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Æternity: World’s First Blockchain-Tracing Platform For Medical Cannabis Is On Æternity, The Launch Of Crypto Tipping Platform for Social Creators, SuperHero Live Æid

Biweekly update 19th May — 2nd June


Aeternity GitHub metrics
Developer activity (from Aeternity
  • New Tipping project for social creators

Do you want to support a public effort? With Superhero, you can send your tips in the form of tokens to the public URL directly without any trust issues and mediators! All you need to do is log on to

The extension is supported by the crypto-friendly internet browsers Brave and Opera, in addition to Firefox and Chrome. The decentralized app — or DApp — is also available on mobile for iOS and Android.

Users can purchase vouchers loaded with 5, 10, or 15 euros worth of AE via Paypal or BitPay after passing Know Your Customer procedures. Users can also use atomic swaps to purchase vouchers with Bitcoin, Ether, Dai, Wrapped Bitcoin, or USD Coin with reduced KYC requirements. The DApp comprises a free browser wallet extension and widget to facilitate tips between content consumers and creators.

Also, read in an article by Coindesk: Aeternity Blockchain Launches P2P Content Tipping Project ‘Superhero’.

A great coverage was also provided by Cointelegraph is a post “Aeternity Launches Crypto Tipping Platform for Social Creators”.

Social encounters

Team members behind the new platform tracing medical cannabis from the sprout to packaging give a live demo and talk about digital potentials for agriculture. Uruguay Can — built on æternity blockchain — allows for a higher level of cannabis growth with more control over cannabinoid concentration. This revolutionary tool is scalable to other crops and is Open Source.

Special Guests of a Panel Discussion: Tracing Medical Cannabis on the Blockchain

  1. Pedro Lago de Carvalho — Shareholder of Uruguay Can
  2. Juan Arrillaga — Co-founder and Project Leader at Inmind
  3. Gonzalo Sobral — Enterprise Lead Æmbassador, æternity
  • Taking a step towards building a future valuing creatives and content makers, is excited to launch a virtual festival: Live Aeid. Live Aeid was a broadcast on May 30 from 4:00pm to 8:00pm GMT/ 5:00pm to 9:00pm CEST via a live broadcast online. Viewers were asked to pay a minimal entry fee to the festival at the door and will be able to give tips directly to artists or charities once inside. This will allow for equal distribution among all the artists involved in the festival, fairly reinforcing that content created and viewed online is the creator’s livelihood.
  • Watch an amazing video by Josh T-H of AENews: Aeternity Superhero Social Network, Tipping Wallet, & League Livestreams, where he guides us through the tipping process of the recently launched platform on Superhero.

Upcoming events

All the amazing aeternity events are scheduled in this calendar. Check it out not to miss anything!

  1. Weekly SuperHeroLeague Conferences!
  2. 20th August 2020Token Summit Liechtenstein


  • æternity Development Roadmap Update. UPDATE: æternity’s Lima hardfork was successfully executed on October 30th, 2019 at block height 161150. The æternity’s Mainnet is now running Lima Release 5.0.1.

Partnerships and team members

Source: Aeternity website

Created by blockchain development group Inmind, the platform enables complete traceability of medical cannabis from cultivation to harvest, down to packaging and distribution. This effort aims to raise security standards for international quality produce. Future developments plan to tap on the advanced features of æternity technology such as Oracles and State Channels.

The cannabis tracing platform will be deployed starting June and July — right on time for the planting phase for cannabis in the region. The platform is open source and can be reprogrammed to be applicable to any other crop. Developers just need to adjust parameters to fit the specific produce.

  • Starfleeter’s project — Hypersign

Built on next-generation public key Infrastructure, Hypersign (launched by one of the recent Starfleeters) enables users to access decentralized environments with their existing login credentials. Hypersign is a simple-to-use authentication solution that is transparent and stores user data in a manner that is only accessible to the owner. It is extremely important for companies to offer a smooth experience to their users so that the there is a level of comfort and usability. Hypersign helps companies to improve their user experience which drastically aids them to increase users. Based on Public Key Cryptography, Hypersign enables companies to rapidly deploy password-less authentication and provide friction-less UX to their users. The solution can be checked by anyone at any time making it suitable for dAPPS.

Cryptic Legends — hero management, card collectible game based on Aeternity blockchain — had an update yesterday. UI redesign, skill, and party configuration are some of the changes in the new version of the game. Download and learn more!


Source: AEKnow
Source: AEKnow
Source: ænalytics


Social media metrics

Social media activity
Social media dynamics
Social media dynamics

The graph above shows the dynamics of changes in the number of Aeternity Facebook likes, Reddit subscribers and Twitter followers. The information is taken from

Here you can find all kinds of resources to get acquainted with aeternity! The Getting Started page is being constantly updated to help you get quickly acquainted with aeternity: It’s a rich collection of all kinds of articles, video reviews and guides, and interviews that will introduce you to the AE universe.

Also, you can access a list and overview of everything that uses æternity.

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