Aragon: The project has passed 500 orgs on mainnet, 0.7.2 released, aragonUI 0.38.0 is out, All Aragon Devs call notes now available in the Aragon Wiki, Aragon Black launched their blog

Biweekly update 7th May — 21st May

Aragon is ahead of the pack! The project has passed 500 organizations on mainnet these weeks! And the list of DAOs keeps endlessly increasing: on May 21st there are almost 540 orgs on mainnet. Last week Aragon 0.7.2 released — a minor release with improvements to the labeling system introduced with Bella, and a new help and support system. And aragonUI 0.38.0 is out! Featuring the new TokenBadge component, and a compact mode for IdentityBadge. Last year, the team started organizing All Aragon Devs calls to coordinate development work between contributors to the various Aragon software repositories. After a few months of organizing these calls privately, they put the infrastructure in place to begin recording the calls and livestreaming them for the wider community to see and stay informed of the latest development activities happening. Now, All Aragon Devs call notes are available in the Aragon Wiki! These weeks Luis Cuende wrote a blog post on “Data-informed, vision-driven, user-obsessed”. Aragon has always been a very idealist project. It’s a vision of how the world should be, it’s a fight for freedom! Absolutely enthralling reading! Luke Duncan blogged about the upcoming Aragon Network and it’s native token ANT. A must read! Aragon Black launched their blog. The main purpose of it is not to present their team and their project. Every month will be published the Black Monthly: a collection of texts, analyses, interviews, meetings around a specific theme. The first post revisits Aragon’s whitepaper and manifesto and reflects on the nature of manifestos. Luis featured on the Blockcrunch podcast to discuss decentralized tools for management, Aragon targeting and why Aragon is interested in Polkadot. As for upcoming events, the Community Funding DAO has approved a sponsorship proposal for the Ethereum Madrid Hackathon 2019, May 24th-26th. Luis will share his insights in the local builders panel at the inaugural Tezos Switzerland Zug Meetup on 23rd of May. And last but not least — on May 17th, 2017 ANT was released to the world! Happy 2nd birthday ANT!


GitHub metrics
Developer activity (from

Aragon 0.7.2 release:

A minor release with improvements to the labeling system introduced with Bella, and a new help and support system.

  • You can now share your custom labels with a link! That way, other people will see names instead of Ethereum addresses for the entities you care about.
  • Custom labels can now be exported granularly — select the ones you want to share, and click export!
  • You can now get help and read the knowledge base directly within the Aragon client
  • Compact address badges are now easier to read
  • And last, but not least, the Aragon team has improved the initial loading for Aragon apps. Enjoy a faster Aragon experience!

Try out the Aragon 0.7.2 release with all these improvements here or with the desktop client here.

aragonUI 0.38.0 is out

Featuring the new TokenBadge component, and a compact mode for IdentityBadge.

All Aragon Devs call notes now available in the Aragon Wiki:

Last year, the team started organizing All Aragon Devs calls to coordinate development work between contributors to the various Aragon software repositories.

On these calls, they discuss everything dev-related from syncing up on what has happened since the last call to work on upcoming sprints to open questions and challenges that might need input from other developers. If any breaking changes are planned, they make sure the relevant stakeholders are aware of these plans so nothing breaks unexpectedly.

Since the first meeting, Aragon have been keeping notes from these calls so they can keep track of progress and the discussions that happened over time.

You can find the archive of meeting notes starting with All Aragon Devs #1 here and information about how to join future calls if you have a topic to discuss with Aragon developers here.

After a few months of organizing these calls privately, the team puts the infrastructure in place to begin recording the calls and livestreaming them for the wider community to see and stay informed of the latest development activities happening.

A link to the livestream of the next call is shared in the Aragon Chat #dev channel and via the @AragonProject Twitter account when the call is starting.

Publications from Aragon blog:

Publications from Aragon forum:

A comprehensive landing page for the Aragon Network by Louis Giraux, Aragon Association.

Update on addressing security needs in the Aragon Flock program by Louis Giraux.

Proposed working groups for the Aragon Network DAO by John Light.

Revisiting Long-term funding models for Aragon by Luke Duncan.

Requirements for Aragon Network / Court Launch by Luke Duncan.

AragonCoop — Two weeks of Operations: What has been done? by Gustavo Segovia.

Megathread Aragon Cooperative Mainnet Votes: The Hunger Games! by Gustavo Segovia.

Funding Proposal: OPEN 2019: Community Gathering — Decentralised Collaboration — The Open Co-op by Julian Brooks.

#ACPP-1 & #ACGP-4 Discussion Thread by Julian Brooks.

Community Fund DAO being curated and/or managed by the Cooperative DAO by Julian Brooks.

