Ethereum Report: Consensys guide to Ethereum tools, Monoplasma by Streamr, Shasper Testnet Plans, rumours about Constantinople reschedule are inaccurate, SKALE Labs releases DevNet

5th February — 19th February

This is not financial advice.

During the last two weeks, Ethereum team made progress with the development: Core Devs Meeting took place as Eth2.0 Implementers Call, Prysmatic Labs published their Ethereum 2.0 development update (first phase of the beacon chain testnet is live). ConsenSys published a guide to available tools and platforms for developing on Ethereum. Eth2 spec v0.2., Ethereumjs-vm — v2.6.0 — Petersburg / Goerli Support and Parity Ethereum 2.2.10-stable / 2.3.3-beta released. OmiseGO has officially released Alpha (Ari), Streamr released Monoplasma, LeapDAO Plasma mainnet launched, More Viable PlasmaDog premiers at ETHDenver on Rinkeby. There was some news on ecosystem projects build on Ethereum: Kyber integrated Uniswap for better DAI/MKR rates, Status introduced Keycard, Grid+ went live selling electricity for most Texans, Cosmos Hub is to launch mainnet, Melon will run its decentralized governance on Aragon. Some state channel development updates were published: Celer, Connext, Magmo. Ethereum ecosystem continues to grow slowly, during these weeks some new projects appeared. Research articles (Vitalik Buterin posts on sharding, Justin Drake doc on the State of Ethereum 2.0, etc) and M1 and Berlin Ethereum Meetup videos were published.


GitHub metrics
Developer activity (from

Protocol updates

1. Roadmap

a) Constantinople: Ropsten fork / status

b) [CREATE2 side effects for education]

c) ProgPoW Audit

d) Reject EIP 1355 “Ethash 1a”

e) Istanbul Hardfork Roadmap

x Proposal Deadline May 17th

x EIP 1418 State Rent

x HF Naming challenge

f) Outlook: PoS finality gadget on PoW chain (Serenity)

2. Working Group Updates

a) Ethereum 1.x Stanford Meetings Overview

b) State Rent

c) EWasm

d) Pruning/Sync

e) Simulation

f) Appetite for future in person meetings?

3. Testing Updates

4. Client Updates a) Geth b) Parity Ethereum c) Aleth/eth d) Trinity/PyEVM e) EthereumJS f) EthereumJ/Harmony g) Pantheon h) Turbo Geth i) Nimbus j) Mana/Exthereum k) Mantis

5. Research Updates.

  1. Testing Updates
  2. Client Updates
  3. Research Updates
  4. discv5 update/discussion
  5. Quick note on light clients
  6. Minimal phase 0 wire api
  7. Path to testnets * suggested reading
  8. Genesis slot number & signed vs unsigned ints
  9. Spec discussion
  • Ethereum 2.0 Development Update #22 by Prysmatic Labs: biweekly updates written by the entire Prysmatic Labs team on the Ethereum 2.0 roadmap. Beacon Chain testnet successfully deployed with 8 local validators through a Görli testnet kickstart.
  • Eth2 spec v0.2.

See also Vitalik Buterin comment on Reddit:

Maximally simple account abstraction without gas refunds: Vitalik Buterin on sharding.

Phase 2 pre-spec: cross-shard mechanics: Vitalik on sharding.

Rate-limiting entry/exits, not withdrawals: Vitalik on Casper.

The State of Ethereum 2.0 by Justin Drake.

Shasper Testnet Plans.

Looking back at the Ethereum 1x workshop 26–28.01.2019 (part 2) and part 3 by Alexey Akhunov.

Ethereumjs-vm — v2.6.0 — Petersburg / Goerli Support.

Phase 0 and phase 1 spec v0.3.

Ethereum Cat Herders Meeting #4: Agenda. Audio. Notes. ProgPoW audit/review by the Ethereum Cat Herders. Community discussion on Reddit GPU Miners need you and you need GPU Miners (PoW/ProgPoW).

Ethereum Cat Herders Update#1.

Vitalik has put up a draft implementation of an optimised LMD GHOST implementation.

Validator Topology Notes: Brief notes from Danny on validator topology.

Towards Efficient RSA Accumulator Proof Generation — Plasma Prime by Nathan Ginnever.

Minimal Phase 0 Wire API [WIP].

Networking in Serenity (ETH2.0).

