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Æternity: Æchat, A New Maintenance Lima Release V.5.5.2, Payment Channel Tutorial, Starfleet India Demo Day Coming, AMPnet Teamed Up With Arkane

Biweekly update 21st April — 5th May

Hello to all æternity fans and crypto enthusiasts! We are here to share all the recent news and events that happened in æternity over the past two weeks. The team keeps moving forward, reaching the planned milestones; they are currently working on something special, so follow the official media channels not to miss anything! The projects’ progress can be easily seen on GitHub. Not only the core team contributes to the development side of æternity, but also a significant number of æmbassadors, grantees and operational entities put a lot of effort towards making the æcosystem stronger. For instance, a newborn Æchat was created after the successful ten-weeks workshop series at Ekiti State, Nigeria. Moreover, Vikram Anand Bhushan shared the first developer-built State Channel tutorial in two parts. This will help to speed up the adoption of off-chain smart-contracts among developers. ænalitics explorer, created by kryptokrauts, was updated; thus, it is now possible to search for contracts and to see the detailed view with all contract call transactions of a specific contract. Soon you will be able to see the decoded call data and call results. By the way, now we are using ænalitics for tracking æternity network activity — find the graph inside the report!

As usual, the community was active in social networks, chats, and æternity forum — people keep supporting and educating each other, assisting in particular difficulties faced, and sharing various ideas. Another place for the community to stay in touch is SuperHeroLeague Conference, which is arranged in an online format every week. To recall, Superhero League is a virtual gathering aimed at exploring how the Covid-19 pandemic is transforming the world we live in. Each edition is dedicated to a different topic and welcomes experts in their respective fields. For example, one of the latest episodes looked into the imminent disruption in our governance, legal systems, and automation. Another touched upon privacy vs. transparency amid the Covid-19 outbreak. In case you’ve missed it, you can find the links to the video recordings below.

Furthermore, the HackCovid19UY, organized by The Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship ( CIE ) of the ORT Uruguay University, together with the da Vinci Foundation incubator daVinciLabs, is aimed to find the solutions to the problems caused by the coronavirus. Apart from æternity, HackCovid19UY is supported by the National Development Agency (ANDE), IBM, El País, and others. Last but not least, Virtual Conference & Demo Day of Seven Blockchain Startups Pitching LIVE for investment will take place on the 8th of May. Æ Ventures, in cooperation with IBC Media, invites interested ones to the culmination of the æternity Starfleet Acceleration Program. In addition to the startup pitch decks, attendees will have the opportunity to watch keynote speeches, panel discussions, interact with the speakers, and ask them questions. More news and events to be found in the update.

That’s all for today! Stay sæfe, and see you in two weeks!


Aeternity GitHub metrics
Developer activity (from Aeternity

Social encounters

  • Superhero League — Accelerating the Transformation of our Society — Entrepreneurs Stage. Superhero League is a weekly virtual gathering aimed at exploring how the Covid-19 pandemic is transforming the world we live in. Each edition is dedicated to a different topic and welcomes experts in their respective fields. This episode, held on April 24th, 2020, looked into the imminent disruption in our governance, legal systems, and automation. Watch Ismael Arribas (Government Blockchain Association — Spanish Chapter president) and Justin Graside (Digital Party, Uruguay) panel discussion on How to transform governments: Liquid democracy, voting, governance, DAOs, LAOs and a lot more!
  • SuperheroLeague: Accelerating the Transformation of our Society | Developer Track — get acquainted with æternity Ekiti Study Jæm æpps: Showcasing AEtweet and HMS (Hospital Management System) by Emmanuel Joseph, æternity ambassador from Ekiti, Nigeria; closing the gap between public and permissioned blockchain by Arjan van Eersel, Lead æmbassador from Bulgaria and a lot more!
  • Superhero League: Privacy vs Transparency amid Covid-19 Outbreak | Developer Track — watch Building games vending æpp from scratch: Live Coding by Emmanuel Umeh, Blockchain developer, Franchesca.aes — Sophia smart contract for domestic payment services by Fabián Hernandez, Bogotá æmbassador & free software advocate, and Ask Me Anything session with Philipp Piwowarsky and Ulf Wiger.
  • Superhero League: Privacy vs Transparency amid Covid-19 Outbreak | Entrepreneur Track — This was the first time when the Superhero League host Luka Sucic was joined by Mery Sanguinetti. They introduce the conferencing solution Superhero League uses — Jitsi, and give instructions on how to “go on stage” and take part in the discussion. Besides, Alessandro De Carli presented WeTrace — Tracking infection safely and privately using Blockchain during this session. Don’t miss it out!
  • SuperheroLeague — Fighting Fake News — Correcting the false narratives. Fighting intentional fake news. Daily we awake to a rapidly changing world. The “common truths” tying together society are constantly challenged in new ways. Morally, ethically, fundamentally — for better or worse — we are amid a rapid acceleration stage of a socio-cultural transformation. The news headlines defining this time are in a fight for position to be seen, catering to what can be clicked over others. Investigation and research that complex issues need are sidestepped for stories to be inked by morning and drive appetite for what is to come the day after. Reportedly nonbiased pieces are blurred with interests that give perspectives as facts. Truths are checked and scored on any of a various lie-o-meters… But as former American President Bill Clinton once famously said, “It depends upon what the meaning of the word ‘is’ is.” Now disinformation campaigns specifically are used to achieve very specific goals from consumerism to voting to solicit emotional responses towards a religion, ethnicity, agenda. What are our roles and responsibilities in the age of fake news? Get to know by watching Luka Sučić, Philipp Piwowarsky, Milen Radkov, and other industry experts discussing fake news at SuperHeroLeague Conference!
  • The HackCovid19UY presents the solutions to the problems caused by the coronavirus. The Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship ( CIE ) of the ORT Uruguay University, together with the da Vinci Foundation incubator daVinciLabs, carried out #HackCovid19UY, a call to find solutions to the multiple problems that Covid-19 causes in the community. The call, that started in March, brought together over 100 people at its launch via video call. More than 250 applications were received with problems to solve, in the areas of access and management of public information, ethics, and coexistence, logistics, hardware, biotechnology, alert systems. 16 teams have worked for more than a month, intensively and online, in search of a solution, based on 23 problems that resulted from combining the initial applications.

