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Aragon: AragonOS 4 release, cashflow statement Stefano Bernardi as the Aragon Association Executive Director, final results from the AGP-1 vote

Biweekly update 20th November-4th December


GitHub metrics
Developer activity (from
  • The future of organizations by Jorge Izquierdo and Ramón Recuero.
  • Upgrading Aragon Voting Part 1: The Ethereum Storage Time Machine: In this series of posts, the Aragon team introduces their latest research on how they intend to completely revamp Aragon’s Voting infrastructure in order to achieve the above properties. In this first post, they begin explaining the base of this new infrastructure, EVM Storage Proofs (aka ‘The Ethereum Storage Time Machine’), a new technique they have developed that can be used to prove past storage values to other contracts.
  • Git branch convention for Aragon repos by Brett Sun (Lead Developer at Aragon One): In the last All Devs call (#10, see notes), the team discussed a new convention for git branches across Aragon’s git repos.
    The proposal is to have two active development branches:
  1. A master branch that is always publishable or deployable
  2. A next (or dev?) branch that holds longer-term or breaking changes that may be broken

Releasing aragonOS 4–A refinement to our smart contract framework: Enhanced capabilities, reviewed by two independent audits, and depended upon by more than 100 DAOs on the Ethereum Mainnet.

AragonOS 3 was a monumental release which included a lot of potential that is still widely untapped today. Although originally conceived to solely power Aragon organizations, it eventually encapsulated so many strong design decisions that the team felt it could be useful to others as a general-purpose smart contract framework. Using its functionality, they were able to take a hard look at every piece of contract infrastructure and reconsider rebuilding everything on top of the framework. The framework went as far as implementing an internal scripting language for permissions, to unlock the vast potential of non-binary permission management. This allows for powerful use cases, like being able to manage an organization’s budgeting without ever writing a line of custom code.

If aragonOS 3 was all about pushing the bleeding edge further in smart contract design, aragonOS 4 is the culmination of Aragon efforts to produce a refined, sharpened edge trustworthy for use in the adversarial environment of a public Ethereum network.

Over the last ten months, they put aragonOS 3 through two independent audits and tirelessly gathered feedback from early users of the framework.

They’ve added enhancements, security guarantees, and more intuitive default behaviours. The contracts have been optimized and tuned to lower their usage costs.

This release, aragonOS 4, now powers more than 140 organizations on mainnet.

Final results from the AGP-1 vote: After one month of preparation, starting with a public review and comment period and ending with a final approval by the Aragon Association Board of Directors, Aragon Network Token holders were given an opportunity to approve or reject AGP-1, the Aragon Governance Proposal process, on November 15, 2018 in a vote that lasted for 48 hours.

ANT voters overwhelmingly voted to approve AGP-1.

The final results of the vote on the question “Should the Aragon project adopt AGP-1 as the Aragon Governance Proposal process?” are:

  • Yes: 1,040,515.47716 ANT (99.97%)
  • No: 359.81674 ANT (0.03%)
Source: Aragon blog.

The statistics that underlie this vote are as interesting to us as the results themselves:

  • Number of unique addresses participating: 45
  • Percentage of total ANT supply participating: 2.62693%
  • Largest number of tokens voting from a single address: 594,143.02238671 ANT(0x5a36c5bb86b1d8037576fda54422e60823067063)
  • Smallest number of tokens voting from a single address: 0.05363874 ANT(0xd395d4a9753310f3940de2673c70c251224e3d07)
  • Number of votes made using the Aragon Voting app: 38
  • Number of votes made using a raw transaction: 7

A review of these statistics shows that there is still a lot of room to improve voter turnout. There is already a discussion started in the Aragon forum related to this.

The date of the next vote is scheduled to start January 17, 2019, and AGP drafts must be finalized no later than January 3rd.