Aragon Cooperative Vote #25: fund management is a community driven process by burrrata.

Proposal for a temporary Aragon Cooperative workflow by burrrata.

Aragon Cooperative Vote #23 & #24: request for compensation by burrrata.

Funding proposal: Scout analytics tools by Huangkuan.

Updates from Aragon chat (7th May — 21st May)

@luis (Luis Cuende, CEO at Aragon One Team):

- Product prioritization

- More dogfooding

- User interviews

- Aragon One Q2 goals update

- Talk to users

- Product management

- Work on a very cool Aragon use case

@jorge (Jorge Izquierdo, CTO at Aragon One Team):

- Court: appeals modeling and started working on implementation

- Whitepaper: final review for merging

- Helped @facuspagnuolo on aragonOS meta-txs research

- Court: Finish implementing regular appeals with collateral, final review multi-sortition, support @bingen on splitting

- aragonOS kill switch review

@light (John Light, Community at Aragon One):

- Finalized some upcoming event plans

- Reviewed and responded to feedback on a few projects

- Published All Aragon Devs call notes

- More work on upcoming events planning and logistics

- Drafting review of Aragon Network Vote #2 (last call to fill out the survey)

- Research related to AGP ideas

@lkngtn (Luke Duncan, Research at Aragon One):

- Reviewing feedback from ANV-2

- More event planning and logistics

- Drafting a blog post about the All Aragon Devs calls

@tatu (Tatu Kärki, Communications at Aragon One):

- Will finalize and get more interviews reviewed

- Work on at least one team interview

- Still on videos, crunch to get the interviews ready

- Worked on more interview videos

- Was off for a couple of days

- Did small editing and published the Aragon Network and Token Primer blog post

- Finish more interview videos and review of another video

- Finish and publish a team interview blog post

@monica (Monica Zeng, Human Relations at Aragon One):
- Hiring

- Coaching sessions with the team

- Internal policies and processes

- Internal HR

- Hiring: applications and a bunch of interviews

- Payroll & reimbursements

@LorenaGM (Lorena González, Assistant at Aragon One):

-Agenda management

-Offsite: planning and logistics

-A1 HQ: organization & supplies

-Miscellaneous admin tasks & run errands

- Logistics: Offsite + upcoming events

- A1 HQ: dealing with providers & payments review

- Accounting follow-ups & claims/complaints

- Documentation review

@sohkai (Brett Sun, Lead Developer at Aragon One):

- Discussing and planning product scope for Aragon 0.7.x and 0.8

- Reviewing PRs for 0.7.2

- Continue working on modernizing Payroll’s frontend

- Release Aragon 0.7.2

- Release Payroll

- Review aragonOS kill switch and metatransactions

- Aragon 0.7.2

- Continued work on Payroll frontend for a beta release

- Reviewed app caching work

- Finalize app caching in aragonAPI and finalize updates to aragon-apps

- Continue with Payroll beta release

@bingen (Bingen Eguzkitza, Solidity Engineer):

- Try to split Court contract

- Finish Multi-sortition

- Tackle other Court issues

- Finished splitting the Court (for now)

- Wrapping up Court split and multisortition and making tests pass

- Reviewed Nest project milestones

- Reviewed Nest grant application

- Prepared slides for talk/lecture about Aragon

- Court: fix bugs, add tests, review (Multisortition + Batches — Queues + Splitting Voting and SumTree)

- Review KillSwitch and Meta Txs by Facu

- Fix Templates CI

@aquigorka (Gorka Ludlow, Frontend at Aragon One):

- Submitted PRs for: `Export local identity with Finance data`, `Granular export of local identities`, `HelpScout integration` and `Share local identities via link`

- Worked on slides for talk/lecture tomorrow

- Share custom labels via link

- Improvements to Date picker

- Improvements to Helpscout integration

- Blog post draft

- Share custom labels via link

- Local identities autocomplete

- HelpScout suggestions

- Blog post

- Merge UX improvements to Date Picker

@gabi (Gabriel Garcia):

- Iterate on `apm versions` to allow fetching repo versions across environments

- Iterate on `aragon start` adding the dao argument

- Secure our DAO

- Write a tutorial for Frame on hack, preview it here

- Add a versioned list of deprecated functions on the artifact.json for `apm publish`

- Add old versions of apps on aragen

@danielnorman (Daniel Norman):

- A1 eth Infrastructure updates/maintenance

- App state caching

- ACL caching

App state caching:

- Updated api for external contracts

- Adapt app scripts to new API

- Finalize app state caching in aragonAPI and updates to aragon-apps

@delfi (Delfina Polito, Frontend at Aragon One):

- Show confirmation modal before removing all custom labels

- Include edit label button in the table’s action dropdown

- Implement compact address badges

- Continue with “include edit label button in the tables’ action dropdown”

- Add “Upgrade all” button to App Center

- Replicate navbar changes on blog and developers portal

@dizzypaty (Patricia Davila):

- 0.7.2 design changes and specifications

- Global & app settings

- Identities autocomplete

- User research fundraising

- Design system


- finish up 3box PR

- more profile work (according to designs)

- reaaaally hoping to get some initial people testing the profile

- More work on profiles. I know I keep saying I want to get external testers to experiment with the profiles, sorry things keep getting delayed.

