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Biweekly update 15th January — 29th January

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On January 26, 2019, Aragon Network Vote #1, the first vote held under the newly ratified Aragon Governance Proposal Process, concluded.

Twelve proposals were submitted before the deadline, and nine were approved by the Aragon Association Board of Directors to move to the final ballot for a vote by ANT holders. Between January 24th and January 26th, ANT holders cast their votes to approve or reject the proposals on the ballot.

Here are the final results from Aragon Network Vote #1.



Additionally, the AGPs that made the submission deadline but did not make it onto the final ballot because they were not approved by the Aragon Association Board of Directors were:

Rejected for a lack of full-time leadership and of full-time senior engineering talent.

To reduce cognitive load on the first AGP-vote, this proposal was deemed non-urgent and is to be reconsidered for the next ballot.

To reduce cognitive load on the first AGP-vote, this proposal was deemed non-urgent and is to be reconsidered for the next ballot.

Verifying the vote

You can double-check the results of this vote yourself in the governance.aragonproject.eth organization on Aragon.

Association, Finance, and Proclamation track proposals:

Meta track proposals:

The date of Aragon Network Vote #2 is scheduled to start April 25, 2019 at 16:00 UTC, and the deadline for finalizing AGP drafts before the Aragon Association review is April 11, 2019 at 16:00 UTC. This gives Aragon community members about two and a half months to prepare AGPs before the next vote. Follow Aragon communication channels for updates about AGP vote scheduling and proposal deadlines in case there are any emergency changes.

See also:

Updates from Aragon chat (15th January 2019–29th January 2019):

@luis (Luis Cuende, CEO at Aragon One Team):

- AraCon prep
- More AraCon prep
- Hiring
- Write blog post about something new

@jorge (Jorge Izquierdo, CTO at Aragon One):
- Got SVRP posted in the forum and started implementing POC as part of an A1 candidate’s trial week

- Found out that SVRP only scales by 10x and started working on AVRP (available VRP). Drafted a blog post on the general pattern for optimistic computation.

- AraCon shilling

- Finish all the A1 sprint work: mainly freezing the Actor app contract code
- Execute the AGP vote so it starts on time on Thursday at 00:00 UTC (that’s Wednesday night for anyone in the west)
- More AraCon shilling
- Research: review @bingen’s Kleros exploration and start to look at their code for the fork and keep working on the SVRP POC

@lkngtn (Luke Duncan, Research at Aragon One):

- Aracon prep

- Launched the Aragon Cooperative organization to experiment with using Aragon to manage membership and reputation :)

- published a guide on creating custom aragon organization on the forum:

- tested the new CLI features and found and submitted issues for bugs/enhancements

@light (John Light, Community at Aragon One):

- AraCon organizing
- Prep for next AGP stage (final list of proposals that will be on the ballot here)
- 2019 comms planning

@tatu (Tatu Kärki, Communications at Aragon One):

- Worked on some AraCon items

- Worked on the Everything You Need To Know About AraCon blog post,

- Getting some new team interviews ready for publishing next week 🎉

- Got the wiki PR backlog cleared

- AraCon stuff, preparations and publicity
- Team interview work
- Other blog items

- Worked on AraCon related things
- Progress on team interviews

@bingen (Bingen Eguzkitza, Solidity Engineer):

- aragonOS: review PRs 456 and 459
- Catch-up and review with Network/research progress: Voting single delegation, SVRP, AVRP, Optimistic data availability
- Network: review Luke’s scope and AraCon presentation
- Network: finish Kleros research and start v1 design
- Nest: discuss new scope with Maria

- Implement streaming player for AraCon website
- Finish developer portal restyling
- Some changes that need to be done on project’s website before AraCon and before AGP vote

- Staking: review comments
- Finish Kleros adaptation document
- Labs: Enigma voting PoC
- Review and test on Rinkeby AGP votes PR … and vote on mainnet! 🗳
- Nest: review some milestones and roadmaps

@sohkai (Brett Sun, Lead Developer at Aragon One):

- AraCon presentation
- Fixes for Aragon Desktop towards a stable release
- Hardfork was a bit of a distraction, double checking nothing was going to be exploitable in our contracts if it did happen without any modifications
- Starting reviewing Payroll’s frontend

