IOST: The first DeFi project on IOST mainnet, DappRadar’s support and OceanEx listing

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IOST community members can now experience the optimized staking service provided by Liebi Pool through multiple major channels, including TokenPocket, DappReview, DappBirds and DappTotal.

Liebi Pool is a new generation of Proof-of-Stake (PoS) mining pool developed by Liebi team, an IOST node. It is also the first Decentralized Finance (DeFi) project on IOST mainnet. Liebi Pool uses VOST, a token released by Liebi team, and has the characteristics of decentralization, no lock-up requirements and automatic dividends.

If you hold VOST in Liebi Pool, you can immediately start staking and enjoy the special mining benefits such as automatic dividends, automatic compound interest, and free transfers.

IOST is the first token supported by Liebi Pool and Liebi Pool is the first DeFi project deployed on IOST public chain.

Liebi Pool Website:

Games ecosystem

LiarGame is a game where the minority wins the majority. There are two teams in the game, Blue and Red. Unlike Fomo3D, the two teams battle each other and final victory doesn’t belong to one person, but to the team with less tickets accumulated in the prize pool.

This week, LiarGame will be launched on IOST mainnet as well as many major DApp platforms, including OnBlock, DappRadar, DappReview and TokenPocket. In addition, playing LiarGame on OnBlock and DappRadar wins you extra rewards.

IOST announced the partnership with BlockGame, bringing two blockchain mobile games, IOST Legend and Expedition II to its community members. IOST Legend will launch in late May and Expedition II will launch in early June.

As an improvement on the Classic Legend v1.76 developed by BlockGame, IOST Legend not only preserved the classic gameplay but also integrated token incentive system, where players can gain token rewards by killing the Boss, attacking cities and mining.

Expedition II is a 3D MMORPG double-interface mobile game based on POW with the theme of fantasy. Players gain computing power rewards by multiple activities, such as using monsters to attack cities, challenging the Boss, battling in groups, and gain Token rewards by increasing online time, character combat effectiveness, etc.

LiarGame is now live on IOST mainnet, as well as our major DApp partners, including OnBlock, DappRadar, DappReview and TokenPocket. To celebrate this launch, LiarGame is running a prize event in collaboration with DappRadar.

LiarGame Website:

LiarGame Rules:

To celebrate its launch on IOST mainnet, LiarGame is hosting a prize draw event in collaboration with DappRadar. Playing the game wins you an opportunity to win from the 300,000 IOST prize pool.

Event Rules

  • Duration: 8am May 17 to 8am May 24, Beijing Time
  • LiarGame team will randomly choose 30 lucky players to split 300,000 IOST.
  • Rewards will be paid out within three days after the event ends.
  • The event results will be published in LiarGame telegram group.

Risk Warning: All Dapps based on IOST mainnet are developed by third-party teams. Please explore Dapps according to your own risk-taking capacity and contact Dapp development teams for any questions.

The IOST Foundation announced its partnership with XPET World. XPET World is scheduled to launch on IOST mainnet in June, bringing IOST community users a crypto game with fun and diverse game play.

XPET World is an encrypted pet strategy battling game using the underlying technology of blockchain. The game consists of 1 million adorable pets, each of which is unique in shape and gene, living in 201 territories across 6 continents. In XPET World, players can upgrade the pet level by completing tasks in the dungeons, and improve the pet’s overall combat effectiveness with different equipment and weapons. Players plays the role of a Lord in the game and can strengthen their territories’ defenses by upgrading buildings and expanding the army. Players can buy and sell pets, equipment and territories freely in an open market.

Social encounters

The interview covers what is behind IOST’s sudden success and what the future of dApp-based gaming will look like.

Main highlights:

Why do you choose to cooperate with OceanEx? In which aspect of partnership do you want to explore in the future?

Terry Wang: we are very please to work with OceanEx. Super pumped and today I find the community is super active, haha, so OceanEx has a large presence around the globe, and we wanna leverage that.

