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Ambrosus: Announcement of token unlock schedule, new ‘Low-Cost Serialization Tags’, 2nd security audit by Hacken was passed

Biweekly update 13th February — 27th February

This is not financial advice.

During the previous weeks, Ambrosus work was fruitful. The team posted progress update, that includes information about testing a newly designed and pre-prototyped ‘Low-Cost Serialization Tag’ (LCS Tag) that is uniquely secure and cost-effective, a specific patent for it has been filed, that prevents falsification and fake issuance by recording history on the blockchain. What is more, Ambrosus Global CEO Angel Versetti presented the Ambrosus Ecosystem and participated on a panel in front of blockchain developers, European Parliament and European Commission members, and active members in the European blockchain community. The token unlock will happen no earlier than 22 April 2019. Numerous events are planned, the community social networks have a slight decrease. Stay tuned with their progress!


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A) The Innovation Laboratory is happy to reveal that they are testing a newly designed and pre-prototyped ‘Low-Cost Serialization Tag’ (LCS Tag) that is uniquely secure and cost-effective: A specific patent for it has been filed.

More specifically, this is why the LCS Tag is important:

  1. First, according to current modellings, the tag is projected to cost an astonishing 1 cent (estimated to be 5 to 10 times cheaper than similar tags on the market)!
  2. Second, the tag can contain up to 64 bits of information allowing for the generation of 18 quintillion unique IDs for different products.
  3. Third, the tag only possesses an antenna — in which a unique ID is encoded. With such a design, all electronics are eliminated (i.e. no chip) from the tag itself making it the most sustainable solution of its kind.
  4. Fourth, the tag can be printed on stickers, which in turn can be used as seals to ensure products are not tampered with. If the seal is removed, the tag will stop emitting, and the reader will detect its failure.

B) As for blockchain core, the second security audit from Hacken has been received and reviewed, with the most pressing issues having been identified. The audit involved a security assessment for the core node code-base and NOP script, as well as network penetration testing for the larger Ambrosus network infrastructure as well as the different nodes and tools involved.Meanwhile, the smart contract infrastructure has improved tremendously with ‘custom assets’ for client companies having been successfully developed. With such customization, a larger variety of data can be included in each asset monitored on AMB-NET, allowing for increased flexibility for enterprises using the network. Improvements in bundle distribution frequency have also been noted, while a handful of the node and NOP related issues have been fixed. The newest versions of the ‘Ambrosus-Node-Contracts’ have also been deployed and tested. In addition, the Hermes Masternode has undergone a high-level product (competitive) analysis, with additional features being developed in order to make it the most versatile and business friendly solution of its kind.

C) A pagination feature for the Android/Java SDK has been developed. This allows movement between pages of assets and events, when numerous data entries are involved. At the same time, the user interface and experience of the Ambrosus Dashboard (UI/UX), and the functionality of the Ambrosus Explorer have also been an important focus. Finally, the Front-End team has worked on a number of PoC’s, involving, among other things, the traceability of precious objects, records of ethical production, as well as the sharing of DNA based sensing data. While further information cannot be disclosed at this time, the progress of the Front-End team has also improved the precision and ease with which enterprises can manage their ‘Assets’ and relegate relevant ‘Events’ to them.

D) As one of the most exciting areas within Ambrosus, the various core products continue to improve every week. In relation to the Ambrosus Bridge, Terms and Conditions (T&Cs) for usage have been created, while re-testing of fixes continues. Such re-tests have involved implementing deployment scripts, and testing the deployment process itself. When it comes to the Ambrosus Explorer, a number of tests have been done to monitor its communication with AMB-NET. While more work is needed to ensure optimal connectivity to the network, the Explorer itself is approaching completion.

E) A number of small bugs have been identified in the Ambrosus Explorer and the Front-End application. Additional focus has been directed towards monitoring the Ambrosus Bridge, and re-testing what has already been fixed. All other QA work has been directly focused on scrutinising the development of the blockchain core and ensuring that the network essential components are of high caliber. This remains an ongoing process.

