Ethereum Report: Validator Economics of Ethereum 2.0 by ConsenSys, Görli Testnet launched, easy-to-install plasma chains by Plasma Group, new Vlad Zamfir’s article about a new crypto-legal system

22nd January — 5th February

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During the last two weeks, Ethereum team made progress with the development: Core Devs Meeting took place as Eth2.0 Implementers Call, Prysmatic Labs published their Ethereum 2.0 development update. Görli Testnet (the first cross-client proof-of-authority network for Ethereum) launched. Parity Ethereum 2.2.8-stable/2.3.1-beta: Constantinople + "St. Petersfork" released as Geth Can'tstantinople (v1.8.22) and Pantheon 0.9.1 (ConstantinopleFix and Goerli ready). Plasma Group was introduced. The Beacon Spec for Eth 2.0 is getting closer to completion everyday. Also there was some news on ecosystem projects build on Ethereum: 2M ETH locked in MakerDAO, Status announced the Statusphere Ambassadors, Bounties Network partnered with UNICEF and ETHDenver to prototype a new “positive action token”, Kyber network WBTC is now live on Ethereum and Aragon launched a desktop app. Ethereum ecosystem continues to grow slowly, during these weeks some new projects appeared. A few research articles were published, Vlad Zamfir wrote “Against Szabo’s law, for a new crypto legal system” (with responses from Vitalik Buterin and Gabriel Shapiro). Vitalik Buterin gave a really good talk about CBC Casper. Ethereum 1x Stanford meetings live streams and AraCon videos were published. Diederik Loerakker released his beacon chain schematic. And the last, but not the least — Ethereum community continues to grow and during the last two weeks the number of subscribers of official Ethereum social media channels increased by about 1%.


GitHub metrics
Developer activity (from

Protocol updates

Ethereum Core Devs Meeting #54 [2019-02-01]: video.

  1. Roadmap
    a) Constantinople - Ropsten fork?
    b) Istanbul Hardfork Roadmap
    c) Outlook: PoS finality gadget on PoW chain (Serenity)
    d) ProgPoW audit?
  2. Working Group Updates
    a) Ethereum 1.x Stanford Meetings Overview
    b) State Rent
    c) EWasm
    d) Pruning/Sync
    e) Simulation
  3. Testing Updates (time allowing)
  4. Client Updates (time allowing)
    a) Geth
    b) Parity Ethereum
    c) Aleth/eth
    d) Trinity/PyEVM
    e) EthereumJS
    f) EthereumJ/Harmony
    g) Pantheon
    h) Turbo Geth
    i) Nimbus
    j) Mana/Exthereum
  5. Research Updates (time allowing)

Eth2.0 Implementers Call #11 [2019/1/31]: video.

  1. Client Updates;
  2. Research Updates;
  3. Number theoretic shuffling (ethereum/eth2.0-specs#323);
  4. Any followup to @ledgerwatch comments from last meeting (#23 (comment));
  5. Spec discussion.

Ethereum 2.0 Development Update #21 — Prysmatic Labs: Our biweekly update written by the entire Prysmatic Labs team on the Ethereum 2.0 roadmap.

Serenity Design Rationale by Vitalik Buterin.

Rate-limiting entry/exits, not withdrawals Vitalik on Casper.

Hudson Jameson on ProgPoW update after Core Dev Call.

Afri Schoedon suggested "releases are agnostic to upgrades now. if we cannot make a decision on progpow before May, then it will not be part of the next scheduled hardfork."

Reddit User concern - ProgPow decision still delayed and removed from next Core Devs call agenda.

GPU Blended Analysis.

State Rent proposal version 2 (rushed) by Alexey Akhunov.

Selfish Mining in Ethereum by Jianyu Niu and Chen Feng.

Casey Detrio: EIP100 changed the threshold to 27%. But since ETC doesn’t have EIP100, it’s just 5 or 10%.

Announcing yeeth: Ethereum 2.0 in Swift & BeaconChain.swift updates by Dean Eigenmann.