Updates from Aragon chat (20th November — 4th December):

@luis (Luis Cuende, CEO at Aragon One Team):

- Participated in trial weeks with candidates
- Worked on coordination tasks for the Association
- Worked on Aragon One proposal for Flock

- Worked on hiring and team
- Worked on legal
- Cathing up on the last research
- Planning for 2019
- Worked on the Aragon One Flock proposal

@jorge (Jorge Izquierdo, CTO at Aragon One):
- WIP actor app implementation:
- Research: evm storage proof verification (POC close to be working)
- Trial week with candidates 🙂

- Polished, open sourced and wrote about

@lkngtn (Luke Duncan, Research at Aragon One):

- Worked on Aragon Network presentation
- Worked on Aragon Court presentation
- Worked on Roadmap planning

@light (John Light, Community at Aragon One):
- Continued work on AraCon planning (speakers/partners/ AV)
- Finished AGP-1 final results post
- Event process revisions

- More AraCon planning! Final agenda coming soon :)
- Preparation for A1 team workshops

@tatu (Tatu Kärki, Communications at Aragon One):

- Reviewed, edited & published the amazing post by @jorge and Ramon in the A1 blog, , did the Aragon Nest Q3 updates post and reviewed all the posts by the teams with help from @maria, & reviewed, edited and published the Final results from the AGP-1 vote by @light,
- Worked on restructuring of the Project blog and reviewed & commented on the new design plan
- Worked on the product renaming process

- Set up the Matrix / Riot Aragon community that has channels bridged with Aragon.Chat with the help of @geleeroyale,
- Reviewed, edited and published the aragonOS 4 post by @sohkai,
- Reviewed, edited and published the Ethereum Time Machine post by @jorge,

@bingen (Bingen Eguzkitza, Solidity Engineer):

- Staking v2 development
- Nest: review and support several projects
- Blog post draft
- Payroll review
- Review Actor app

@sohkai (Brett Sun, Lead Developer at Aragon One):

- Trial week with candidates
- Updated documentation for aragonOS 4 release
- Blog post for aragonOS 4 release

- Lots of in-progress work, reviewing open PRs
- Finalized aragonOS 4 blog post (published!) and documentation upgrade (live on!)

@alexa (Alexa Weaver, Operations Assistant):

- Money Stuff Ξ₿⬙ : Payments to service providers, Nest Payments, AraCon, Team Payroll & Expenses
- Ops: Offsite #4 preparation, A1 vs. AA Transition tasks, Travel and Trial weeks, Office supplies/debugging.

@bpierre (Pierre Bertet, UI & Interaction Developer):

- Support EIP 1102 as part of the universal provider PR
- Define the Lorikeet theming system

@delfi (Delfina Polito, Web Development):
- Mostly worked on the implementation of the new project’s blog design
- Did some tiny changes on Aragon website
- Copy changes on Aracon website

- Worked on Aragon Project’ s blog redesign
- Worked on some AraCon website changes
- Worked on some little changes on Aragon One blog

@aquigorka (Gorka Ludlow, Frontend Developer)

- Worked on Aragon ID, AGP, DAO Templates, AragonOS, Aragon Network, Flock, Aragon Court, User feedback, Team Retro

@cjyabraham (Chris Abraham, Project Manager at Aragon DAC):

- reviewed PR for integrating aragonOS 4 docs
- worked on other docs-related tasks
- helping to develop AragonDAC team management processes

- found a designer for improving the hack diagrams
- worked on the Aragon DAC PMO Process
- misc docs related tasks

@monica (Monica, HR Lead at Aragon One):
- Planned and coordinated 2 trial weeks
- Coached team members
- Worked on new job descriptions for the team
- Prepared people ops workshops and team activities
- Talked with potential candidates and reviewed new applications

- HR Ops: equipment and vacations processes
- Coached team members
- Worked with legal on contracts
- Worked on a Team Retrospective

@LorenaGM (Lorena, Ops Assistant at Aragon One):

-Miscellaneous administrative tasks: expenses, registers, post deliveries…
-Documentation review & follow-ups
-Trial Week with candidates: supporting tasks
-Office set up: suppliers, supplies…
-Agenda management

- November expenses review (Expensify)
- Research & proposal (Founders Offsite)
- Office A1 HQ: supplies & suppliers meetings
- Starting the Team Interview for the blog

@danielconstantin (Daniel Constantin):
- Reviewed, updated and merged a couple of PRs in `aragon.js` and `aragon-cli`
- Coordinated with the team on grooming, planning and communication

Social encounters

Aragon Monthly Issue 10: The latest issue of the community curated digital newspaper about DAOs, decentralized governance and the Aragon ecosystem covering October 2018.