Upcoming events

All the amazing aeternity events are scheduled in this calendar. Check it out not to miss anything!

  1. 7th May 2020 — #HackCovid19UY
  2. 8th May 2020, 14:00 CEST — Starfleet India Demo Day — Virtual Conference & Demo Day of Seven Blockchain Startups Pitching LIVE for an investment.
  3. 27th May 2020 — Sofia Crypto Meetup, a monthly blockchain event at Puzl CowOrKing, Sofia, sponsored by æternity. Watch video recordings from the events in YouTube.
  4. 20th August 2020Token Summit Liechtenstein


  • æternity Development Roadmap Update. UPDATE: æternity’s Lima hardfork was successfully executed on October 30th, 2019 at block height 161150. The æternity’s Mainnet is now running Lima Release 5.0.1.

Partnerships and team members

Source: Aeternity website
  • Customer Spotlight: AMPnet — a partnership with Arkane Network. AMPnet a Croatia-based company, active in the energy market, is offering a white-label, all-in-one platform for running energy cooperatives and energy communities by utilizing the aeternity blockchain. AMPnet consists of an investment platform for running renewable energy crowdfunding campaigns, a retail energy platform to issue bills, track consumption and manage subscribers of an electric utility, and an electricity exchange to sell excess electricity on regulated electricity exchanges and leverage licensed brokers to manage the trade.
  • Startup Stories at Starfleet India — Hypermine builds decentralized identity management solution. Watch Irfan Khan telling you more about Hypermine’s journey. Join the online Demo Day Conference to watch the Hypermine pitch for funding (see the link to the event in the “Upcoming Events” section).
  • æternity Establishment is looking for an experienced JavaScript developer. You need to be skilled in React and interested in an open-source video conferencing tool. Find more details here.
  • Vereign AG successfully closes its seed extension round of CHF 2.5 million, establishing a Swiss network for verified and self-sovereign identity. The financing round was led by a renowned Swiss entrepreneur via his Zurich based Family Office and AquilaDirekt AG. It was accompanied by some of the most competent Blockchain and technology groups alongside a number of seasoned Swiss business angels. Æternity is one of the most modern and promising Blockchain designs, aiming for exceptional high transaction capacity in combination with very low cost to enable even micropayments. It was founded by Yanislav ‘Godfather of Ethereum’ Malahov:

“We have incorporated the lessons learned from earlier designs like Bitcoin and Ethereum into the design of æternity so we can handle billions of transactions efficiently. Starting with email, Vereign will secure hundreds of billions of interactions in the coming years. That is why we not only joined a technical partnership, but we also decided to invest directly into Vereign.”


Source: AEKnow
Source: AEKnow
Source: ænalytics


Social media metrics

Social media activity
Social media dynamics
Social media dynamics

The graph above shows the dynamics of changes in the number of Aeternity Facebook likes, Reddit subscribers and Twitter followers. The information is taken from

Here you can find all kinds of resources to get acquainted with aeternity! The Getting Started page is being constantly updated to help you get quickly acquainted with aeternity: It’s a rich collection of all kinds of articles, video reviews and guides, and interviews that will introduce you to the AE universe.

Also, you can access a List and overview of everything that uses æternity.

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