Tweetstorm on “Q1 2019 Beacon Chain Testnet” by Paul Hauner.

ProgPoW CarbonVote.


All you need to know about ProgPoW Votings.

ProgPoW: Does the origin of open-source code matter?

Why Is It Taking to so Long to Implement POS on Ethereum?

Development tools

A Definitive List of Ethereum Developer Tool in ConsenSys blog : A guide to available tools, components, frameworks, and platforms for developing applications on Ethereum.

Solidity graph debugger v2. Rewritten with new UI and API.

Solidity v0.5.4.

Formal Verification explainer series, part 2: proving the correctness of a token in KLAB.

Graph Explorer launches with Dharma, Compound, Uniswap, ENS, Origin, Decentraland, and Livepeer as partners, so devs can explore data on all those projects.

Getting started with the Görli testnet. Etherscan now supports Goerli.

Getting started with EthPM and

Vuethereum: a Vue.js frontend library. And a vue.js Solidity IDE.

ENS Manager supports EIP1577 contenthash.

LimePay: enable your users to execute Eth transactions with fiat.

Groundhog Network: subscription crypto payments for merchants, who can also convert to fiat.

Build your own embeddable frontend on Dether for in person fiat transactions.

Upgradeability is a bug. This used to be a more common theme of debate.

Testing real world upgrades from ZeppelinOS.

3Box’s Spaces: app-specific data storage, permissioned by users.

Web3.js v1.0.0-beta.44.

Embark tutorial: building a decentralized Reddit, pt1.

Slither v0.6 — latest version of Trail of Bits security tool.

ZeppelinOS v2.2.

Manuel Araoz: coding scarce digital goods with life, death, and healing.

TypeScript Merkle tree with Solidity proof verifier.

BokkyPooBah’s Gas-Efficient DateTime Library v1.01.

Etherlime adds debugger.

Mudit Gupta’s list of tips to save gas in Solidity.

Loom giving away packs to devs building on Zombie Battleground API.

Infura releases a devp2p analysis tool with PostgresDB and Metabase.

Uport’s EthTypedData Javascript library to create, sign and verify Structure Types and EIP712 domains.

The code architecture of Etherisc’s insurance framework.

Trick block explorers into displaying the wrong byte code.

Instagram dapp clone with Vue.js and IPFS.

Embark: building a decentralized Reddit, pt2.

Governance and new standards proposals

ProgPoW Carbonvote.

Melonport dissolves in favor of its protocol, setting a new bar for the blockchain world: TechCrunch overview of Melon Council governance of Melonport.

ZEIP-23: trade bundles of assets: 0x to vote on enabling ZEIP23’s bundles of assets.

Danny Ryan tweetstorm: “Ethereum is strong because of abundant, world-class leadership.”

State Fees (formerly State rent) pre-EIP proposal version 3 by Alexey Akhunov.

a16z Podcast: Voting, Security, and Governance in Blockchains with Phil Daian and Ali Yahya.

a16z Podcast: Cryptonetworks as Emerging Economies (Done Right?) with Chris Burniske, Joel Monegro, Denis Nazarov, and Jesse Walden.

Ecosystem updates

J.P. Morgan is using Ethereum to launch a ‘digital U.S. dollar’ — here’s what it means for blockchain — in ConsenSys blog. The payment rails of the future have arrived.

Blockchain Explained by Joseph Lubin. Episode 1: What is ConsenSys and its Relationship to Ethereum?

Hudson Jameson on Twitter on February 12th, 2019: Constantinople has not been postponed again.

Source: @hudsonjameson.

Augur Bets on Ethereum Constantinople Delay After Another Bug Found on Trust Nodes.

The Exclusive Ethereum Hardfork Naming Finals — Reddit discussion.

A community-led initiative to decentralize Donuts: Reddit is exploring using Ethereum to tokenize karma.

Web3 Design Decision Making Framework: Initial results of the research for the Web3 Design System that teach how to make sense of Web3 user problems and how to solve them.

Enterprise Ethereum Alliance Expands Presence in Asia; Appoints Blockchain Expert Dr. Weijia Zhang to Lead China Office.

Enterprise Ethereum Alliance Is Forming a ‘Token Task Force’ on Coindesk.

Unbound Tech Joins the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance.

EthCC Web3 Ecosystem Development Track.