Upcoming events:

More speakers have been confirmed for AraCon2019: Jouni Helminen, Kenny Rowe, Laura Kalbag, Meltem Demirors, Yalda Mousavinia & Yondon Fu.

Source: @AragonProject.


Token holders and the number of transactions dynamics (from

Twitter: Direct message from the Aragon Association (AA) board — @licuende (Luis Cuende, CEO at Aragon One Team) and @izqui9 (Jorge Izquierdo, CTO at Aragon One):

Source: @AragonProject.
Source: @AragonProject.

Aragon/AGPS link.


The Network Release

  • Basic network-wide governance
    Which power the network will have over organizations, governance votings to decide on service providers, payouts functionality.
  • App center
    The App center will allow third party apps to be installed in Aragon in order to enable different organizations to address different needs. Any aragonOS-compatible app will be able to be installed, and recommendations will be given to users.
  • ANT token minting
    The network will be responsible for the minting policy of ANT, it will be decided through the governance of the network. Some of its responsibilities will be to decide the minting rate, the price and how companies pay for the subscription to the network.
  • Integrate upgradeability
    Provide upgradeability as a network service for all Aragon Network organizations.
  • Release Calendar
    Alpha: November 2018
    Bug bounty (mainnet): December 2018
    Production deploy (mainnet): January 2019

@monica(HR Lead at Aragon One, in Aragon chat, 19th November, 2018): “We’re working on the new roadmap these weeks, we hope to be able to publish it soon after and have a more detailed one early 2019”.

Partnerships and team members

Welcoming Stefano to the Aragon Association: A new cycle for the Aragon Association with Stefano Bernardi as its Executive Director.

Source: Aragon blog.

What will change?

  • Flock, Nest and AraCon will receive more love and attention
  • The Aragon project treasury will receive more attention as well
  • The Association will form a small team to help Stefano execute these tasks
  • As a result, Jorge and me will have more time to work on product related tasks, as part of Aragon One. This includes the Aragon client, the Aragon developer tools, and the Aragon Network
  • Aragon teams (Aragon One and the Aragon DAC) will have fewer distractions, since the Association will be taking the burden of coordinating efforts between different teams

Announcing EDRA: The Ethereum Dispute Resolution Alliance: This effort was started together by the Bounties Network and ENS teams after realizing that we were doubling our efforts to solve the same issues in designing dispute resolution systems. Since then, the Aragon One team has also decided to officially join us as a member of the alliance.

The AragonDAC is hiring.


Video — SocialBlocks_ apresenta BoT — Blockchain On Tour: Griff Green spreading the blockchain for good message with Aragon Project DAC and Giveth.

Daolist: A list of all Aragon DAOs on mainnet. 4th December, 2018:

Aragon: The Potential Game Changer for Blockchain Adoption on Block Publisher.

Aragon project sells off crypto holdings to secure future on In an announcement from the Aragon association, the ANT project has sold off some of its crypto reserves — including Etherum and Monero — to secure funding for the next 12 to 18 months.

Social media metrics

Social media activity
Social media dynamics
Social media dynamics

Twitter — average number of retweets is 10–15 for one post.

The number of Reddit threads’ comments are: 1–15.

There is a slight growth in Aragon community over time. The graph above shows the dynamics of changes in the number of Aragon Reddit subscribers and Twitter followers. Aragon project has no Facebook page. The information is taken from

Aragon chat — active discussions on development and development help.

The Aragon Chat channels are now also available through /, bridged with the Rocket Chat channels so you can choose which client / interface you prefer to use to chat with the community. The Aragon community in Matrix / Riot. — Popular topics:

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