Examining the Proposed Validator Economics of Ethereum 2.0 in ConsenSys blog: Part One of a series unpacking Proof of Stake, validator markets, and the future of Ethereum.

Nimbus Testnet Simulation.

Beacon Chain phase 0 spec release.

Schematic of the Beacon chain spec:

Source: @protolambda.

Development tools

Solidity v0.5.3.

web3j v4.1.1.

Web3.js v1.0.0-beta.38.

Waffle v2 of its testing suite (uses ethers.js).

Celer Network’s proto3 to solidity library generator for onchain/offchain, cross-language data structures. Celer’s SDK.

ERC20 meta transaction wrapper contract.

“Dumb contracts” that store data in the event logs.

ETL pipline on AWS for security token analytics.

Interacting with Ethereum using and Jupyter notebooks.

Tutorial on using Embark.

Tutorial: using OpenLaw agreements with dapps.

OpenBazaar’s escrow framework.

Etherisc opensources the code for their Generic Insurance Framework.

Austin Griffith’s latest iteration of Burner Wallet sales.

Deploying a front end with IPFS and Piñata SDK.

Video tutorial of Slither static analyzer.

Overview of formal verification projects in Ethereum.

zkPoker with SNARks - explore iden3’s circom circuit.

Weierstrudel: gas efficient elliptic curve scalar multiplication on Weierstrass.

Optimizing Merkle tree multi-queries.

The EVM: how does it work?

A central place to request an audit from 30 auditors.

MythrilClassic v0.20.

Testing potential exploits in a virtual environment.

The journey from Truffle4 to Truffle5.

Drizzle v1.3 with tests and React Native support.

Solhint v2 beta linter.

Secret Rock-paper-scissors with Enigma.

EVM package deployment with ZeppelinOS.

Formal verification for noobs: K.

Governance and new standards proposals

EIP1712: Disallow deployment of unused opcodes.

EIP1715: Generalized Version Bits Voting for Consensus Soft and Hard Forks.

EIP1717: Defuse the bomb and lower mining reward to 1 ether.

ERC1723: Cryptography engine standard.

ERC1724: confidential token standard.

ERC1726: Dividend paying token.

A postmortem on the Constantinople postponement.

SNT community voting dapp v0.1 - quadratic voting system.

Vlad Zamfir: Against Szabo’s law, for a new crypto legal system.

Response from Vitalik Buterin.

In Defense of Szabo’s Law, For a (Mostly) Non-Legal Crypto System: A Lawyer’s Response to Vlad Zamfir’s “Against Szabo’s Law, For A New Crypto Legal System” by Gabriel Shapiro

Core devs call. Hudson’s summary: ProgPoW to get 3rd party audit, miners can start extraData signaling, and EthCatHerders to examine community signal.

Ecosystem updates

I Read Crypto Twitter for Hours Daily — Here Are The 40 Accounts That Really Matter in ConsenSys blog.

Görli Testnet Launched: The Görli testnet is the first cross-client proof-of-authority network for Ethereum. It is based on the Clique PoA protocol. It was launched on 31 January 2019 at the GörliCon. The development is led by Chainsafe Systems + Afri Schoedon from Parity but there are dozens of more contributors that helped in making this a reality. Getting started with Görli Testnet.

Introducing Plasma Group: They’ve built a suite of tools to enable you to easily deploy your own plasma chains. Plasma Group released easy-to-install plasma chains (alpha).

Is the Difficulty Bomb Exploding: Lots of charts on the bomb historically and present.

Decentralizing project management with the Ethereum Cat Herders.

ENS permanent registrar proposals.

Gnosis Safe is now available on iOS.

Gitcoin is doing 25k in CLR grant matching.

POANet on using xDai at ETHDenver.

Hodlbank mixer based on zero knowledge. Live on Ropsten.

Projects updates


Development Update #15 — January 2019.

I Joined 0x to Grow our Community! by Brent Oshiro.


Augur Weekly Report — January 23rd.

Augur Weekly Report — January 30th.

