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Ambrosus: The first progress video report, Yahoo Finance interview with Ambrosus CEO Angel Versetti, Crypto Valley’s TOP-50

Biweekly update 16th January — 30th January

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  • From Chaos, came into being Gaia, broad-chested, always the unshakable and everlasting seat of all the immortals who hold the peaks of snowy Olympus. Gaia, the Mother Earth, gave birth to all life. Welcome to AMB-NET, Wave of Gaia Masternodes! Check Ambrosus telegram for more info.
  • Check out the first Ambrosus Progress Report of 2019, which was made in a video format! See the exciting things that Ambrosus team has been working on, including the developments on blockchain core, IoT, products and business development.
  1. Blockchain Core Team is performing security audit of the blockchain and P2P storage layer and is also continuing running performance testing of the network. They are also working with masternode applicants to onboard them.
  2. Product Team is continuing its work on the key products around AMB-NET, such as AmberEx (Explorer), Bridge and Dashboard, which they are preparing to release both on main-net and test-net.
  3. IoT Team are now finalising their work on the secured gateways and sensors, and will be presenting a detailed overview of their work already this week. They have also now filed 2 additional patents on the subject of secure IoT, expanding Ambrosus ecosystem.
  4. Operational Team is taking care of all the key events this month, such as WEF in Davos, Paris Fintech Summit, DLD Munich and Startup Day in Estonia. It has also entered negotiations with several companies that can provide payment gateways for Ambrosus.
  5. Business Team has been meeting various companies, including consultancy firms such as PwC and Deloitte, to develop joint value proposition using the tools and ecosystem around Ambrosus.
  • Medical Implants is an industry ripe for disruption: check out how Ambrosus ecosystem has all the essential tools to launch industrial solutions for markets such as medical implants within hours, and to provide the power of public blockchain and secure IoT underneath such solutions.

Social encounters

  • See Angel Versetti’s interview for Ambrosus with Yahoo Finance: “Blockchain will not solve all the problems of the world. But in the core value proposition of data integrity and immutability, blockchain is king.”
  • Angel Versetti reported to Bitcoin News Bitcoin from WEF19 in Davos about the sentiment of the world’s elites on cryptocurrencies and blockchain. Find out more here.
  • $AMB had a community meetup in Munich on 29.01! They were sold out and everyone enjoyed the discussions about SmartCities and the digital economy around them, ambrosus goodies and AMB-NET in action. Ambrosus also plans to CrossTheBridge next week! More info in Ambrosus Facebook.
Source: Ambrosus Facebook
  • Ambrosus Included in Part 4 of the Ultimate Guide to Small Market Cap Cryptos. Learn more about it here.

Upcoming events

Ambrosus Events & Discussion — January 2019:

  • 29–30 January — Paris Fintech Forum, Paris, France
  • 31 January — Paris Blockchain Summit, Paris, France


According to Delay in deployment of AMB-NET — Revised Short-Term Roadmap

A) Technical team revises the code, based on the issues flagged by QA / security audits.

B) Repeated Security Audits are performed.

C) If all security audits indicate full safety, Wave 0 will be onboarded on main-net.

D) If only blockchain security audits indicate full safety, we may consider onboarding Apollos and Atlas nodes, without launching Hermes nodes. In that scenario until Hermes nodes are launched (Hermes are the nodes generating bundles), there may be additional temporary smart contracts deployed that would redistribute block rewards to Atlas nodes in lieu of the missing heartbeat bundles. Hermes nodes would be properly activated within 1–2 months after onboarding of these nodes.

E) Associated product releases (Wallet, Bridge, Explorer, Dashboard) are all dependent on the successful deployment of main-net with external nodes. As such, some of these products are likely to be released on test-net in January (in particular, explorer and dashboard), while the other two would be released jointly with onboarding of external masternodes on main-net, which would require both the bridge and wallet to function.

What’s next?

  1. 3rd week January: Dashboard for Main-Net open to external organisations
  2. 4th week January: Explorer for Test-Net
  3. 5th Week January: Announce Wave 1. Criterion for Wave 1 selection: the longest uninterrupted storage of AMB in a given wallet that will be used to run masternodes (or connect to the bridge). The longer someone has held AMB in their wallet, the sooner they will be onboarded for masternodes.

Partnerships and team members

  • Question time with Vlad Trifa, CFO of Ambrosus on 28.01.2019 — he will soon publish a statement with the answers on important questions about masternodes and roadmap. Stay tuned to be first to know!


  • If you work in the field of medical implants, there is an ability to a call for proposals/pitches, both for the medical implants and other niche markets to help teams build revolutionary solutions using AMB-NET. More info via link.
  • Ambrosus is looking for a product owner. It’s an entrepreneurial position (basically creating a new startup within Ambrosus ecosystem). Ideally, Ambrosus need a creative, entrepreneurial IT/IoT Engineer. Apply via careers[at]ambrosus[dot]com
    Refer a friend, and if hire them, win $AMB.
Source: Ambrosus Twitter
  • @WhaleClown tweeted “With physical sensors connected directly to AMB-NET, you can be sure that those weights are not fake, and stored in real human-sweat and blood. Bringing trust to gyms.
Source: @whaleclown twitter


Token holders and the number of transactions dynamics (from

Social media metrics

Social media activity
Social media dynamics
Social media dynamics

The graph above shows the dynamics of changes in the number of Ambrosus Facebook likes, Reddit subscribers and Twitter followers. The information is taken from

This is not financial advice.

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