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🎙️ METACAST: Top Crypto Podcasts of March 2021

Here is a quick overview of what we’ve been listening to this month!





57 — Ultra Sound Money | Justin Drake: Justin Drake is a researcher at the Ethereum Foundation and is leading the charge of applied cryptography to the Ethereum network. Last time he was on the podcast, we discussed cryptography as the foundation for what we called ‘Moon Math.’ Last week, Justin returned to the show to discuss Ethereum’s economic engine and how its design decisions (EIP-1559, Proof-Of-Stake, Issuance, etc.) emerges as an incredibly bullish evolution of sound money: Ultra Sound Money.

58 — EIP-1559 | Hasu: Hasu is a pioneer and thought leader in the world of cryptoeconomic research. He is a rare voice in crypto, unafraid to speak his mind and break ranks with both Ethereans and Bitcoiners. His takes were often varied and elusive… until the EIP-1559 proposal. Dive in to learn what changed his mind.

56 — Authenticity in Crypto | 1confirmation: Nick Tomaino and Richard Chen are partners at 1confirmation, a crypto venture fund with $75M+ in assets under management (AUM).

55 — Welcome To Bankless | 2021 Edition

54 — Why DeFi is the Future | Mark Cuban: Mark Cuban needs no introduction, but the entrepreneur and Shark Tank host has an impressive depth of knowledge of the crypto space, and he has a particular ability to break complicated subjects into simple, digestible ideas.

SotN #39: Is Wall Street Going Bankless? | David Grider of Fundstrat: David Grider is a Digital Asset strategy researcher at Fundstrat, the independent research boutique firm. They advise high net-worth individuals, wealth advisors, and a number of actors throughout traditional finance.

SotN #38: The State of NFTs, with Andrew Steinwold (Past, Current, and Future): Andrew Steinwold is a respected voice in the NFT space and is managing partner of Sfermion, an NFT-native investment firm.

SotN #37: Justin 3LAU — The Frontier of NFTs ($12M drop SOLD, A Token Renaissance in Digital Art?): Justin Blau, known by his stage name 3LAU, is a DJ turned crypto-entrepreneur. At the end of February, he auctioned collectible NFTs for his ‘Ultraviolet’ album for a record-setting $11.7M.

SotN #36: DeFi Crypto Index For Financial Advisors | Bitwise CIO Matt Hougan: Matt Hougan, CIO of Bitwise, joins Bankless for this week’s State of the Nation. Founded in 2017, Bitwise Asset Management pioneered the first cryptocurrency index fund and provides rules-based exposure to the cryptoasset space. Learn about Bitwise’s newest product, their DeFi Crypto Index Fund.

AMA with Devin Finzer, Co-Founder & CEO of OpenSea: Devin Finzer is Co-Founder & CEO of OpenSea, the largest decentralized NFT marketplace for buying and selling digital goods.

AMA with Chris Spadafora, Founder of BadgerDAO

ROLLUP: 4th Week of March (Uniswap V3, Fidelity ETF, BTC Energy Waste, Jack Dorsey NFT)

ROLLUP: 3rd Week of March (Elon Musk NFT Song, Stimulus Checks, Canada ETF, Gemini & Aave)

ROLLUP: 2nd Week of March (Beeple NFTs, EIP1559, Stimulus Checks, GBTC)

ROLLUP: 1st Week of March (3LAU & Grimes NFTs, PayPal Crypto, Citigroup Report)

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Alpha Leak: Alchemix is Creating a New DeFi Primitive: Last week, a group of pseudonymous developers raised $8M from leading investors in crypto to build a completely new way to borrow and lend in DeFi. Developer Scoopy joins the show in discussing what Alchemix is, how it adds a new design space to DeFi, and why he thinks Alchemix will become a major pillar in DeFi.

Alpha Leak: How Bancor Solves Impermanent Loss , Nate Hindman & Mark Richardson — Ep. 137: In the past 3 months, decentralized exchange Bancor has almost 6x its market share against market leader, Uniswap. Nate and Mark from the Bancor team join the hosts to discuss: what’s behind Bancor’s explosive growth, Bancor vs. Uniswap vs. Sushiswap, and more.

How Pros Invest In NFTs — Richard Chen, Partner at 1confirmation, Ep. 136: Richard Chen, partner at one of the first crypto venture funds, 1confirmation, joins the show in breaking down all things NFTs. They discuss: are memes viable investment theses? do NFTs rely too much on centralized marketplaces? how Richard identifies NFTs that will grow in value, and more.

Why Acala is Building DeFi on Polkadot — Ruitao Su, Bette Chen, Ep. 135: Acala, the anticipated project building on Polkadot, is building a hub for DeFi. Founders Bette Chen and Ruitao Su joins Blockcrunch in breaking down: building DeFu on Ethereum vs. Polkadot, why Acala chose Polkadot over other chains, and more.

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