It’s also lead by a proven strong founding team who are techies. We like AI powered asset trading platform and of course we wanna be like the 2nd Vechain on OceanEx

Terry, DAPP is considered the nucleus in the blockchain 3.0 era. Will this become the key aspect that IOST focuses on in the future? Or is there any other aspects that IOST plans to focus on in the future?

Terry Wang: DAPP is a major focus for IOST.

So far IOST has lots of DApps already listed on DappReview and other sites like DAppTotal, DAppCC, DAppBirds. Developers on IOST are very active, we have over 50 of them under development now. As for how they have performed, some of our gaming related Dapps have become top 5 Dapps among the whole network (including ETH/EOS/TRX), and ofc we have other dapps/applications like enterprise solutions, we even make gift cards for artist and recently we have listed on

We see mass adoption is the key. We have incubated a project called Berm in NYC. They built 2 products already to help us with adoption. The first one called Berminal (it’s a hybrid crypto news app, the source of the news is decentralized & the front end is centralized for now) and has acquired millions of users. The 2nd product is called Bermi, which is a short video/news distribution app in South America, which acquired 2M+ signups with 150k+ DAUs in just 2 months. Both apps are rapidly growing and will issue their tokens on IOST (yes there will be an airdrop) & support IOST wallet natively.

This year we are confident to bring in over 20M users to the IOST ecosystem from sources like this. And of course we are constantly working with other small/big internet companies to explore opportunities .there are also many Enterprise/gov solutions we built like the the one we have been working with a leading drone company to help the Chinese NASA record data.

What are your next countries target?

Terry Wang: Mainly in EU, so we are looking at Russia, UK, Germany, etc.

Starry: We have a strong EU community, looking forward to expand and visit together.

Will IOST DEX be based on pairs with IOST or will they cover all kinds of pairs?

Terry Wang: There is already one DEX on IOST, and there will be another DEX coming out in two weeks. There be IOST pairs and USDT, USDC, TUSD pair and also in the future maybe other stable coins pairs and other native token pairs.

I heard IOST have a partnership with codecademy, what contents will be on codecademy then? Writing smart contracts on IOST platform?

Terry Wang: We are working with several online institutions on making blockchain education materials. and we just got a good news, we are included in the Singapore Government Textbook for Blockhain education! We will be announcing the relevant news very soon, so stay tuned.

How many developers are on the team and how is the team organized and spread out geographically?

Terry Wang: We have around around 50 developers now, and the whole team have 110 people our main office is in Beijing other branches are Korea, Japan, Singapore, the US, and Germany we are looking forward to expand in Europe.

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Token holders and the number of transactions dynamics (information from )

As of 13 May 2019, the number of contracts deployed on IOST has reached 100. Since the launch of the first IOST DApp, contracts deployed on IOST have been experiencing strong growth rates, indicating an increasing number of developers building DApps on IOST. IOST is expecting to see more entertaining on-board DApps and a prosperous DApp ecosystem in the near future.

IOST is going to be listed on OceanEx. Now you will have the opportunity to share a prize pool of 300K IOST

1. IOST Promoter Prize — Invite Your Friends to OceanEx TG Group to Win up to 100K IOST

Period: 21:00, May 21st — 21:00, May 30th, 2019 (UTC+8)

Invite your IOST friends to join our official OceanEx TG group ( to take a share of 100K IOST

Reward Calculation:

Your reward = the number of people you invite / total number of invitees * 100K IOST

* The number of people you invite needs to be no less than 100 to be eligible for the prize.

Complete the following steps to get the rewards:

  • Invite your friends to join OceanEx TG group.
  • Make sure you follow OceanEx official Twitter @OceanexOfficial.
  • Please send 1)Your Twitter account ID 2) Your OceanEx Email account to our TG bot ( @oceanex_community_bot), send /IOST and select the “Promoter Prize “ category to submit all your materials.

