implement compact address badges

@dizzypaty (Patricia Davila):

– Design week with @owi_sixseven, @luis and @bpierre focused on kick-starting UI kit (components, patterns and visual foundations) and ideation on Permissions and Voting UX.

– Small improvements after 0.7 Bella release

– Preferences and user account

– Solidifying Permissions and Voting UX enhancements

– Content inventory and UX writing review


- Spin up a blog post about the differences between Textile / OrbitDB, and where 3box fits in. We wrote a monthly progress update which includes this research if you want to read about it before we blogify (is that word?) it.

- Get this PR merged into 3box — we need it for the profiles work.

- Some QA on profiles as well as adding information about organizations you belong to, career, and education. This includes coming up with a strategy for getting information about other DAOs you contribute to

- hopefully by the end of the week we can get some initial testers! PM me and I can give you the instructions on running this

- more investigation into iframe sandboxing // indexedDB issues

- got through most of 3box PR

- published 2 blog posts on research

- worked on social verifications

- general profile work

- finish up 3box PR

- more profile work (according to designs)

- reaaaally hoping to get some initial people testing the profile

@osarrouy (Olivier Sarrouy, Pando):

- On-boarded new devs

- Refined our roadmap

- Meeting with Louis from AA to finalize our Flock process

- Started double-testing multiple Apiary apps in preparation for security audit

- Started playing with TheGraph

- Coordination and review of Apiary frontend

- Keep on double-testing Apiary apps in preparation for security audit

- Publish an aragonPM subgraph for demonstration purposes

- Publish a forum post about TheGraph and the possible ways Aragon could use it

- A couple of call with projects interested in bootstrapping Apiary


- Update chart component to reflect new design changes

- Initial Apiary overview tab implementation

- Look into how to make Apiary screens more responsive

- Update overview tab PR to reflect feedback given

- Prepare the frontend logic for smart contracts integration


- Met with Olivier and Luis from AA to discuss audits & finalize processes

- Apiary: orders view polish with new order side panel

- Apiary: collateral settings view started

- Background scripts to retrieve linked data for pando

- Finish tests for scripts

- Review requirements to finish collateral settings

- Help wire up smart contracts to front-end integration

@facuspagnuolo (Facu Spagnuolo):

- Finish kill switch PoC and proposal

- Review staking contracts

- Review SVRP nest proposal

- General assessment of meta-txs in the ecosystem

See also:

  • All Aragon Devs #21 video.
  • Aragon Live Stream April 18th, 2019 part 1 and part 2.
  • Aragon App Development Survey: Autark would like to hear about your experience, especially if you had trouble or faced limitations. Please take a few minutes to take this brief survey and help us make it easier to #BUIDL with Aragon.

Social encounters

These weeks events:

  • Luis Ivan Cuende was speaking at BlockSplit in Split, Croatia on April 25th-26th, 2019.

Upcoming events:

  • The Community Funding DAO has approved a sponsorship proposal for the Ethereum Madrid Hackathon 2019, May 24th-26th. See details of the event and register here.


Token holders and the number of transactions dynamics (from

There is a slight grows in the number of token-holders these weeks.


Aragon Network

Granular areas of focus with well defined scope and product specifications.

  • Delegate voting

Allow people to delegate their voting power to delegates (i.e. representatives) who can vote on their behalf and continue experimenting with new voting mechanisms. Enhanced voting. Aragon One.

  • Staking and Lock Managers

Provides a secure foundation for managing collateral deposits for agreements while allowing collateral assets to be used in to participate in governance. Dispute Resolution. Aragon One.

  • Aragon Court PoC

This deliverable includes the Aragon Court protocol, an interface for users of the court to review and manage agreements and disputes, and an interface for jurors to participate in the arbitration process. Dispute Resolution. Aragon One.

Wider areas of focus with some flexibility on the scope.

  • Proposals agreements

Aragon Agreements are a core component of the Aragon Network, they enable users to define human-readable obligations and lock collateral to provide assurances to their counter-parties. Dispute Resolution. Aragon One.

  • Vote Relay Protocol

Improve the experience and scalability of voting by implementing a protocol for votes to be submitted to a set of bonded relayers. Enhanced Voting. Aragon One.

Aragon Client

Granular areas of focus with well defined scope and product specifications.

  • Responsive view

Make the platform and core apps responsive so Aragon can be used from mobile browsers such as Status or Cipher. Mobile experience. Aragon One.

  • Local identity (custom labels)

As an intermediate solution for the full Aragon identity experience, we will allow people to create custom local labels to identify addresses that represent different members of the organization. Identity experience. Aragon One.

  • Finalize Planning Suite

Finalize the development of the Planning Suite, which enables issue curation, allocating bounties as a DAO, budgeting via range voting, and on-chain mapping of human-readable names to Ethereum addresses. Autark.

