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GitHub metrics
Developer activity (from
Reddit — Aion Mining

July 16 : Medium — “Aion’s hash power and the substantial mining profitability on the Aion network” by Naka Quoc Khanh Le, an MBA intern at Aion: study of different POW networks to analyze network power and profitability of mining on a network, and to compare the results with Aion. Aion is at the moment one of the most profitable networks to mine.

July 17 : Aion forumEWBF Aion Miner Released: miner that supports Windows and Linus Operating system.

July 18 : Reddit Aion Mainnet Just Hit 700,000 Blocks & Counting.

July 21 : Aion forum — Mining — Fees applied by known public pools.

July 26 : Reddit763k blocks and counting.

July 30 : RedditAion Mainnet Just Hit 800,000 Blocks & Counting.

Social encounters

July 18 : Podcast — “019: Planes, Supply Chains, + Blockchains W/ Colonel James Allen Regenor”:

“Matt Spoke and his partner Kesem Frank at Nuco (Aion) they’re tearing it up. I’m telling you, that is going to be the next Amazon. They’re the next Mark Zuckerbergs. Those guys are wizards.” (Jim Regenor, retired United States Air Force Colonel and Chief Innovation Officer at Fr8 Network).

Voting for Native Aion support for Ledger on

In press — “Beginner’s Guide: What is AION? World First Third Generation Blockchain Network” on

Conclusion: Blockchain and decentralization are going to be our zeitgeists. Thus, mastering interoperability is crucial, and adoption of AION seems to be an incredible idea. With the continuous growth in cryptosphere, the fastest expanding concept of side-chains and growing demand for interaction between blockchains, AION seems to be an obvious success in future.

Crypto Cup: Skrumble Network vs. Aion Charity Soccer Game (Toronto): Score 4 : 1 Aion.

July 19 : Aion Network co-Founder Kesem Fankr on 24/7 News, Analysis & Blockchain Talk Radio Channel Blockchain Radio.

July 20 : Video — “Aion. Live. Blockchain. Leadership. Interview” by Seth Estrada: a YouTube channel focused towards miners, Matt Spoke talks about the focus of the team (scaling challenges and solutions, VM solutions, database solutions, consensus algorithm design; and interoperability as the second focus), the roadmap, interoperability research and development.

July 21 : Medium — “Aion Foundation Launches”:

The Aion network announces the formal transition of its operations from Nuco Global, the original corporate entity that gave rise to Aion, to the Aion Foundation — a non-profit foundation — the focus of which will be to advance research, development, and community building activities related to the Aion protocol.

This week, the shareholders of Nuco Global’s parent approved a corporate restructuring that results in the transfer of all IP and assets of Nuco Global to the Aion Foundation.

Later this year, Aion will be publishing a description of the Foundation’s governance, operating structure and procedures.

July 25 : In press — Aion Network mentioned in article “Cryptocurrency is just one of seven types of cryptoassets you should know” by Alex Tapscott in Quartz:

Platform tokens like ether of the Ethereum blockchain, the $40 billion mega-unicorn and Canada’s most successful start-up ever, are designed to support decentralized applications that eliminate intermediaries in virtually every facet of the economy. Ethereum has also emerged as the leading platform for initial coin offerings (so-called ICOs), where a project can tap into global pools of capital. To date, over $7 billion has been raised through ICOs, 70% of them using Ethereum’s standard, ERC-20. Ethereum and its challengers, Cosmos, Aion, and ICON, will form the backbone of the next era of the internet.

Upcoming Events:

August 14–15, Toronto, Blockchain Futurist Conference (Matt Spoke speaking).

August 23, Toronto, BOOST Blockchain Job Fair.


Token holders and the number of transactions dynamics (from
Reddit — Aion Trader

July 20 : Aion (AION) — Listing on XBrick.

July 25 : Telegram — Aion Jay (admin):“Team is currently working on unrolling the plan/process. There will be multiple methods for the migration, including ones supported by exchanges… More exchanges will be listed”.


Right in target.

Phase 1: Kilimanjaro 2018

  • Virtual Machine — FastVM with EVM Source Compatibility
  • Aion Interchain — Token Bridge and Interchain Communication
  • Aion Proof of Work — Equihash 210_9
  • Aion Core — Multi-Chain Framework, Wire Protocol (P2P), Tx Pool, Event Manager
  • Aion APIs — Java API, Web3 API Compatibility

Partnerships and team members

June 8 : Telegram — Aion Jay (admin):

Note from AION Biz Dev Team about partnerships:
Matt announced that we have 15 clients on Aion and they fall into three buckets:
- Clients on Public Aion
- Clients on Private instances of Aion (nee Nuco) that we can name
- Clients on Aion (private or public) that we cannot name for confidentiality reasons.
Examples of each are:
- Velocia is launching a mobility platform and token on the Aion platform; the rest of the public Aion clients are in stealth mode at this time.
- Vodafone, TMX, Moog and AFX Logistics are some of the examples on Private Aion instances
- There are stealth mode start-ups, Fintech and Governments that don’t want to be named across public and private instances.

