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Ambrosus: AmberEx 3.3 Update, Q1 2020 Releases, AMA Session Planned, Ambrosus Mentioned As One Of The Major Players Operating In The Global Smart Pallet Sensors Market

Biweekly update 27th January — 10th February

Hello, cryptoworld! Today we are going to look at what happened in Ambrosus over the past two weeks. The marketing team is finally awake after a pause that was taken to work on refining a strategy and public communications. They recently published a development update, where it was mentioned that after multiple rounds of testing, the updated version of AmberEx v3.3 finally went live with significant performance improvements. The network now has all functionalities of the core protocol and various Masternode classes fully implemented. Layer 2 applications on top of AMB-NET core will now be the focus of further community-driven development.

They reported that they are currently working on the release of the development roadmap 2020 together with the strategic vision for the company’s progress and key milestones. In addition, to keep the community informed, they arrange an Ask-Me-Anything session with the Ambrosus CEO, Dr. Stefan Meyer. Feel free to replenish the list of topical questions! Besides, Coherent Market Insights Research highlighted Ambrosus as one of the major players operating in the global smart pallet sensors market, along with ADLINK Technology Inc., Ahrma Group, and TronicsZone.

Although the number of subscribers in social networks has a slight decrease, the level of community involvement is impressively high in Telegram chat, on Reddit, and Twitter. People commonly discuss the development state, wait for news, and make predictions. Join them and be the first to get insights! See you in two weeks!


GitHub metrics
Developer activity (from

Apollo nodes info from Ambrosus Explorer:

Atlas nodes info from Ambrosus Explorer:

“After multiple rounds of iterations and scrupulous testing, the updated version of AmberEx v3.3 is finally going out to production! Owing to the continuous improvement efforts of our beloved technical team, Masternode operators, partners and AMB-community enthusiasts will now benefit from the easier, more smooth and developer-friendly interaction with AMB-NET! The network now has all functionalities of the core protocol and various Masternode classes fully implemented. Layer 2 applications on top of AMB-NET core will now be the focus of further community-driven development.”

For the sake of more accurate monitoring of the bundle content and upload rates, Explorer v3.3 contains significant performance improvements.

  1. An upgrade on the way the Payouts information is displayed on the Atlas page. They decided to make the payouts timetable accessible directly via the personal page of the Atlas masternode.
  2. Atlas Masternode operators now can not only view the balance available for withdrawal at the moment and the next payout date for the previous cycle but also the forecast payout for the current cycle together with the date of the next payout.
  3. Apollo Masternode Operators will have improved user experience when accessing their personal cabinet: Apollo reward statistics will be updated on a daily time-frame. Moreover, an automatic time-zone display was fixed on the Apollo page.
  4. The alerting system has been totally modernized to achieve round-the-clock maintеnance. Thanks to optimization features, any AMB-Net user or Masternode Operator will be privy to prompt Devops’ support should technical issues occur.
  5. The ChainSpec parsing functionality was implemented. ChainSpec parsing allows receiving information on the data on Ambrosus wallets created during the launch of AMB-Net. This functionality complements the previous upgrade when Ambrosus Developer Team implemented the Data Parsing Pause together with the transaction types filter; structured local storage for users’ Client Data and fixed incorrectly time-stamped transactions.

Social encounters

All the updates should occur according to the plan announced in this post — Communications and Outreach for Ambrosus Ecosystem.

  • Coherent Market Insights Research highlighted Ambrosus as one of the major players operating in the global smart pallet sensors market, along with ADLINK Technology Inc., Ahrma Group and TronicsZone. According to this research, the “Global Smart Pallet Sensors Market is Expected to Exhibit a CAGR of 4.2% During the Forecast Period (2019–2027)”.

Key Market Takeaways:

  1. The market is expected to register a CAGR of 4.2% during the forecast period (2019–2027), owing to the increasing adoption of smart pallet sensors by e-commerce, cab aggregator, and media & entertainment sectors, etc.
  2. Among regions, the Asia Pacific region is expected to exhibit the highest growth rate over the forecast period, owing to increased output from the healthcare and retail industry. For instance, according to US-China Business Council, in 2016, the Chinese healthcare sector accounted for a 6% share of the country’s GDP and is expected to rise up to 10% in the near future.

Upcoming events:

  • AMA with Ambrosus CEO Dr. Stefan Meyer on the week of 10th February — Leave your questions via the link and check amazing questions sent by Ambrosus community members. The most upvoted questions will receive detailed answers.
  • The first meetup in 2020 is discussed in Telegram chat. Join conversations and participate in the choice of time and place!


  1. “The release of the Development roadmap 2020 together with the strategic vision for the Company’s progress and key milestones will be updated and posted within the next four weeks.” This means these updates will probably appear prior to the end of February, as the article was published on 30th January.
  2. They are going to post updates regarding a new addition to the team Ambrosus focused on the development of various partnerships and collaborations using AMB-NET with both Layer 2 startups built on top of AMB-NET as well as corporate integration where applicable.
  3. They are going to announce the first meetup for 2020.

“Despite an ever-changing regulatory landscape, Ambrosus has decided to remain committed to its original vision of complete decentralization.”

The plan is:

  1. To adapt to the new regulatory environment without compromising the belief in decentralized networks.
  2. To support narrowband options that fully comply with existing B2B business processes in order to make it easier for enterprises to utilize AMB-NET.
  3. To continue to grow the entrepreneurial aspect of the Ambrosus Ecosystem while also increasing the number of masternodes on the network.
  1. Winter 2019 — Release of exchange platform with full trading platform functionalities (obtaining the necessary licensing and permissions from authorities), facilitating the launch of a full-fledged decentralized exchange and cryptocurrency trading platform.
  2. Spring 2020 — Release of the first large-scale fully-automated supply chain solution, governed by Decentralised Autonomous Organisation, sensor systems, and artificial intelligence. Full Quality Control and Management of financial and commercial relationships between different parties, including payment settlement mechanisms.
  3. Summer-Autumn 2020 — Scaling-Up of the platform, integration in various industries, including Food, Natural Resources, and Medical Products. Autonomous, intelligent, self-governing supply chains.


Partnerships and team members

Wait for the updated Ambrosus team members’ dashboard and additional info via the link.


Token financial dynamics (from Explorer Ambrosus)
AMB Money
AMB Money
AMB Money



  • Cheese: A one-of-a-kind solution designed by Ambrosus to verify the quality and origin of Cheese from pasture to table.
  • End-to-End Traceability of Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla: An in-depth breakdown of the Ambrosus industrial project surrounding the supply chain of one of the world’s most precious commodities: Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla.
  • Olive Oil: An expert solution for protecting the quality of one of the world’s most historically counterfeited foods: Olive Oil.
  • The Pharmaceutical Supply Chain: An industry analysis explaining where Ambrosus fits into the most important trends and changes in the pharmaceutical supply chain.

Social media metrics

Social media activity
Social media dynamics
Social media dynamics

The graph above shows the dynamics of changes in the number of Ambrosus Facebook likes, Reddit subscribers and Twitter followers. The information is taken from

This is not financial advice.

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