  • Upgrading apps from the UI

Provide users with a secure way to upgrade app versions, fixes for features or enhancements to already installed/in use apps. App center. Aragon One.

  • Agent application

This application will enable organizations to interact natively with other web3 applications (including other Aragon organizations). Agent application. Aragon One.

  • Rewards App

Allow organizations to distribute payments to token holders based on the number of tokens earned in a specific period (one-time reward) or based on total holdings (dividend). Autark.

  • Payroll app

This app will allow organizations to manage on-chain salary payments and for employees to request payments and see their available balance. UX improvements. Aragon One.

  • Notifications & user feedback

Implement an activity panel that will provide people information about ongoing and past transactions as well as a toast component for immediate feedback on users’ actions. UX improvements. Aragon One.

  • Concierge project

Guided on-boarding of projects interested in collaboration with Aragon or use Aragon tools for their governance needs. UX improvements. Aragon One.

  • Organization Identity

Allow organizations to manage their manifesto, mission statement, values, code of conduct, and contact information so it’s easily accessible to prospective and current members of the organization. Autark.

Wider areas of focus with some flexibility on the scope.

  • Browsing, installing & uninstalling apps

Enhance app discovery and app management for end users. Expand the on-boarding and app center experience. App center. Aragon One.

  • Individual identity

Allow individuals to create and manage their user profiles, mapping their address to a human readable name that can be used to interact with apps within the organization. Identity experience. Aragon One.

  • Rich User Profiles

Allow individuals to associate additional details to their identity such as Github commit history, work history, portfolios, and membership to other Aragon organizations. Autark.

  • Data Storage and Standards

Design the implementation strategy and information architecture for user profiles and contextual discussions. Document infrastructure solutions and recommendations for Aragon apps that require fast and queryable data that is hosted on distributed storage. Autark.

  • Organizations templates

Research new organizational models, define the apps and permissions required to realize them and create kits that people can use. UX improvements. Aragon One.

  • Organization identity & membership

Allow users to create and manage their organizations’ profiles, providing an intuitive way to add members to a given organization and granting them permissions & privileges. Identity experience. Aragon One.

  • Reputation Support

Expand governance possibilities by providing more features for reputation-based organizations, including the ability to allocation non-transferable tokens in place of (or in addition to) traditional bounties. Autark.

  • aragonSDK: Split aragonUI and Lorikeet

Push Lorikeet as an ecosystem-wide project, while still providing an Aragon-opinionated experience with aragonUI. Lorikeet design system. Aragon One.

  • Expanded Forwarder Options

Allow for more tightly coupled forwarder interactions where the forwarded call data can be leveraged and modified within the Forwarder contract. Autark.

Partnerships and team members

The team released their DAO (powered by Aragon) on main-net on April 30th, 2019. It includes a social identity app.

You can test it here.

A tutorial can be found here.


  • Daolist: A list of all Aragon DAOs on mainnet on May 7h, 2019:


AGP37 was widely approved by the Aragon community who cared enough to vote

82% in favor of AGP37. 453k to 99k. But then the whale voted.

So despite 83% of addresses voting in favor of AGP37, on the surface it appears to be a large defeat where 66% vote against.

That’s not all.

While there are multiple votes to choose from, here’s another case in point: Edgeware Lockdrop Proposal for Aragon

The vote ended with 72% yes.


Source: @licuende.
Source: @dizzypaty.
Source: @3boxdb.

Excited to have a physical copy of NODE VOL 01 in hand.

Check it out:

Source: @lightcoin.

Reddit discussions:


Social media dynamicsSocial media metrics

Social media activity
Social media dynamics
Social media dynamics

Aragon community continues to grow. There is a constant slight growth in Aragon social media channels. The number of subscribers of Aragon Black Twitter increased by more than 38% these weeks.

Twitter — Average number of retweets is 10–15 for one post.

AragonBlackTeam @AragonBlackTeam Twitter: The Pando network team is applying to join Aragon project & become the 3rd team that will stand beside Aragon One Team and Autark in its fight for freedom.

The number of Reddit threads’ comments are: 1–15.

Aragon chat — Active discussions on development and development help.

The Aragon Chat channels are also available through /, bridged with the Rocket Chat channels so you can choose which client / interface you prefer to use to chat with the community. The Aragon community in Matrix / Riot.

Aragon forum just got a fresh redesign. Check it out!

Popular topics:

There is a slight growth in Aragon community over time. The graph above shows the dynamics of changes in the number of Aragon Reddit subscribers and Twitter followers. Aragon project has no Facebook page. The information is taken from

This is not financial advice.

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Paradigm is a family office fund investing in crypto space since 2013. We are a group of industry experts & crypto enthusiasts consisting of PhDs and graduates from the top universities with experience in creating startups, trading on traditional financial markets and blockchain

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