The Augur Prediction Market Claims The Patriots Will Win The SuperBowl in ConsenSys blog - Why the Augur prediction market platform will overtake Vegas for sports betting.

Basic Attention Token:

Brave alerts the FTC about two major problems in digital media & services markets.

Update on GDPR complaint (RTB ad auctions).

Cheddar Partnership.

AMA with Joel Reis and Sergey Zhukovsky.


New resources for crypto taxes.

Introducing the Coinbase affiliate program.

Supercharging Retrofit with Kotlin.

Blockchain Infrastructure at Coinbase.

Coinbase now providing trading and custody services to high-volume clients across Asia.


How to breed Squib: A step-by-step guide to breeding a Fancy Cat in CryptoKitties.


LANDRegistry and EstateRegistry Updates: Changes and improvements in Decentraland’s LAND and Estate smart contracts.

Get Ready for the Creator Contest!: Earn prizes and put Decentraland’s new scene builder to use in the upcoming content creation and LANDscaping contest.

Decentraland’s LAND Parcel Size: Just how big is Genesis City, and is it big enough?

Motion and Animations in the SDK 5.0: Part 2: Learn how to bring your scenes to life by moving and animating your models with the new SDK.


The Dether App is Now Available on the App Store: You can now download the Dether App from the App Store and use it on your iPhone.


The District Weekly — February 2nd, 2019: News and updates from the district0x Network.

The District Weekly — January 26th, 2019.

district0x Dev Update - January 22nd, 2019: Development progress and product changes from district0x.

Dharma Protocol:

Dharma Markets Report #1: On the Trade-offs of Stablecoins: Your go-to resource for staying up to date with the decentralized financial system.

Dharma Markets Report #2: Shorting in DeFi.

Dharma at ETHDenver.


Location Data Mishandling — Reading List: The connection between location data privacy and the state of the geospatial economy.

Dynamic Proof of Location — FOAM Community C ll, Jan 24th Summary.

FOAM Developer Update #5 — Version 1.0 API Release: Stabilizing the FOAM API and some Helpful UI Changes.

The Anatomy of a Zone.


Gitcoin Grants: CLR Matching: Matching contributions with up to $25,000 in funding, in ETH.


Test dxDAO Bug Bounties Live!: Before the dxDAO vote staking period launches on February 18th, take part in the open bug bounties.

2019 is the Year of the DAO: The next-generation of decentralized governance.


Getting to know the Keep team: Markus: An interview with one of our newest developers, Markus Fix.

Kyber Network:

WBTC Is Now Live On Ethereum.

Easwap Integrates Kyber’s Permissionless Orderbook Reserve.

Kyber: Long Term Objectives & 2019 Plans.

Introducing the Automated Price Reserve.

Enjin Wallet Integrates Kyber To Enable In-Wallet Token Swaps.


Making Maker — January 2019.
Introducing the Maker Ecosystem Growth Group.

MakerDAO and the ETHDenver Wallet.

Stablecoins: Strengths & Weaknesses.


MLN Token Migration Event.

MLN Token Migration Instructions.

Ocean Protocol:

2018 in Review & 2019 Outlook.

Origin Protocol:

3 Ways Blockchain Will Shape How We Celebrate Chinese New Year.

Homesharing and Fractional Usage on the Origin Marketplace DApp.

Introducing Origin Wallet: Decentralized Commerce Goes Mobile.

Takeaways From Our Team Offsite.

Introducing the Origin Marketplace Creator: Instant Peer-to-Peer Marketplaces.

Why “Mainstream Adoption” is an Unfair Short-Term Success Metric for DApps.

Building a Better Company and Community — Origin’s Cultural Values.

Announcing the New Origin Identity.


Security Alert: Update Parity Ethereum nodes ASAP; node attack vector discovered.


Katallassos Moves Towards A Polkadot Parachain.

AdEx Prepares for Polkadot Launch.

Polkadot Proof-of-Concept 3: A Better Consensus Algorithm.

Raiden Network:

Development Update: The Road towards Ithaca.