- Check back in // possible experimentation with IPFS collaborative clusters

- Better understanding of dynamic access control within 3box threads (p2p communication protocol)

- Add work/education history to profiles

- Added the profile login flow according to yalda’s designs

- Finish image uploading work with radek

- Hopefully start porting over profiles to become a native application in aragon/aragon

- Work on adding membership to other DAOs to your 3box profile based on token ownership

- Start thinking about smart contract design with Arthur for discussions app

@facuspagnuolo (Facu Spagnuolo):

- Iterate kill switch recoverability approach

- Add support for meta-txs in aragon apps

- Reach consensus on kill-switch MVP implementation scope

- Discuss meta-txs proposed implementation

- Start working on vote delegation v1

@danielconstantin (Daniel Constantin)

- Fixed a bug in `@aragon/wrapper`

- Updated the dependencies of the cli (there’s still a few things left to do)

- Added an e2e test for `aragon run

@chrishobcroft (Chris Hobcroft)

- Testing and documentation of install process for Livepeer Aragon App

- Planning for Nest grant application for EmpowerTheDAO

- Investigation into other Ethereum-based protocols for creating Aragon Agent apps

- Discussion with Luke re: plans for Video DAC / EmpowerTheDAO

- Learning aragonCLI to create DAOs, set Permissions, and install Apps on Rinkeby

- Designing new UI for Livepeer Aragon App

See also:

  • All Aragon Devs #22 video.
  • Aragon App Development Survey: Autark would like to hear about your experience, especially if you had trouble or faced limitations. Please take a few minutes to take this brief survey and help us make it easier to #BUIDL with Aragon.

Social encounters

The Blockcrunch — Can Crypto Change How We Run Organizations? — Luis Cuende (Aragon):

With the rise of decentralized companies and organizations, the need for tools to manage people around the world also emerges. Aragon co-founder Luis Cuende and Jason Choi continue their exploration of crypto governance this week. They discuss:

  • Why do we need decentralized tools for management?
  • Who is Aragon targeting?
  • Why Aragon is interested in Polkadot

Upcoming events:

  • The Community Funding DAO has approved a sponsorship proposal for the Ethereum Madrid Hackathon 2019, May 24th-26th. See details of the event and register here.
  • Luis Cuende will share his insights in the local builders panel at the inaugural Tezos Switzerland Zug Meetup on 23rd of May. Learn about Proof of Stake and the Swiss builders community.


Token holders and the number of transactions dynamics (from

There is a slight grows in the number of token-holders these weeks.


Aragon Network

Granular areas of focus with well defined scope and product specifications.

  • Delegate voting

Allow people to delegate their voting power to delegates (i.e. representatives) who can vote on their behalf and continue experimenting with new voting mechanisms. Enhanced voting. Aragon One.

  • Staking and Lock Managers

Provides a secure foundation for managing collateral deposits for agreements while allowing collateral assets to be used in to participate in governance. Dispute Resolution. Aragon One.

  • Aragon Court PoC

This deliverable includes the Aragon Court protocol, an interface for users of the court to review and manage agreements and disputes, and an interface for jurors to participate in the arbitration process. Dispute Resolution. Aragon One.
Wider areas of focus with some flexibility on the scope.

  • Proposals agreements

Aragon Agreements are a core component of the Aragon Network, they enable users to define human-readable obligations and lock collateral to provide assurances to their counter-parties. Dispute Resolution. Aragon One.

  • Vote Relay Protocol

Improve the experience and scalability of voting by implementing a protocol for votes to be submitted to a set of bonded relayers. Enhanced Voting. Aragon One.

Aragon Client

Granular areas of focus with well defined scope and product specifications.

  • Responsive view

Make the platform and core apps responsive so Aragon can be used from mobile browsers such as Status or Cipher. Mobile experience. Aragon One.

  • Local identity (custom labels)

As an intermediate solution for the full Aragon identity experience, we will allow people to create custom local labels to identify addresses that represent different members of the organization. Identity experience. Aragon One.