Social encounters

  • HIGHLIGHTS: Good Question (Episode 11) — Can Blockchain Supply chains empower conscious consumerism? with @angelversetti CEO of AmbrosusAMB — Follow this link to see the full episode.
  • The workshop on SupplyChain and traceability with great use cases presented by our panellists! Companies represented include CrystalChain, ConsenSys, LVMH, IBM, Ambrosus, Logos.
  • Video of Angel Versetti’s interview with Bloxlive at WEF in Davos is now live. Check out his discussion about the latest developments at Ambrosus and things to look forward to in $AMB ecosystem.
  • Yesterday the Global CEO Angel Versetti led several panels on the subject of Blockchain and IoT, exploring supplychain and trade topics at the EU Blockchain Observatory, attended by the EuropeanParliament and EuropeanCommission members. Read report here.
  • Angel Versetti will be attending the EU Blockchain Observatory Forum in Brussels. Meanwhile, Chief Technology Officer and Head of the Innovation Laboratory, Dr. Stefan Meyer, will officially continue to serve on the Board of Editors for the British Blockchain Association for the 2019 Year.
  • Check our the first Q&A blog, where the most popular questions of the community are answered in detail by the team.

Upcoming events:

  • 1–2 March — EBIC 2019 — Vienna, Austria (Speaker: Angel Versetti)
  • 5–7 March — ETHCC — Paris, France (Exhibitor, Speakers: Angel Versetti, Dr Vlad Trifa)
  • 13–14 March — Token2049 — Hong Kong (Exhibitor, Speaker: Dr Vlad Trifa)
  • 14–15 March — Hello Tomorrow — Paris, France (Exhibitor, Speaker: Rado Dragov)
  • 26–27 March — eHealth World Conference — Nice Region, France(Exhibitor, Speaker: Angel Versetti)
  • 8–13 April — EDCON — Sydney, Australia (Exhibitor: TBC; Speaker: Dr Vlad Trifa).
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According to Delay in deployment of AMB-NET — Revised Short-Term Roadmap:

A) Technical team revises the code, based on the issues flagged by QA / security audits.

B) Repeated Security Audits are performed.

C) If all security audits indicate full safety, Wave 0 will be onboarded on main-net.

D) If only blockchain security audits indicate full safety, we may consider onboarding Apollos and Atlas nodes, without launching Hermes nodes. In that scenario until Hermes nodes are launched (Hermes are the nodes generating bundles), there may be additional temporary smart contracts deployed that would redistribute block rewards to Atlas nodes in lieu of the missing heartbeat bundles. Hermes nodes would be properly activated within 1–2 months after onboarding of these nodes.

E) Associated product releases (Wallet, Bridge, Explorer, Dashboard) are all dependent on the successful deployment of main-net with external nodes. As such, some of these products are likely to be released on test-net in January (in particular, explorer and dashboard), while the other two would be released jointly with onboarding of external masternodes on main-net, which would require both the bridge and wallet to function.

F) According to the February progress update, further Lab testing and development of the LCS tag will continue before commercial testing with specific clients begins, with a special focus on its customized reader and simulating frequencies. More sophisticated iterations of the LCS Tag involving temperature monitoring and the addition of secure inks or holograms are in the process of being designed. Importantly, the next generation of the prototype will be developed alongside the PrintoCent Community for Industrialisation: a consortium of which Ambrosus is an active member.


  • Aurelien Beranger received the gifts from AmbrosusAMB: “First time I’ve seen a crypto project which send gifts to their masternode holder and active community member.”
Source: Twitter
  • The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has launched a new pilot project, designed to test innovative technologies in order streamline and optimise the tracing and verification process throughout the medicinal supply chain. In a statement released this week, Pilot Project Program Under the Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA Pilot Project Program) is designed to “assist FDA and members of the pharmaceutical distribution supply chain in the development of the electronic, interoperable system that will identify and trace certain prescription drugs as they are distributed within the United States.” The pilot programme will take place from February 8-March 11 2019 and will play a key role in development of the enhanced electronic, interoperable track-and-trace system for industry set to go into effect in 2023 as part of the Drug Supply Chain Security Act.


Token holders and the number of transactions dynamics (from
Source: coingecko.
  • According to February progress report — Extended Token Lockup — The current date for the current token unlock schedule, as communicated in previous blogs, has been additionally extended for another 2 months and thus will happen no earlier than 22 April 2019. Any further changes beyond that date will be communicated in due time.

Social media metrics

Social media activity
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Social media dynamics

The graph above shows the dynamics of changes in the number of Ambrosus Facebook likes, Reddit subscribers and Twitter followers. The information is taken from

This is not financial advice.

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