- Freeze development for 0.6.3 release
- Finalize touches on an initial Aragon Desktop release
- Review Actor and Staking contract implementations

- Fixes for Aragon Desktop, Aragon client as 0.6.3 release nears
- Reviewed Actor app 💃
Planned for this week:
- AraCon!
- Release 0.6.3
- Product and flock discussions with A1, Autark, and other Nest teams

@jounih (Jouni Helminen, Design at Aragon One):

-responsive design for payroll app
-responsive onboarding 1st screen
-screen for ethereum provider recommendations
-Nest design clinic with LevelK
-Identity planning

@bpierre (Pierre Bertet, UI & Interaction Developer):

- IdentityBadge, AppBadge, TokenBadge (WIP − updating Popover)

- EthIdenticon component

- Copy button component (WIP)

- PR reviews

@delfi (Delfina Polito, Web Development):

- interview questions for the blog post
- changes and adding new stuff to AraCon website
- almost finished with developers portal redesign

- Implement streaming player for AraCon website
- Finish developer portal restyling
- Some changes that need to be done on project’s website before AraCon and before AGP vote

@aquigorka (Gorka Ludlow, Frontend Developer)

-responsive design for payroll app
-responsive onboarding 1st screen
-screen for ethereum provider recommendations
-Nest design clinic with LevelK
-Identity planning

- Responsive Onboarding
- Responsive Permissions
- Merge open responsive PRs

- Submitted Responsive Onboarding PR
- Submitted Responsive Permissions PR
- Merged responsive PRs on `aragon/aragon` and `aragon/aragon-ui`
- Learned how to deploy to `staging`
- Deployed `responsive-merged` aragon and apps to staging (a couple of times)

@monica (Monica, HR Lead at Aragon One):
- Finish Team Handbook update
- Work in an internal monthly discussions calendar for the team
- Hiring: usual candidates screenings, interviews, coaching
- Prep Daniel and Paul’s onboardings
- Review new contracts model with legal

- New team members avatars design
- Usual screenings, interviews and coaching sessions
- Create new job descriptions
- Final new contracts model review and signature
- Answer my team interview

This week:
- AraCon 🦅
- A Trial Week
- Misc HR stuff

@danielconstantin (Daniel Constantin):
- `aragon dao token` commands with @quazia

- Global environments to use the CLI outside aragon projects

- Changed ` — set-permissions` on `dao install` to use tx pathing

See full log here.

- New team members avatars design
- Usual screenings, interviews and coaching sessions
- Create new job descriptions
- New contracts model review and changes
- Some last minute stuff

@griffgreen (Griff Green, Governance Circle Lead at Giveth):

- Presented Aragon in Thailand
- Organized a lot of team calls around the Flock rejection
- Started preparing a strategy for obtaining funding to continue critical projects: CLI, DApp-DAO interactions, and Status LiquidFunding

@krrisis (Kris Decoodt, Communication Circle Lead at Giveth):
- Promoted, participated in and streamed the Aragon DAC demo in Chiang Mai, we had flyovers, kitties, carlos matos but mostly good questions and participation.

- Wrote and prepared a medium post to detail our Flock proposal, held back to publish it.. and because our Flock proposal is not going through, will probably not publish it. Very welcome ofc to read it right here , still 100% behind this and Aragon’s mission.

- Wrote another pro-voting text but the DAC decided to no longer challenge the decision that was in process

- Creation of the issue for an editor to prep aragon monthly 12 and archiving issue 11

- Reviewing submission, editing, fixing dead links in the guides, boosting bounties & paying them out

- Final edits to the Monthly, incl last-minute AGP vote push, creating of blog posts and sharing the monthly

@gabi (Gabriel Garcia):

- Further tested aragon client cross-env script
- Tested new Custom DAOs commands. And submitted new aragonCLI release
- Worked to solve conflicts on PR to move aragonCLI to yargs v12
- Worked to solve conflicts on PR to have aragen devchain and verbose option merged

@dizzypaty (Patricia Davila):

– Ongoing product planning & syncs
– Paul’s product on boarding
– Local identity concepts
– Plan user research and workshop for AraCon
– Plan with John communications of product releases

@paulh (Paul Henschel):

- Check more onboarding tasks
- Finish the reading materials
- Update notification hub to the requirements from the last planing session

@LorenaGM (Lorena, Ops Assistant at Aragon One):

  • Agenda Management
    - Internal proceedings support
    - Travel Logistics
    - Misc. administrative tasks: registers, post deliveries, office suppliers…
    - Documentation review & follow up

Social encounters

Everything You Need To Know About AraCon.