ECF Network: More Than Grants.

ETHDenver 2019 Experiential #BUIDLATHON to Put Blockchain Tech Use Cases in the Palm of Attendees’ Hands from Start to Finish.

Let’s Make it Official! MEW V5, MyEtherWallet’s All New Interface, Is Here.

The revamp on + Dark Mode + Additional Features: Etherscan revamps its UI, adds Görli, and now you can verify Vyper code, plus more charts on gigabytes needed for Geth/Parity full/archive.

Vipnode 2.0 Released. Vipnode is an open source implementation of economic incentives for running Ethereum full nodes who serve light clients — a critical component of ETH2.0 sharding! More context here.

Announcing the winners of the 0x + CoinList Hackathon.

Justin Drake on Twitter on February 7th, 2019:

Source: @drakefjustin.

Danny Ryan Tweet storm on “leadership” in Ethereum 2.0.

EthGlobal launched a new website.

Projects updates


0x + CoinList Hackathon Recap.

Infrastructure Credits for 0x Companies: Start building on 0x today.

ZEIP-23: trade bundles of assets: Vote on ZEIP23 with ZRX on February 18, 2019.

New Legal Resources for the 0x Ecosystem.

Relayer Report #18 — CDP 101, MyCrypto Acquires Ambo, DappBoi, The Donut Wars: The latest updates from the 0x ecosystem: 2/5/19.


Augur Weekly Report — February 13th.

Augur Weekly Report — February 6th.


Earn Zcash while learning about blockchain privacy.

Earn BAT while trying out the blockchain-friendly Brave browser.

Electrohunt Part 1: Hunting for the phishing campaigns on the Electrum network.

Backup your encrypted private keys on Google Drive and iCloud with Coinbase Wallet.

Logs, metrics, and the evolution of observability at Coinbase.

Announcing Bitcoin (BTC) Support on Coinbase Wallet.

EU and European Free Trade Association customers can now withdraw to their PayPal accounts.


How to breed Al the Alpacat: A step-by-step guide to breeding our high-altitude, cool-attitude Fancy Cat.

How to breed Miss Purrfect: A step-by-step guide to breeding a Fancy Cat in CryptoKitties.

How to win a historic Exclusive Cat: In the race to 1.5 million CryptoKitties, any cat you breed could transform into an Exclusive Cat at birth.

Learn how our last mystery smart contract works.


Sneak Peek: An Early Preview of the Builder: A quick preview of Decentraland’s upcoming drag-and-drop scene editor.

Builder Progress Report: Read recent developments from the Builder, and meet the Creator Contest’s latest judge.

Decentraland’s Fresh New Look: Introducing Decentraland’s new homepage and visual identity.

Creator Contest: Frequently Asked Questions: An overview of the Contest, how it will work, how to join, and what you can win.


Token Spotlight: ELF from aelf: This is the latest in a series of “Token Spotlights” that will feature new tokens listed in the Dether app. Discover what they are, and why they’re important.

Token Spotlight: MANA from Decentraland.

Token Spotlight: LRC from Loopring.

The Dether protocol: towards a decentralized cash-to-crypto OTC protocol for dApps.


The District Weekly — February 16th, 2019: News and updates from the district0x Network.

The District Weekly — February 9th, 2019.

district0x Dev Update — February 5th, 2019: Development progress and product changes from district0x.

Dharma Protocol:

The New Dharma Lever Has Arrived: Welcome to the next wave of #DeFi.


Recap: FOAM NYC Blockchain Showcase: Several of the leading minds in NYC blockchain take the stage at New Lab.

A closer look at challenges and incentives on the FOAM Map: FOAM community member and Blocklytics co-founder Caleb Sheridan analyses the data gathered since launch.

Analyzing the Map: The Island with Many Names: A case-study of territorial disputes on the FOAM Map.

FOAM Community Call — Analyzing the Map, Feb 7 Summary.

Take part in FOAM’s NYC blockchain showcase and receive a digital collectible: Add a POI in the area surrounding New Lab from 11th-13th of February and receive a NFT.


The Web 3.0 Universe Is Expanding: Exploring the Cartography of Crypto-Market Space-Time.


Security Update on the dxDAO Bug Bounty.

DutchX Smart Contracts 2.0 Bug Bounty.


Keep’s Rising Talent: Announcing New Technical Leadership in Keep Network.

