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Basic Attention Token: Brave soon launching built-in Ethereum wallet, response to new AppStore policy

Biweekly update 28th August — 11th September


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BAT’s founder — Brendan Eich said in his Twitter post: “Latest Brave stats: 4M users (MAU), 21K verified channels, 26K publisher accounts. We will step on gas with brave-core and BAT on mobile this fall, get past 5M easily by EOY, and in the upcoming year, adding BAT ad deals to token grants, making good on the promise of Basic Attention token economics”. This twitter post can be found here.

Video with Brave users talking why they are using Brave and BAT and why other content creators should too! The full video can be found here.

Article on Medium about Coinbase and BAT: “Coinbase have an existing partnership with BAT for the wallet within their browser”. The full article can be found here.

BAT mentioned as one of the “10 Altcoins That Will Make You Money in 2019”. The full article can be found here.

In an announcement to developers through App Store Connect, Apple is requiring that all new apps and updates include a link to their developer’s privacy policy in the app metadata. The new rules come into effect from October 3rd. BAT community believes these news are in favour to Brave. Full article can be found here.

BAT mentioned in the article by invest in blockchain as one of the “3 Promising Altcoins That Are Surviving The Bear Market”. The full article can be found here.

On the 5th of September on Reddit BAT team held an AMA session with Dr. Johnny Ryan, Brave’s Chief Policy & Industry Relations Officer. Dr Johnny Ryan FRHistS is Chief Policy & Industry Relations Officer at Brave and is responsible for policy and privacy matters, as well as relationships with industry partners and regulators. The link to the AMA session can be found here. And the highlights of the session can be found here.

Posted a presentation about Brave & BAT at Google, alongside Chrome, IE, Mozilla, Opera, etc., featuring Jonathan Sampson (Sr. Developer Relations at Brave) (Brave and BAT part starts at 36:40). The full presentation can be found here.

Posted an Interview with Brendan Eich and the anchors of Cheddar on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange regarding the recently announced Universal Protocol Alliance. The full video can be found here.

On the 25th of September BAT community is organizing a meetup in Bogotá, Colombia at Cafe De la Luna Lela (hosted by BAT Colombia in collaboration with BAT France). The link to the event can be found here.

Brave mentioned in the article by Live Bitcoin News: “Brave Browser Surpasses 10 Million Downloads on Android”. The full article can be found here.

Youtube crypto blogger with almost 200 000 followers posted a video with promoting BAT. The full video can be found here.

The rewrite of Brave, called Brave Core, is now available on the Brave Dev channel (v0.55.1). Brave Dev is unpolished and unfinished early preview for new versions of Brave. Brave Dev showcases the newest advances that we’re bringing to your browser, but it’s a prototype, not a reliable daily driver. The link to download can be found here.


Token holders and the number of transactions dynamics (information from

The number of token holders and the number of transactions is increasing over time.


What’s up next?

The main things under development are Brave/BAT Ads, and Brave v1.0 (the rewrite of the browser that should be out this US fall season).

The BAT Community is undergoing a pretty big jump/transformation, the new merch previews being one indication.

There’s also the Ethereum Wallet (in Brave) that’s targeted for this month (August).

The built-in Ethereum wallet will run its own light node, so it’s not just an interface like MyEtherWallet.

Partnerships and team members

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Social media activity

Social Media Activity

The community is growing over time

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