5 Reasons We Made AraCon Less Than $200:

  1. Accessibility
  2. Diversity
  3. Hidden Costs
  4. Paying It Forward
  5. Our Real ROI Is Expanding The Movement

The Full Agenda for AraCon:

The Aragon team has organized the content to address some questions around four themes:

  1. DAOs & emergent forms of organization
  2. The opportunity and challenge of decentralized governance
  3. Ethereum & the decentralized web
  4. Aragon community, technology & opportunity.
Source: Aragon blog.
  • Last minute news, Aya Miyaguchi from Ethereum will be joining AraCon’s open-source sustainability panel.
Source: @izqui9.
Luis at Aracon. Source: @sshshln.
Source: @5chdn.

Twitter: DGOV Foundation‏ @dgovearth (on December 26th 2018): “We are very happy to announce the participation of some of the brightest from the the Aragon team at the DGOV Council. We are grateful for additional sponsorship from Aragon to allow us more active facilitation as well as a video team on site. Thank‘s @AragonProject”.


Token holders and the number of transactions dynamics (from

ANT is now available to trade with zero maker fees on Ethfinex.

Aragon forum:

Aragon Network Token available on Uniswap.


The Network Release

  • Basic network-wide governance
    Which power the network will have over organizations, governance votings to decide on service providers, payouts functionality.
  • App center
    The App center will allow third party apps to be installed in Aragon in order to enable different organizations to address different needs. Any aragonOS-compatible app will be able to be installed, and recommendations will be given to users.
  • ANT token minting
    The network will be responsible for the minting policy of ANT, it will be decided through the governance of the network. Some of its responsibilities will be to decide the minting rate, the price and how companies pay for the subscription to the network.
  • Integrate upgradeability
    Provide upgradeability as a network service for all Aragon Network organizations.
  • Release Calendar
    Alpha: November 2018
    Bug bounty (mainnet): December 2018
    Production deploy (mainnet): January 2019

@monica (HR Lead at Aragon One, in Aragon chat, 19th November, 2018): “We’re working on the new roadmap these weeks, we hope to be able to publish it soon after and have a more detailed one early 2019”.

Partnerships and team members

Team Interviews: Delfi, Web Developer at Aragon One.

Aracon Briefing by Daniel Shavit (Pando Network): This briefing paper summarizes recent Aragon related blog posts, tweets or forum threads in a minimal 1–2 paragraph long description in order to give the reader a quick overview of developments and a link towards the sources story to explore the topics more in depth.

January 19th 2019 — Authio AMA (discussing their Aragon Network Security Partner AGP).

Announcing pando’s AGP proposal: Aragon Black in Pando Network blog.

Solving Software’s Oldest Problem: Good Tech is Not Enough: Why Aragon’s community represents more than just the future of Aragon — by Alexander Wade (Authio).

DAppNode NFT’s Have Arrived!: Interesting article on the DAppNode token and the AragonNFT they built for their DAO.

E-Commerce with Legal and Blockchain Security by Ross Campbell.

The AragonDAC is hiring.


  • Aragon DAO Deployments:
New Aragon DAOs Deployed per day. Source.
  • Daolist: A list of all Aragon DAOs on mainnet on January 29th, 2019:


Source: @licuende.

Social media metrics

Social media activity

New Aragon DAC Twitter: since November 18th, 2018.

Social media dynamics
Social media dynamics

Twitter — average number of retweets is 10–15 for one post.

The number of Reddit threads’ comments are: 1–15.

There is a slight growth in Aragon community over time. The graph above shows the dynamics of changes in the number of Aragon Reddit subscribers and Twitter followers. Aragon project has no Facebook page. The information is taken from

Aragon chat — active discussions on development and development help.

The Aragon Chat channels are now also available through /, bridged with the Rocket Chat channels so you can choose which client / interface you prefer to use to chat with the community. The Aragon community in Matrix / Riot. — Popular topics:

This is not financial advice.

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