January Roundup + Team Onsite: Project and Team Updates.

Kyber Network:

MyEtherWallet (MEW)’s New Interface Makes Swapping Tokens with Kyber Even Easier.

EthCC Integrates KyberWidget To Accept ERC20 Tokens For Ticket Purchase.


Meridio ❤ Maker.

Join us at ETHDenver — MakerDAO Events Schedule.

Increasing the Stability Fee.

Dai in Numbers.


Melon will run its decentralized governance on Aragon.

Melon Council unveiled at M-1.

Ocean Protocol:

Ocean Protocol Network Launch is Coming.

Meet the Advisors: 30+ Industry-leading Advisors have joined Ocean Protocol to provide their expertise in the creation of #ANewDataEconomy.

Ocean Roadmap || Setting sail to 2021.

Ocean on PoA vs. Ethereum Mainnet? Decision-Making Factors that led to PoA.

Backpacking on the Genre Trail: The Story of

An Ambassador’s Tale: Community is king in the brave new open-source world.

Origin Protocol:

Welcoming Our First Engineer in Europe — Domen Grabec!

Announcing PeerArt: A Peer-To-Peer Marketplace for Art with 0% Fees.

Origin Beta Listings: The Firsts Of Many.

3 Ways Blockchain Will Shape How We Celebrate Chinese New Year.


Parity v2.3.3-beta or 2.2.10-stable.

People of Parity: Jack Fransham, Core Developer.

New Parity Ethereum update fixes several vulnerabilities.

Why libp2p?


Polkadot: The Foundation of a New Internet.

Preparing for Polkadot’s Launch with Substrate.

Deploying Substrate & Polkadot nodes with Polkasource.

Raiden Network:

Raiden Protocol Explained.

Lightning VS Raiden #2: can we solve privacy and scalability problems of watchtowers and monitoring services?


v0.9.33 Mobile Release — Privacy mode by default.

Status Devs Meeting #12 — Feb 11, 2019.

SWARM PROGRESS REPORT: Sticker Market — February 12th, 2019.

Introducing Keycard — The secure, contactless hardwallet & open source API.


ETHDenver 2019: here we come!

Ethereum Scaling Tech Monoplasma Wants to Let Dapps Broadcast Crypto.

Trinity protocol:

Trinity for NEO-GUI Development.


Getting started with ZepKit.

Introducing ZepKit: the easiest way to start your decentralized application.

A new wave of applications.

Building Blocks: What makes a good EVM package?


Catch Zilliqa at ETHDenver 2019.

Zilliqa Project Update #27 — Entering A New Era.

Also check biweekly updates by Paradigm:

Other projects:

LeapDAO Plasma Testnet Launched. Smart Contracts on Plasma.

OmiseGO’s Alpha Release (Ari).

Lighthouse Update #07.

Gnosis: Security Update on the dxDAO Bug Bounty.

Convert Fiat on AirSwap with Wyre.

Off-chain trading with Augur and 0x: A guide to Veil’s order book.

Giveth: GRACEaid: Another Incredible Organization That’s Adopted The Giveth DApp.

POA Network: Could another chain be like POA/xDai, but backed by ETH?

PegaSys: Another day, another consensus algorithm. Why IBFT 2.0?

GridPlus is LIVE in Texas!

Metamask has passed 1 million users on Chrome store.

Pixura Platform is Live: Pixura allows anyone to issue & sell virtual items on the blockchain, from video game goods to rare digital collectibles.

Connext BiWeekly Update #7: Prettier UI, thread progress, spoopy bugfixes.

Celer Network 23rd Weekly Project Progress Report (2/4–2/8).

Celer Network 24th Weekly Project Progress Report (2/11–2/15): Releasing the Week One Celer Gomoku Leaderboard Result (2/11–2/14).

Magmo: Dev Update #2: Nitro sneak peek! and Introducing our second state channel app articles.

PISA: State channels with state assertions.

Lodestar Bi-weekly update #2: ChainSafe Systems’ bi-weekly update on the development of JavaScript/TypeScript ETH2.0 client, Lodestar.

Cosmos Hub to Launch Mainnet: Pre-launch Dependencies & How to Safely Claim Your Atoms.

5 Growth Hacks With Bounty0x: See 5inspiring ways that our customers have used Bounty0x to grow their business and drive more sales.