July 16 : MediumThe Bicameral Fund: Unlocking the Holistic Value of the Aion Platform:

Bicameral Ventures is an n independent, full service, future complete venture fund focused on finding, investing in and developing exceptional projects built on the blockchain. Bicameral’s vision is a portfolio of leading decentralized projects, created by exceptional teams, solving real-world problems with real-world business models all powered by the Aion Network and contributing to the Aion Ecosystem.

July 17 : TwitterAION onchain metrics added to OnChainFX.

July 21 : Job Board — Aion is looking for Executive Assistant.

July 23 : Medium — “Ian Chan, Formerly of Deloitte, Joins Aion to Lead Operations”: Ian Chan, formerly a partner at Deloitte, has joined the Foundation as a senior executive.

In press

Aion Announces Ian Chan as Senior ExecutiveIan Chan, Formerly of Deloitte, Joins Aion to Lead Operations, Scale Ecosystem, Build Brand” on

Aion Foundation Nabs Former Deloitte Partner Ian Chan as Senior Exec” on

July 25 : Medium — “Aion Network partners with Amberdata to provide real time analytics and monitoring tools”: Amberdata — a data provider offering operational intelligence for blockchain infrastructure, on-chain decentralized applications, token utilization and transactions. Amberdata will provide analytics & support for both the Aion Kilimanjaro (Mainnet) and Aion Conquest (Testnet) blockchains, offering a full suite of tools for monitoring, searching and analyzing Aion network’s multi-tier blockchain system.

Aion Kilimanjaro analytics & metrics for infrastructure, transactions on

Telegram — Aion Jay (admin):“Kesem (Kesem Frank, Aion Network Co-founder) met with Vodafone at the end of March. The discussions with the Vodafone team are on going. We released the POC video durring Consensus. Sadly, it has been taken down. As the project progresses we should have more info to share”.


Partnership with ORBS.

July 18 : TwitterAion Surpassed Zcash, Dash, Lisk, Monero, Cardano & Several Other Top 20 CryptoCurrencies.

July 20 : Medium — “Aion: Practical Decentralization” by Luxor Tech: review.

July 21 : Reddit — discussion on “Differences in use cases and target markets between the main interoperability projects”: Aion, Cosmos, Icon, Polkadot and Wanchain.

July 24 : Twitter @Unicorn_Watch$AION Fundamentals Brewing The Perfect Storm:

  • GitHub very active
  • Hashrate going up
  • Daily transactions in top 12
  • ex-Deloitte Exec just joined as Head of Marketing
  • Enterprise onboarding soon to be announced
  • Token Swap coming soon
  • Rumored ICOs around corner
  • TRS ending soon

July 25 : Telegram — Aion Jay (admin):“Token Swap details will be announced in the next few weeks… token swap will start in Q4”.

July 26 : RedditDifferentiation between Aion and Cardano.

Video : How & Why You Should Mine Aion Network | Wallets | Miners | Pools | Exchanges” by VoskCoin:

  • how to get an Aion mainnet address using Bilaxy the only cryptocurrency exchange for mainnet Aion coins currently. The author also shows the recommended way to store AION using linux wallet setup on windows or OS X computer.
  • how to setup EWBF to mine AION on windows computer/mining rig as well as setting up EWBF to mine AION with Simple Miner smOS (linux).

How & Why You Should Mine Aion Network | Windows” by Digital Gold.

July 27 : Twitter — “Our friends at @myCoralHealth, who develops #blockchain powered solutions for the healthcare, defend legitimate uses of blockchain technology, particularly when you have many trustless parties”.

July 28 : Reddit — Discussion on Aion logo.

Social media activity

Social media activity

The number of Facebook and Twitter followers continues to decline.

July 17 : Aion Jay (admin, Telegram group): “Let’s brainstrom some ideas on how we can mobilize our community around this initiative. I can do a few things on FB, Twitter, LinkedIn, however I’d like us to get creative on ways to get the word out.. i.e. what strategies can we do to get more votes from other communites on Telegram, how best to get traction on Bitcointalk, Reddit etc.”

Twitter — Average number of retweets is 15–30 for one post.

@Aion_Network starting to read @bicameralcrypto (Bicameral Ventures), @rotmanschool (The Rotman School of Management is part of the University of Toronto) and @fr8network (Fr8 Protocol — a single source of truth for blockchain-enabled logistics).

Reddit — threads with 2–10 comments. The longest tread has 21 comment — [HUB] Introducing Aion Network, 4th October, 2017).

The number of subscribers increased by 2000 over the last week (17th July — 24th July).

Information from

Aion forum — latest discussions on mining, EWBF Aion Miner Released, new Aion Community driven PPLNS 0% fee pool, PPS vs PPLNS comparison, latest news, network statistics etc.

Discord — active discussions on the latest updates and mining. Channels:

  • #announcements — community announcements, read only
  • #general — main discussion
  • #canada_blockchain
  • #chit-chat
  • #press — last post — 11 October, 2017
  • #video — last post — 15 November, 2017
  • #weekly-update — last post — 13 January, 2018
  • #mining



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