  • Finalize Planning Suite

Finalize the development of the Planning Suite, which enables issue curation, allocating bounties as a DAO, budgeting via range voting, and on-chain mapping of human-readable names to Ethereum addresses. Autark.

  • Upgrading apps from the UI

Provide users with a secure way to upgrade app versions, fixes for features or enhancements to already installed/in use apps. App center. Aragon One.

  • Agent application

This application will enable organizations to interact natively with other web3 applications (including other Aragon organizations). Agent application. Aragon One.

  • Rewards App

Allow organizations to distribute payments to token holders based on the number of tokens earned in a specific period (one-time reward) or based on total holdings (dividend). Autark.

  • Payroll app

This app will allow organizations to manage on-chain salary payments and for employees to request payments and see their available balance. UX improvements. Aragon One.

  • Notifications & user feedback

Implement an activity panel that will provide people information about ongoing and past transactions as well as a toast component for immediate feedback on users’ actions. UX improvements. Aragon One.

  • Concierge project

Guided on-boarding of projects interested in collaboration with Aragon or use Aragon tools for their governance needs. UX improvements. Aragon One.

  • Organization Identity

Allow organizations to manage their manifesto, mission statement, values, code of conduct, and contact information so it’s easily accessible to prospective and current members of the organization. Autark.

Wider areas of focus with some flexibility on the scope.

  • Browsing, installing & uninstalling apps

Enhance app discovery and app management for end users. Expand the on-boarding and app center experience. App center. Aragon One.

  • Individual identity

Allow individuals to create and manage their user profiles, mapping their address to a human readable name that can be used to interact with apps within the organization. Identity experience. Aragon One.

  • Rich User Profiles

Allow individuals to associate additional details to their identity such as Github commit history, work history, portfolios, and membership to other Aragon organizations. Autark.

  • Data Storage and Standards

Design the implementation strategy and information architecture for user profiles and contextual discussions. Document infrastructure solutions and recommendations for Aragon apps that require fast and queryable data that is hosted on distributed storage. Autark.

  • Organizations templates

Research new organizational models, define the apps and permissions required to realize them and create kits that people can use. UX improvements. Aragon One.

  • Organization identity & membership

Allow users to create and manage their organizations’ profiles, providing an intuitive way to add members to a given organization and granting them permissions & privileges. Identity experience. Aragon One.

  • Reputation Support

Expand governance possibilities by providing more features for reputation-based organizations, including the ability to allocation non-transferable tokens in place of (or in addition to) traditional bounties. Autark.

  • aragonSDK: Split aragonUI and Lorikeet

Push Lorikeet as an ecosystem-wide project, while still providing an Aragon-opinionated experience with aragonUI. Lorikeet design system. Aragon One.

  • Expanded Forwarder Options

Allow for more tightly coupled forwarder interactions where the forwarded call data can be leveraged and modified within the Forwarder contract. Autark.

Partnerships and team members



On May 17th, 2017 ANT was released to the world. Happy 2nd birthday ANT!

Making good progress with @willjgriff on the Livepeer Aragon App.

The app allows an @AragonProject DAO to act as Delegator and (now) Transcoder on @LivepeerOrg’s Protocol.

Screenshot shows the votes for a DAO to Delegate to itself, register as a Transcoder, and then Unbond.

On the recent @AragonProject vote and on-chain governance: “Until I as a user receive a push notification and can tap yes or no, we’re just not there yet. Let’s have usability before we talk about things like turnout.” Olaf Carlson Wee onstage at #Consensus2019 with @laurashin

Reddit discussions:


  • Community governance has been a core value of the Aragon project from Day 1. Check out the new Governance page on Aragon website to learn how to participate.

Social media metrics

Social media activity
Social media dynamics
Social media dynamics

Aragon community continues to grow. There is a constant slight growth in Aragon social media channels. The number of subscribers of Aragon Black Twitter increased by more than 38% these weeks.

Twitter — Average number of retweets is 10–15 for one post.

AragonBlackTeam @AragonBlackTeam Twitter: The Pando network team is applying to join Aragon project & become the 3rd team that will stand beside Aragon One Team and Autark in its fight for freedom.

The number of Reddit threads’ comments are: 1–15.

Aragon chat — Active discussions on development and development help.

The Aragon Chat channels are also available through /, bridged with the Rocket Chat channels so you can choose which client / interface you prefer to use to chat with the community. The Aragon community in Matrix / Riot.

Popular topics from Aragon forum:

There is a slight growth in Aragon community over time. The graph above shows the dynamics of changes in the number of Aragon Reddit subscribers and Twitter followers. Aragon project has no Facebook page. The information is taken from

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