AZTEC Protocol: From zero to nowhere: smart contract programming in Huff (1/2).

STARK Math: The Journey Begins. Part I — in Stark Ware blog.

zkSNARKs in WebAssembly — running demo and discussion.

yeeth updates #1: BeaconChain re-implementation & Beginnings of BLS.

Staking on LOOM PlasmaChain now LIVE.

Loom: Introducing Zombie Battleground Public API (+600-Pack Giveaway). The alpha version of the Zombie Battleground API is live .

RocketPool Development Update — 6th Feb, 2019: Rocketpool has a beacon chain simulator they’ll use for a staking pool test, with RPL rewards for testers.

Ethereum sidechain solution SKALE Labs releases DevNet.

New Projects:

More Viable PlasmaDog Premiers at ETHDenver on Rinkeby.

SKALE Labs : Skale empowers Ethereum dApps to run high-speed, low-cost smart contracts in Layer 2.

Forge Platform: Real-time & Historical Insights for your Ethereum based projects.

Dappi: Embeddable widgets for any smart contract. Make interacting with your smart contract as easy as a retweet. Pre-define functions, customize the look, use.

Molecule Protocol: Towards an Open Market for Pharmaceutical Innovation. Curation markets for early stage pharma.

World’s Fair: an attempt at a decentralized Patreon, live on Rinkeby testnet.

Opinion and research articles

  • Press and podcasts:

Hashing It Out #36: Dan Robinson — HTLCs (And why they suck).

Into the Ether: Taylor Monahan of MyCrypto: Interacting with the Ethereum Blockchain

Zero Knowledge: Proxy re-encryption and FHE with NuCypher: Bogdan Opanchuk and John “Tux” Pacific from NuCypher talk about their threshold proxy-encryption technology, how the project aims to provide privacy infrastructure, dig into their nuFHE scheme and explore far along FHE research, the cryptographic “holy grail”, really is.

Zero Knowledge: Unleashing Melon into the wild with Jenna Zenk: In this week’s episode, Jenna Zenk, the CTO of Melonport, discusses her background, the path to the melon protocol, the challenges of building sophisticated smart contracts and what it means to release a decentralised protocol into the wild. This was recorded soon after the M1 conference in Zug.

Lending on Ethereum: Nadav Hollander of Dharma: Nadav Hollander, Founder and CEO of Dharma, joins Into the Ether to talk about lending and open finance on Ethereum. If open finance interests you, this is an episode you will not want to miss. Nadav discusses the current state of the product and their vision for the future. He talks about what makes up the protocol including debtors, creditors, relayers and underwriters. This leads to a discussion about their new product called Dharma Lever which enables peer to peer crypto lending.

Alexey Akhunov on Epicenter: Ethereum 1.x — BUIDLing Things One Step at a Time. Alexey Akhunov is an independent Ethereum researcher. He has been working on an ambitious project called TurboGeth. As the name implies, it is a version of Geth which features a number of speed and performance optimizations. Alexey also leads the state rent working group of the Ethereum 1.x project. Ethereum 1.x came out of Devcon when core developers began to realize that the full migration to Serenity would likely take several years. The team hopes to bring progressive improvements to Ethereum in parallel to the development of Serenity.

Here’s All the Cool Blockchain Stuff that Happened at ETHDenver in ConsenSys blog: Ethereum BUIDLathons, BuffiDai, announcements, collaborations galore.

Watch The 11 Most Powerful Ethereal Summit Talks Yet: This May 10–11th, the leading voices in Ethereum, blockchain, and tech return to New York City for Ethereal NY.

Live Stream & YouTube ETHDenver 2019.

Takeaways from the Eth222 workshop.

In conversation with Preston Van Loon, Co-Founder and Team Lead at Prysmatic Labs.

Ethereum Support for ZK-SNARKs in Coinmonks blog.

ConsenSys’s Andrew Keys on the future of blockchain-based business on QZ.

Stable Tokens And Derivative Products To The Ethereum Blockchain.

  • Videos:

Curation Markets Community Call 4.

M-1 | Asset Management 3.0 Conference | Day 2.

All Melonport M1 conference talks.

Whiteboard Series with NEAR | Ep: 4 Georgios Konstantopoulos from Loom Network: In the fourth episode of Whiteboard Series with NEAR, they had Georgios Konstantopoulos from Loom Network speaking with NEAR Founders Alex Skidanov and Illia Polosukhin.

