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Aion: CEO bets on AION adoption, launch of Improvement Proposals (AIP) and ecosystem growth

Biweekly update 28th August — 11th September


GitHub metrics

New repository — aionnetwork/AIP — Aion improvement plan: An AIP is an Aion Improvement Proposal. AIP’s can be proposed by anyone in the Aion community. The proposal is a document which provides a concise overview to the Aion community of a new process, functionality, standard or conventio.

Developer activity (from
Reddit — Aion Mining

Leveraging the Power Of Community — Aion Improvement Proposals (AIPs): Aion Improvement Proposals (AIPs) serve as the formal process for the Aion community to suggest, debate, collaborate and come to a consensus on improvements to the Aion codebase and its surrounding ecosystem.

Survey: Aion Mainnet Explorer V2.0.

Social encounters

An update for the Aion community….:

  • The launch of our Kilimanjaro mainnet is now allowing for the creation of decentralized applications to be built on the Aion Platform.
  • Aion has been building out the team.
  • Aion completed an organizational restructuring.
  • Our mining community has progressed the blockchain to our 1,000,000th block a major accomplishment showcasing the continued community support and growth for a relatively young blockchain.
  • Aion has achieved technical milestones in the way of the alpha token bridge, which will be used as a pre-cursor to future interoperability milestones and achievements, all focused on connecting blockchains and bridging worlds.

@Aion_Network: Best of luck to ecosystem partners @Mavennet_ on their trip to @ITEA_3 in #Stockholm #Sweden. They a part of a @NRC_CNRC delegation presenting at a #EuropeanUnion software event. They are driving innovation in the enterprise #blockchain industry.

Mavennet‏ — @Mavennet: Our CEO, Patrick Mandic presents an @Aion_Network based Enterprise project to over 400 SMEs at the EU’s #ITEA2018.

Mavennet meets with SAAB as part of their Europe Tour to showcase AION for Enterprise.

Upcoming Events:

September 26, Toronto, Elevate Blockchain event which brings together senior figures from finance, tech, and startups to explore the rapid growth of cryptocurrencies. A session in Toronto on governance and best practices for the digital currency industry.


Token holders and the number of transactions dynamics (from
Reddit — Aion Trader

Latoken has integrated the Aion Coin.

Aion app now available on Ledger Live in developer mode.

Reddit discussions: From ~$11 to 50 cents, Biggest Loss but Hodl on.


Right in target.

Phase 1: Kilimanjaro 2018

  • Virtual Machine — FastVM with EVM Source Compatibility
  • Aion Interchain — Token Bridge and Interchain Communication
  • Aion Proof of Work — Equihash 210_9
  • Aion Core — Multi-Chain Framework, Wire Protocol (P2P), Tx Pool, Event Manager
  • Aion APIs — Java API, Web3 API Compatibility

Partnerships and team members

Aion Network partners with Coinomi to support the AION coin: AION Coin holders will now be able to store their Coins in Coinomi’s secure multi-asset wallet.

Nodesmith as the latest approved grantee. Nodesmith gives developers reliable and scalable access to the Aion Blockchain Network via easy to use APIs. (Personalized Learning Ecosystem) is being built on Aion. to support Aion Token Swap.

Aion integration coming soon to BlockDaemon.

Telegram group:

@Interstellar: “Vodafone was added to homepage & Jay said we will soon hear more about their enterprise partnership efforts”.

@AionJay (admin, Aion Community & Events Logistics Manager): “Please wait for an announcement. You guys are so quick, they are almost ready to let you guys know the plans for their enterprise efforts”.


Twitter — Matt Spoke request a friendly bet with Jimmy Song on the success of AIONs dApps #ThedAppBet:

Jimmy Song (송재준) — @jimmysong:So @ethereumJoseph says he thinks ETH is going to disrupt the Facebooks of the world. FB has 2 Billion daily active users (DAUs). Surely, if he actually believes what he says, he should be willing to bet that there will be 5 dapps on ETH with 0.0005% of that in 5 years?”

Matthew Spoke — @MattSpoke: “This bet needs to happen! I’ll take it. ⅕. 5 dApps will be built on @Aion_network within 5 years that will have 10,000 DAU and 100,000 MAU over any consecutive 6 month period. Max pain bet of 1,000,000 AION or 100 BTC. Jimmy, just to be clear, I’m dead serious on this”.

Aion’s Ecosystem is Ready to Bloom This Fall by Joseph P. DiPasquale.

September, 5th: Aion “focusing a great deal on building out our company, our brand and our product — and we’re ready to show the world what we’ve done. So starting this week, you’ll also see more about us out there in the market — we are increasing our presence on social media, and starting to reach out to larger audiences. In short, Aion is open for business, and we are starting to tell the world about it”.

Do You Know Your Digital Currency Market: talk with Cole Diamond from CoinSquare on the Moolala podcast about the cryptocurrency market and how Canadian organizations like Aion Network are innovating in blockchain.

When will AION connect to EOS? — Reddit discussion.

Comparison of Inter-Blockchain Communication Technologies: Technical comparison of all Interoperability projects, including Aion.

AION Network : Overview : Blockchain Interoperability by Dzienna Dawka Dyskomfortu: an introduction video to Aion protocol / blockchain and overview of AION Network providing blockchain interoperability.

Aion (AION) Review — Interoperability Between Private and Public Blockchains on

Social media activity

Social media activity

The community is quite active discussing latest news, development, mining, token price and possible partnerships.

Twitter — Average number of retweets is 15–30 for one post.

Facebook — 10–15 likes per publication. The number of Facebook followers increased by 20 thousand over the last week (4th September — 11th September).

Reddit — threads with 2–10 comments. The longest treads has 25 comments — to support Aion Token Swap, (6th September, 2018) and This has been an attack piece on AION by the pokadot project (5th September, 2018).

Information from

Aion forum — latest discussions on mining, Scheduled Kernel Update, SmartMiner EOL, Author call switching to EWBF miner, PSA: Solo mining is still viable. Help further decentralize Aion, Aion Desktop Wallet, Titan Suite by Northern block, EWBF Aion Miner Released, latest news, network statistics etc.

Discord — active discussions on the latest updates and mining.

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