Special Bonus: In order to help our community to know more about IOST, we have invited Terry Wang the CTO of IOST to host an AMA at OceanEx TG group! The number of friends invited before 20:00 on May 23rd will be counted double.


  • In total 100K IOST are available for this reward. All rewards will be distributed on a first-come-first-served basis.

2. IOST Ambassador Prize — Share the Event Poster to Take a Share of 200K IOST

Period: 21:00, May 21st — 21:00, May 30th, 2019 (UTC+8)

Become an IOST Ambassador and share the following event poster, you’ll be rewarded with an IOST Ambassador Prize.

For all participants, to get this reward, you need to complete the following tasks during the event period:

  • Share the following Event poster on Twitter with the hashtag “#OceanEx listing #IOSTtoken” and OceanEx TG group link: These postings need to be up for the entire activity period to generate at least 5 likes.
  • Share the Event poster in any telegram group with no less than 500 members other than OceanExOfficial.
  • Send 1) the poster promotion Twitter link 2) the screenshot of your Telegram post including the group name and number of people 3) your OceanEx Email account to our TG bot ( @oceanex_community_bot), send/IOST and select the “Ambassador Prize” category to submit all your materials.


  • In total 200K IOST are available for this reward. All rewards will be distributed on a first-come-first-served basis.

Important Notice:

  1. All prizes will be distributed into winners’ accounts within 15 workdays after the event ends.
  2. OceanEx will check for duplicate or fake accounts and will not pay out any rewards on these accounts.
  3. OceanEx reserves the rights of final explanation.

CoinGecko & IOST will be teaming up to host a giveaway of 28,000 IOST. In addition, IOST will also be giving away free accounts & airdropping up to 200K IOST tokens for people to try out IOST Dapps.

For the next 15 days from 21/5/2019 (12:00 GMT+8) tilll 5/6/2019 (12:00 GMT+8), 16 lucky winners who participated in this Giveaway will be walking home with a total of 28,000 IOST.

Complete the following steps to stand a chance to win in this Giveaway. The more steps you complete, the greater your chance to win!

1st place: 7,000 IOST

2nd place: 5,000 IOST

3rd place: 3,000 IOST

4th — 16th Place: 1000 IOST each

A person cannot be drawn more than once. By providing your email address, you agree to be subscribed to CoinGecko & IOST’s newsletters. Winners will be contacted via email and will be sent IOST via the IOST address provided. Failure to provide an address will result in forfeiture of the prize.

Now, IOSTLAND is launching its long-awaited land auction event.

Event Time: 17:00 25th May — 17:00 30th May (UTC +8)

IOST is the designated currency for IOSTLAND. The IOSTLAND’s initial mining pool contains 2,000,000 IOST and Zone One consists of 900 pieces of land. You can get huge rewards by owning lands.

Deposit IOST to Win “Alchemy Factory”

To celebrate the the launch of IOSTLAND, NeoWorld is constructing the first batch of Alchemy Factory in IOSTLAND. Users who own Alchemy Factory will obtain extra rewards.

Note: IOST Alchemy Factory should be established on lands. Users without lands cannot utilize Alchemy Factory.

Alchemy Factory is a new construction type in IOSTLAND and is not available for purchase at the moment. It can only be obtained through special events.

How Do I Get Alchemy Factory?

Users can win limited edition of factories in the IOSTLAND event below. Learn more here.


Source: @IOStoken

Partnerships and team members

Continuing its mission as the most trusted source of dapp data, DappRadar has added support for the IOST blockchain (IOS Foundation).

Based on an ultra-fast, highly decentralized Proof of Believability consensus, the IOST mainnet went live on 25 February 2019.

DappRadar will now provide full data tracking for IOST dapps alongside the more than 2,200 Ethereum, EOS and TRON dapps it currently ranks.


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Social media activity

Social media dynamics:

The charts above show the increase in the number of Twitter followers and Reddit Subscribers.

The graph above shows the dynamics of changes in the number of IOST Facebook likes, Reddit subscribers and Twitter followers. The information is taken from

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