‘Sharding Research’ by Alex Skidanov | Graph Day | Blockchain: video on NEAR protocol youtube channel.

Charles Hoskinson: Another Surprise AMA 02/16/2019.

  • Berlin Ethereum Meetup 2019/01/24 videos:

Chainsafe: Investigating privacy on Ethereum using ring signature based mixing — Elizabeth Banks.

Security Assurance Protocol — Steven Stewart (Quantstamp’s CTO).

Chainsafe’s beacon chain: Lodestar — David Ansermino (lightening talk).

Technical deep dive into “Shasper” — Wei Tang.


AMA about Ethereum Leadership and Accountability.

  • Upcoming events:

Feb 27 — Constantinople (block 7280000)

Mar 4 — Ethereum Magicians (Paris)

Mar 5–7 — EthCC (Paris)

Mar 8–10 — ETHParis (ETHGlobal)

Mar 8–10 — EthUToronto

Mar 22 — Zero Knowledge Summit 0x03 (Berlin)

Mar 27 — Infura end of legacy key support

April 4–5 — Deconomy (Seoul)

April 8–14 — Edcon hackathon and conference (Sydney)

Apr 19–21 — ETHCapetown (ETHGlobal)

Apr 24–26 — Truffle Elevate (Dublin)

May 9 — Fluidity Summit (NYC)

May 10–11 — Ethereal (NYC)

May 17 — Deadline to accept proposals for Instanbul upgrade fork

June 22–24 — Zcon1 (Split, Croatia)


Nasdaq to Add Bitcoin and Ethereum Indices to Global Data Service on Coindesk: Stock exchange operator Nasdaq is adding indices for ethereum to its global data service later this month. The company announced Monday that it has partnered with New Zealand-based blockchain data and research firm Brave New Coin to offer information on the two new indices starting Feb. 25.

Ethereum Denies It Is Mulling $15 Mln Investment to Develop Verifiable Delay Functions: The Ethereum Foundation has refuted alleged plans to spend a prospective $15 million on the development of Verifiable Delay Functions (VDFs) for use in its transition to a Proof-of-Stake (PoS) network. The clarification was made by Foundation researcher Justin Drake in private correspondence with Cointelegraph on Feb. 8. A report from crypto news outlet CoinDesk had purported that the Foundation was considering an investment of $15 million to develop the technology, given its prospective benefit for Ethereum’s future transition to a PoS-based system.

Verified Curation Markets & Graduating Token Bonding Curves by Simon de la Rouviere.

Backup your encrypted private keys on Google Drive and iCloud with Coinbase Wallet.

Understanding Uniswap Returns.


Release Step 3.1: Metropolis phase 2: Constantinople, 2019.

Release Step Four: Serenity. Serenity is meant to move from consensus through Proof-of-Work to Proof-of-Stake.

February 6th, 2019: ETH 1.x / ETH Roadmap AMA — Webinar — Video + Notes.

See also Fork Roadmap Planning Diagrams.

Vitalik on the Eth2 roadmap (on Twitter on February 7th, 2019):

Source: @VitalikButerin.


Web 3.0 Opera Browser Launches Instant Crypto Purchases: In Norway, Denmark, and Sweden, Opera tests letting its users buy Eth instantly in the browser through Swedish exchange Safello.

Melon will run its decentralized governance on Aragon. The Melon Council will be powered by aragonOS. The Melon Council is responsible for overseeing the future developments of the Melon protocol. aragonOS is a Solidity framework on the Ethereum blockchain, which allows anyone to create, manage and participate in complex decentralised organisations.


How MIT Joined Ethereum in the Race for the PoS Blockchain: As reported by Cointelegraph, the press service of the Massachusetts Technical Institute (MIT) announced the development of a new cryptocurrency based on the proof-of-stake (PoS) protocol. Ethereum — Algorand’s closest competitor, according to the existing estimates — will launch its PoS system sometime between 2019 and 2021. Scheduled updates required for a gradual transition from the proof-of-work (PoW) to a PoS algorithm have been regularly postponed by the Ethereum Foundation due to network vulnerabilities and failures in the process of the network’s upgrade.

