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Ambrosus: Video overview of IoT devices and analytical dashboard, the transition from Ethereum to Amb-net is coming after security audits and node operators onboarding

Biweekly update 30th January — 13th February

This is not financial advice

“We need transparency”. The journey of the product is still too dependent on fortuity and dedicated individuals, that is why Ambrosus team have been working tirelessly over the period. So far so good, every point of their progress report provides us with evidence of operational growth. They are in process of testing, optimizing masternodes, beginning implementation of new security method to store keys with zero in-memory exposure and making progress in researching. It seems that everything is moving directly to success and community should grow rapidly, but vice versa we can see a slight decrease in the involvement of social networks. Probably, the situation is going to evolve soon. Hang in there, Ambrosus!


GitHub metrics
Developer activity (from Data before 12th of February may be incorrect
  • This week’s Progress Report is special because it features a video-update from Ambrosus Innovation Lab, where you can see hardware that brings blockchain level of security to the IoT. Other exciting updates on AMB core infrastructure are within.

IoT Video update

Blockchain core

  1. Autoscaling groups are added which allow us to scale node rpc/ws endpoints when we have spikes of traffic
  2. Monitoring of the AMB bridge, both the home and foreign status. Alerting according to the metrics as well.
  3. Metrics and alerting for the cryptoeconomic side of our nodes, balance of the Apollos, Atlases and Hermes is fully implemented now.
  4. Deployments and a new pipeline for the bridge and bridge contracts is in progress
  5. Optimize Atlas masternodes for lower CPU usage
  6. Atlas/Hermes worker: make it run more regularly
  7. Testing functions for validating bundles while streaming, which allows to handle bigger-size bundles (additional scalability). Creation of a validation mechanism for streamed bundles.
  8. Improvements to NOP: payout option added, error fixed, 443 ports opened
  9. One fix for Hermes ExtAPI committed (the up-to-date master data for an asset is now correctly displayed)
  10. Specified and simulated Deterministic Moving Pointer mechanism
  11. Research on auto scaling groups to ensure that AMB-NET can handle sudden high spikes of traffic
  12. Metrics and alerts for cryptoeconomics (are the validators mining correctly? are any critical accounts low on funds?)
  13. Finalising security audit with partner organisations, final report expected Feb 6–7.


  1. Minor fixes to UI/UX (loaders, scrollable panels, alerts)
  2. Bridge Fee Mechanism, fixing Bridge transaction fees on AMB-NET, testing transaction fees on Ethereum.
  3. Commenced work on Bridge monitoring and alerting to unusual activities
  4. Final preparations. First AMB and node stakes to move from Ethereum Main-Net to Ambrosus Main-Net in the next few days.


  1. Ability to create and manage a public/private key pairing using mnemonics
  2. Able to pull test-net AMB-NET balance for imported accounts
  3. Able to import accounts using Seed Phrase
  4. Begin implementation of security method using Keychain combined with Secure Enclave to store keys with zero in-memory exposure
  5. Establishing connections to Ambrosus nodes (test and mainnet)
  6. Perform send and receive transactions, get Amber token balance, view transactions on AMB-NET etc
  7. Security framework for maintaining keys/mnemonics using device Keychain and hardware security chips such as Secure Enclave on iOS
  8. Enabling the SDK support of all the functionality of the 1.0 versions used by the viewer app, create Assets/events, access AMB-NET, scan 1D/2D symbologies etc

Ongoing QA:

  1. Explorer fixes and monitoring
  2. testing
  3. Bridge latest UI/UX testing and updating of test cases
  4. Testing Mobile Components (Grids/Layouts/Elements/Platform Typography)
  5. Hermes Performance Testing, incl. extreme environments (Generating bundles with double or triple the normal size)
  6. Testing Explorer functionality using Test-Net. Prepare deployment for Main-Net
  7. Security/penetration testing in parallel to the external security audit.

Social encounters

  • See the latest interview of Angel Versetti about AmbrosusAMB with Paradigm Fund, talking about $AMB go-to market strategy, the unique value proposition for the supply chain industry and how Ambrosus is building the foundation for smart cities and autonomous supply chains.

Upcoming events

  1. Meet Angel Versetti at C3 Crypto Conference in Berlin at the end of March. He will present the latest developments of the Ambrosus Ecosystem and show live applications AMB-NET.

2. 5 February — Tallinn Blockchain Developers Meetup — Tallinn, Estonia(Attendee: Olga Dyka)

3. 19 February — EU Blockchain Forum — Brussels, Belgium (Speaker: Angel Versetti)

4. 1–2 March — EBIC 2019 — Vienna, Austria (Speaker: Angel Versetti)

5. 5–7 March — ETHCC — Paris, France (Exhibitor, Speakers: Angel Versetti, Dr Vlad Trifa)

6.13–14 March — Token2049 — Hong Kong (Exhibitor, Speaker: Dr Vlad Trifa)

7. 14–15 March — Hello Tomorrow — Paris, France (Exhibitor, Speaker: Rado Dragov)

8. 26–27 March — eHealth World Conference — Nice Region, France(Exhibitor, Speaker: Angel Versetti)

9. 8–13 April — EDCON — Sydney, Australia (Exhibitor: TBC; Speaker: Dr Vlad Trifa).


According to Delay in deployment of AMB-NET — Revised Short-Term Roadmap:

A) Technical team revises the code, based on the issues flagged by QA / security audits.

B) Repeated Security Audits are performed.

C) If all security audits indicate full safety, Wave 0 will be onboarded on main-net.

D) If only blockchain security audits indicate full safety, we may consider onboarding Apollos and Atlas nodes, without launching Hermes nodes. In that scenario until Hermes nodes are launched (Hermes are the nodes generating bundles), there may be additional temporary smart contracts deployed that would redistribute block rewards to Atlas nodes in lieu of the missing heartbeat bundles. Hermes nodes would be properly activated within 1–2 months after onboarding of these nodes.

E) Associated product releases (Wallet, Bridge, Explorer, Dashboard) are all dependent on the successful deployment of main-net with external nodes. As such, some of these products are likely to be released on test-net in January (in particular, explorer and dashboard), while the other two would be released jointly with onboarding of external masternodes on main-net, which would require both the bridge and wallet to function.


  • Aurelien Beranger tweeted “800kg of spoiled meat from Poland discovered in France!
    “We don’t know whether the meat has been distributed to stores or it’s still frozen”
    We need transparency AmbrosusAMB ( $amb ) can help FOOD industry & people from this!”
  • Ambrosus is looking for new team members for business development, marketing and communications. See job descriptions on our careers page. Reply with tagging your friend to win up to 1'000 AMB of bounty!
  • Angel Versetti tweeted “All the wannabe crypto-expert talking heads saying that utility tokens are dead and STOs are the next big thing, are just an opinionless herd. STOs, while solving financial markets friction, are not radically innovative, whereas utility tokens are. Give them time, they will shine.”
  • It’s late Friday night, but they are busy packing up and preparing for despatch another wave of presents for our $AMB Community Masternode operators and applicants — everyone from Atlas Zeta to Apollo, as per Angel Versetti’s request.
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Token holders and the number of transactions dynamics (from
Source: coingecko

Social media metrics

Social media activity
Social media dynamics
Social media dynamics

The graph above shows the dynamics of changes in the number of Ambrosus Facebook likes, Reddit subscribers and Twitter followers. The information is taken from

This is not financial advice.

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