Status Town Hall #27 - February 4, 2019.

Founding a Company with the Stable Coin DAI.

Building Secure, Private, Reliable Messaging.

Announcing the Statusphere Ambassadors.

Driving Ethereum Security R&D Forward.

Nimbus Testnet Simulation.

The EthDenver Chronicles - An Open Source Film.

SNT Community Voting DApp.


Login to Streamr with Ethereum.

Get ready. The data revolution is brewing.

The New API Explorer for Streamr Developers.

Report: Streamr’s Realtime Transport Data Hackathon.

Dev Update January 2019.

Introducing Community Products: making crowdselling a reality.

Trinity protocol:

Trinity Biweekly Report——Late January.

TNC Listed on MXC.

Announcement on Trinity ERC20 Smart Contract Upgrading.


Testing real-world contract upgrades.

EVM package deployment with ZeppelinOS—Part I: Introduction and Creating a LinkedList Contract.

EVM package deployment with ZeppelinOS—Part II: Deploying and Testing a LinkedList Contract.

EVM package deployment with ZeppelinOS—Part III: Linking to mainnet.


Zilliqa Mainnet: The Launch and Beyond.

Zilliqa Project Update #26 — Final Testing Before Mainnet Launch.

Zilliqa Project Update — Upcoming Mainnet Launch: What to Expect.

Zilliqa Project Update #27 — Entering A New Era.

Also check biweekly updates by Paradigm:

Other projects:

FunFair’s data shows that they get 100x scaling with state channels.

Counterfactual dev update.

Peepeth is now batching together all user transactions so it’s free to use.

Connext v1 payment channel hub video walkthrough.

Magmo update: about to release their paper on Nitro, their protocol for a virtual state channel network.

The case for Ethereum scaling through layer 2 solutions.

Optimistic off-chain data availability from Aragon.

Starkware on a layer 2 design fundamental: validity proofs vs fraud proofs.

EthereumJS Recap January 2019.

New Projects:

Adventureum - “a text-based, crowd-sourced, decentralised choose-your-own adventure game”.

PlasmaBears is live using LoomNetwork.

Groundhog Network : Introducing a suite of tools to power the crypto subscription economy. It is a recurring subscription payments on Ethereum.

Introducing P4: Private Periodic Payment Protocol.

FRAME: An Os-level Ethereum Interface.

DEX.AG: Introducing DexIndex, an open-source tool to find prices on Ethereum DEX's in real time.

EthArmbian: Ethereum on ARM. Geth and Parity clients update., IPFS and Swarm packages. Raiden Network and Trinity client installers.

Web3 Labs (formerly have today announced web3j-libp2p a JVM friendly libp2p implementation in Kotlin.

Opinion and research articles

Trail of Bits and ChainSecurity discuss 1283 on Hashing It Out.

Scott Lewis and Bryant Eisenbach give the case for Ethereum on a Bitcoin podcast.

Philipp Angele talk on Livepeer’s shared economies for video infrastructure.

Tarun Chitra on PoS statistical modeling on Zero Knowledge.

Token standards and Matt Lockyer on Zero Knowledge.

Gnosis’ Martin Köppelmann on Into the Ether.

Compound’s Robert Leshner on Into the Ether.

Martin Köppelmann and Matan Field on Epicenter.

CNNSwiss interviews Joe Lubin at Davos.

Zilliqa founder Xinshu Dong on 51%.

Bringing Mainstream E-Commerce to the Ethereum Blockchain: As part of #OperationSpring, a look at key factors that will enable widespread adoption of blockchain technology - by Bernhard Mueller, a software security specialist at ConsenSys Diligence who was recently nominated for the “Best Resesarch” Pwnie Award for his work on the Mythril/MythX smart contract security analyzer.

Privacy in Cryptocurrencies: Zero-Knowledge and zk-SNARKs (1/2) by Yan Zhang.

Why Ethereal Summit is The Most Unique Event in Blockchain: This May 10–11th, Ethereal NY returns to Brooklyn to connect the global nodes of the Ethereum industry.