Logic Apps Connector to Ethereum Blockchain Networks: video on Microsoft Developer youtube channel. This episode provides an overview of how to use their serverless Ethereum Connector to transform smart contracts into an automated, visual workflow using the rich Azure Logic Apps Connectors ecosystem. They introduce the core concepts of Logic Apps and demonstrate a sample workflow triggered by a Solidity event, including how to read smart contract properties and write them to Azure Blob storage.

BitTorrent Creator Advises Ethereum Developers to Not Switch to Proof-of-Stake: Bram Cohen, an American computer programmer and the author or peer-to-peer (P2P) file sharing protocol and software program BitTorrent, has advised Ethereum’s (ETH) developers to not switch to the proof-of-stake (PoS) consensus protocol.

Andreas Antonopoulos says that Ethereum’s killer application is governance: In a recent Q&A, the author of Mastering Ethereum said he thinks that the decentralised project has the potential to reinvent modern-day corporations.

Vitalik Buterin Dismisses Rumors New Constantinople Feature Allows Attack Vector: Vitalik Buterin and other core devs have dismissed allegations that a new smart contract creation feature set to be released in the forthcoming Constantinople hard fork will have negative security implications. The discussion was held during a Ethereum core developer call on Feb. 15.

ETC-ETH Cooperation Amid Blockchain Tribalism.

How HTC’s Smartphone Is Designed To Bring Bitcoin And Ethereum To The Masses on

Russia to Test Internet Shutdown, With Local Bitcoin and Ethereum Miners Hanging on the Line: Russia plans to test a nationwide internet shutdown, and an intranet will be created as a back-up. The test stems from the first draft of a new law overseen by the Russian Parliament in 2018. The law is intended to ensure the independence of the Russian internet space (Runet) in the event of foreign aggression. Ethereum is exposed to Russia’s internet experiment.

TCR Party — A Twitter Curated Registry: A TCR experiment where you make testnet transactions through Twitter to control membership of a Twitter RT list.

Ethereum Core Developer Quits Social Media Over ‘Conflict of Interest’ Attacks: Ethereum core developer Afri Schoedon is taking a step back from social media due to an onslaught of online criticism.

See also Statement from Afri on Twitter and Hudson Jameson This is a sad day for Ethereum Twitter thread.

Source: @5chdn.

The Genius — Vitalik Buterin, AR / Interactive Painting.

3D ETH Artworks by Coldie donated to ETH DENVER charity auction.

Source: Ethereum subreddit.

Anthony Sassano’s Tweet storm on Eth1.0 and Eth1,x.

Constantinople isn’t being delayed due to CREATE2, but it should be understood. “Indeterminacy in init code needs to be viewed the same way as indeterminacy in normal code, via DELEGATECALL or CALLCODE.” Here’s Jeff Coleman’s tweetstorm with a tl;dr of “switch to CREATE2 as soon as possible.” Here’s Jason Carver’s article and Reddit comment thread.

Social media metrics

Social media activity
Social media dynamics
Social media dynamics

Facebook — official announcement channel. Recent publications — about Ethereum Core Devs Meetings, Conferences (20–100 likes per publication).

Twitter (Ethereum) — official announcement channel — duplicates news from Facebook page (250–500 likes per publication, 30–50 comments). Average number of shares is 100–200 for one post.

Twitter (Ethereum Network) — news from companies (10–20 likes per publication, 1–5 comments, 1–10 shares).

Twitter (Ethereum Report) — retweets from official announcement channel and team members’ pages.

Reddit — news about projects and blockchain, links to interviews, podcasts, upcoming events. The longest thread has 161 comments (Welcome to r/ethereum — the Reddit frontpage of the Web 3.0).

There is a slight growth in Ethereum community over time. The graph above shows the dynamics of changes in the number of Ethereum Reddit subscribers, Twitter followers and Facebook likes. The information is taken from

YouTube (Ethereum) — Last video on July 27th, 2017 (5000–20 000 views per video).

YouTube (Ethereum Foundation) — videos from conferences, meetups, Ethereum Core Devs Meetings. 2–3 videos / month.

Ethereum Community Forum — Recent Discussions: Forum has been hacked, Security alert, Forums Database Compromised, Help Stop Forum Spam, Developing Guidelines for acceptable Promotion and Marketing on the Ethereum Forum.

See also Fellowship of Ethereum Magicians forum.

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