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Ambrosus: Steady Growth and Quality Code, CryptoValley Conference with Angel Versetti, the unveiling of Chipless, the extension of onboarding community-run Masternodes

Biweekly update 17th June — 1st July


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The Ambrosus Ecosystem

  1. A multi-faceted project is being developed with a company based out of Greece, that pertains to data validation and certification as well as personal information management, specifically in humanitarian and academic situations. As a unique application of the Ambrosus Ecosystem, these projects combine specific hardware pieces with the Ambrosus Network to ensure that individuals or academic institutions are able to quickly and securely access information that has been validated on the Ambrosus blockchain. While this project remains in its early stages, there remain significant funding and adoption opportunities with this specific application that will continue to develop into the future.
  2. A new industrial project using the open-source code of the Ambrosus Ecosystem is developing for the purpose of monitoring poultry. As a secure means of verifying the quality of the product, this solution is being developed for both internal and external purposes.
  3. in response to the ecosystem growth special progress report featured recently on the Ambrosus Blog, a number of enterprises from South America have contacted the Ambrosus team to begin designing and implementing a number of solutions for exotic foods and industrial products. Spanning from fruits, and livestock to reforestation, Ambrosus is actively developing these opportunities across the continent

AMB-NET: Steady Growth and Quality Code

The last two weeks have attested to the consistency and effort of the Ambrosus Developer Teams. The Ambrosus Network has steadily continued onboarding community-run Masternodes, while also developing a number of client demos, and network tools.

  1. The Node Onboarding Procedure (NOP) has been updated to provide a more user-friendly onboarding interface.
  2. Scripts have been completed for automated instance setup, to improve user convenience. After testing, this feature will be available to the next wave of operators!
  3. Testing and security checks have continued as the entire Wave 0 has successfully onboarded to AMB-NET!

Social encounters

  • At the CryptoValley Conference CVC19 Angel Versetti presented the developments of Ambrosus ecosystem & unveiled ChipLessCLC , a new project within $AMB Ecosystem.

Upcoming events:

  1. 2–5 July — Tech Open Air — Berlin, Germany — Speaker: Angel


According to Q&A:

At some point between these first two dates, new documentation will be released relating to a unique and fully-functional IoT solution, as well as more detailed insights into the Ambrosus Edge Gateway itself.

The Ambrosus developer team will intensively test Atlases running on the newly updated AMB-NET. Therefore the next one to two weeks will be dedicated to testing the new DMP algorithm on TEST-NET. If that works as desired, a final test will take place on AMB-NET, after which Wave 0 Atlases will go live. If all goes according to plan, Atlases should begin onboarding by the middle of May.

By the end of June, a selection of core components of the Ambrosus Ecosystem involving IoT devices, Edge-Gateways, Hermes Masternodes and communication protocols, as well as the Ambrosus Network with accompanying Atlas and Hermes Masternodes will be fully-operational and functioning. Developers will be able to build robust applications utilizing all of the components of the Ambrosus Ecosystem, while entrepreneurs will possess all of the tools, required documentation, and information on collaborating with Ambrosus, in order to be successful in building and scaling real-world solutions.

Horizon Development

  1. Masternode onboarding will continue at a consistent rate, with new operators being invited to join the test-net before accessing the main network. In the meantime work will continue on the main-network architecture, the bridge and the explorer as well as with regards to a number of demo applications approaching completion!
  2. Stand by for more updates regarding industrial applications, as well as the long awaited Ambrosus for Entrepreneurs complete guide!
  3. With a busy schedule for the coming months, the Ambrosus team will continue to post updates for the community as Ambrosus INATBA and the Supply Chain Working Group continue to evolve.
  1. Release the first versions of an Atlas Node documentation page including extended functionality for managing an Atlas’ state and to monitor performance
  2. Continue onboarding of community masternodes (at the same consistent pace as currently maintained)
  3. Onboard a number of Hermes masternodes for both open-source access as well as for particular enterprises, while carefully gauging connectivity and bundle rates


  • $AMB-NET onboarding: Due to popular demand, they will be releasing info about rankings for masternode activation by 15/7. Also, if you are a masternode holder & wrote email to info@ which was unanswered, reach out via TG with proof to receive 100 AMB bounty + response within 48 hrs.
  • Meme from telegram chat:

Partnerships and team members

  • Ambrosus Team is growing. New faces are up on Ambrosus freshly-updated team page! Meet the new Senior Developer Andrii Rozinko, who is joining our Chief Blockchain Officer Igor Stadnyk’s team! Making Ambrosus stronger and onboarding 100 new nodes starting from today! More info via link.


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Source: coingecko.
Source: coingecko.

Social media metrics

Social media activity
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Social media dynamics

The graph above shows the dynamics of changes in the number of Ambrosus Facebook likes, Reddit subscribers and Twitter followers. The information is taken from

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