ETHDenver Teams Up With Kauri, the Technical Content Hub for Web3: The Ethereum community is using Kauri to open source the tools it needs to keep building beyond next month’s #BUIDLATHON.

[AMA] We are the Eth 2.0 Research Team.

AMA with Brave Joel Reis and Sergey Zhukovsky.


Blockchain Connect Conference - Vitalik Buterin: Casper CBC and Ethereum 2.0: Keynote at at Blockchain Connect Conference: Academic 2019 on Jan. 11 in San Francisco.

Videos from Trail of Bits’ Empire Hacking.

Aracon videos.

IC3’s Submarine Sends explainer video.

Ethereum 1x Stanford Meetings Live Streams:

Ethereum 1.x Morning [Day 1] on Ethereum Foundation youtube channel. Ethereum 1.x Afternoon [Day 1].

Ethereum 1.x Morning [Day 2] on Ethereum Foundation youtube channel. Ethereum 1.x Afternoon [Day 2].

Ethereum 1.x Morning [Day 3] on Ethereum Foundation youtube channel. Ethereum 1.x Afternoon [Day 3].

Upcoming events:


Release Step 3.1: Metropolis phase 2: Constantinople, 2019.

Constantinople Hardfork will most likely activate on Wednesday, January 16, 2019.

Release Step Four: Serenity. Serenity is meant to move from consensus through Proof-of-Work to Proof-of-Stake.


Cheddar Partnership: Cheddar And Brave Partner To Offer Premium Cheddar Content To Brave Browser Users. Cheddar, the leading post-cable news, media, and entertainment company, and Brave Software, an innovative privacy browser combined with a blockchain-based digital advertising platform, announced that they are partnering to provide free subscriptions to premium Cheddar content for users of the Brave browser. Brave has committed to funding hundreds of thousands of Brave users to take advantage of the premium Cheddar subscription.

ETHDenver’s Impact Track Offers #Buidlers a Chance to Create a Sustainable Future with Blockchain: Bounties Network is partnerning with UNICEF and ETHDenver to prototype a new “positive action token”.


Twitter: is Ethereum 2.0 better off dev-led or research-led?

Wanna contribute to Artemis?

Protonmail wants to build on Ethereum.

Social media metrics

Social media activity
Social media dynamics
Social media dynamics

Facebook — official announcement channel. Recent publications — about Ethereum Core Devs Meetings, Conferences (20–100 likes per publication).

Twitter (Ethereum) — official announcement channel — duplicates news from Facebook page (250–500 likes per publication, 30–50 comments). Average number of shares is 100–200 for one post.

Twitter (Ethereum Network) — news from companies (10–20 likes per publication, 1–5 comments, 1–10 shares).

Twitter (Ethereum Report) — retweets from official announcement channel and team members’ pages.

Reddit — news about projects and blockchain, links to interviews, podcasts, upcoming events. The longest thread has 161 comments (Welcome to r/ethereum — the Reddit frontpage of the Web 3.0).

There is a slight growth in Ethereum community over time. The graph above shows the dynamics of changes in the number of Ethereum Reddit subscribers, Twitter followers and Facebook likes. The information is taken from

Gitter (source):

  • Jacek reports his answer from Dan Boneh about BLS key sizes (BLS curves have fields are large, but curve order remains 255 bits).
  • Ben Edgington accidentally found a bug in the Casper slashing implementation.
  • Some concerns about whether validators could stop on-boarding new validators at some point.

YouTube (Ethereum) — last video — 27th July 2017 (5000–20 000 views per video).

YouTube (Ethereum Foundation) — videos from conferences, meetups, Ethereum Core Devs Meetings. 2–3 videos / month.

Ethereum Community Forum — Recent Discussions: Forum has been hacked, Security alert, Forums Database Compromised, Help Stop Forum Spam, Developing Guidelines for acceptable Promotion and Marketing on the Ethereum Forum.

See also Week in Ethereum by Evan Van Ness.

See also Fellowship of Ethereum Magicians forum.

This is not financial advice.

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