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Aion: Token Swap Window details, 1 million blocks mined, marketing push coming in September

Biweekly update 14th August — 28th August


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Reddit — Aion Mining

Introducing the Aion Token Swap: The swap window will be between September and November, and we require all Aion ERC-20 tokens to be swapped for AION coins, as 1) the full supply of AION coin is necessary for the healthy operations and the crypto-economic design of the network, and 2) there will be no future utility for the ERC-20 token and consequently we will be removing support for the token at the end of November.

There are two paths for managing the swap.
1) Exchanges — The team is working with a group of global and regional exchanges to provide support for the swap across our diverse community. In the coming weeks they will be updating a list of our partner exchanges that will be supporting the swap. These exchanges will allow to deposit ERC-20 tokens during the swap period.
2) Bridge — Access the bridge through Aion Bridge UI and wallet interfaces such as MEW, MyCrypto, Meta Mask, Coinomi and Jaxx.

Matt Spoke gives Token Swap Overview: video.

Aion v0.3.0 — Mainnet — Moldoveanu Peak: the new version of the Aion Network kernel.

Aion Kilimanjaro — Block 1,000,000: 1:05PM Aug 23, 2018.

Aion Team Launching Genesis Block. Source: Aion blog.

Social encounters

August 14–15, Toronto, Blockchain Futurist Conference (Matt Spoke speaking). Aion Founder Matt Spoke at Blockchain Futurist Conference August 2018: video.

August 23, Toronto, BOOST Blockchain Job Fair.

Jenna Pilgrim, Network Effects & Kesem Frank, MavenNet | Global Cloud & Blockchain Summit 2018: Jenna Pilgrim, CoFounder & COO at Network Effects, and Kesem Frank, Aion CoFounder & CEO at MavenNet, sit down with John Furrier and Dave Vellante for Global Cloud & Blockchain Summit 2018 from The Westin Harbour Castle in Toronto, Ontario.

MaRS Mornings with Kesem Frank (Aion Co-Founder).

Matt Spoke Update for the Week of August 27th — Aion Founder discusses project updates:
* Hitting the 1,000,000 block mined milestone on the network.
* Great Mining Pools you miners join.
* Kernel update: Major feature updates including pre-complete contracts that will power the Aion Bridge.
* New Wallet Aion Erc-20 is now supported by Conomi wallet, who will also support the upcoming token swap.
* Final touches on the Windows desktop wallet.
* Transparency on the Bounty program, you see which projects received funding and the new grants available.
* Great feedback from the talk at Blockchain Futurist Conference and connected with some great companies.
* We have a big marketing push coming in September and we will have specific asks from our community to accelerate the new messaging.

11 Questions for Blockchain Community Manager, Jay Cleary.

Upcoming Events:

September 26, Toronto, Elevate Blockchain event which brings together senior figures from finance, tech, and startups to explore the rapid growth of cryptocurrencies. A session in Toronto on governance and best practices for the digital currency industry.


Token holders and the number of transactions dynamics (from
Reddit — Aion Trader

Matt emphasizes the 5 to 10 year commitment of Aion’s core developers and the focus on the long game.

Updated Bounties & Grants — Earn Aion while Contributing to its Development.


Right in target.

Phase 1: Kilimanjaro 2018

  • Virtual Machine — FastVM with EVM Source Compatibility
  • Aion Interchain — Token Bridge and Interchain Communication
  • Aion Proof of Work — Equihash 210_9
  • Aion Core — Multi-Chain Framework, Wire Protocol (P2P), Tx Pool, Event Manager
  • Aion APIs — Java API, Web3 API Compatibility

Partnerships and team members

Aion Jay (admin):

Note from AION Biz Dev Team about partnerships:
Matt announced that we have 15 clients on Aion and they fall into three buckets:
- Clients on Public Aion
- Clients on Private instances of Aion (nee Nuco) that we can name
- Clients on Aion (private or public) that we cannot name for confidentiality reasons.
Examples of each are:
- Velocia is launching a mobility platform and token on the Aion platform; the rest of the public Aion clients are in stealth mode at this time.
- Vodafone, TMX, Moog and AFX Logistics are some of the examples on Private Aion instances
- There are stealth mode start-ups, Fintech and Governments that don’t want to be named across public and private instances.


Twitter — Matt Spoke responds that Aion is sufficiently capitalized. “No concerns on operating runway”.

Matthew Spoke — @MattSpoke: “The internet evolved over 30+ years within academic labs before it was ever exposed to consumers. Paradigm-shifting technology needs decades to become impactful”.

@Aion_Network: “Excited to see mainstream press for our partners @TeamWinMiner via @VentureBeat by @TheRealSJR”.

Twitter — @Aion_Network: “More mainstream press for our partners @TeamWinMiner who are bringing the complicated world of cryptocurrency mining to the masses. Plus AION coin is currently available for beta users mining on nVidia cards”.

@bicameralcrypto: “Roof Office + Busch > Ground Office + No Busch. Drafting press releases and blog posts for our inaugural Bicameral cohort! Sent out over 2mm native AION tokens as investments over the last 2 weeks and cannot wait to introduce these pioneers building on Aion!”

Reddit — Why has the number of Github commits completely flatlined? — Numbers are way off on that site. Aion has nearly 2700 commits to date.

Reddit discussion — Brainstorming an AION Cross-Chain DEX.

Vote to add native Aion to Ledger.

Powered by AION: Mavennet provides private enterprise blockchain solutions that enable high transaction throughput and interoperability between multiple blockchain platforms.

Aion signs expression of interest to become Shyft Trust Anchor.

Helping AION develop it’s philosophical argument. Here’s the term necessary to properly describe AION — Data as a service (DaaS).

Telegram — discussion about Dmitry Buterin + Aion: Vitalik father is private investor in Aion.

How much can you make mining Aion for a week? by Ghostbitcoinminer 57.

Aion vs Icon vs Wanchain — Which One Is the Best Moon Coin? by Rock The Block Live.

AION vs ICON vs WANCHAIN vs WALTONCHAIN vs ZILLIQA (Comparison of Sites Popularity in Last 90 Days)

Social media activity

Social media activity

The number of Telegram group members increased by more than 10 thousand over the week 14th July — 21th August. The community is quite active discussing latest news, development, mining, token price and possible partnerships.

Twitter — Average number of retweets is 15–30 for one post.

Facebook — 10–15 likes per publication.

Reddit — threads with 2–10 comments. The longest tread has 21 comment — Aion Network Announced Token Swap Details, 16th August, 2018).

Information from

Aion forum — latest discussions on mining, Aion Desktop Wallet, Titan Suite by Northern block, EWBF Aion Miner Released, new Aion Community driven PPLNS 0% fee pool, PPS vs PPLNS comparison, latest news, network statistics etc.

Discord — active discussions on the latest updates and mining. Channels:

  • #announcements — community announcements, read only
  • #general — main discussion
  • #canada_blockchain
  • #chit-chat
  • #press — last post — 11 October, 2017
  • #video — last post — 15 November, 2017
  • #weekly-update — last post — 13 January, 2018
  • #mining

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