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BAT: BAT’s added to Coinbase Earn, Never Stop Marketing Research and Brave Software collaboration, partnership with Uphold, Rust support for brave-core

Biweekly update 31st January — 14th February

This is not financial advice.

During the last two weeks BAT illustrated high social activity in media landscape. The main keynote of BAT’s activity was BAT’s growth connected with the launch of a special project at Coinbase which allows users to earn utility tokens by viewing and completing educational tasks. To continue, Never Stop Marketing Research, the leading research firm on the intersection of blockchain and marketing, and Brave Software announced areas of mutually agreed-upon cooperation in the near future. Thus, a new tool to showcase the growth of blockchain solutions for marketers via the Blockchain MarTech Landscape is to be released. Finally, Uphold launches support of Basic Attention Token (BAT). Integration with Uphold allows users to hold, send, receive and convert BAT. This enables members to buy, hold, and convert BAT between any of the 29 supported cryptocurrencies, utility tokens, fiat currencies and precious metals supported on the Uphold Platform.


Github metrics
  • Brave Sync (beta) is available to try in Brave Browser 0.59.34 for Windows, macOS, Linux and Android 1.0.76, with iOS coming soon. The full instruction how to set up Sync can be found here.
  • BAT’s founder — Brendan Eich said in his Twitter post: “Sneak peek: @Brave reduces total mobile browser battery consumption by 20–50%. Savings in both browser app and operating system (Android)”.
  • Script Blocking Exceptions Update

The article covers script loading, not tracking. Loading a script from an edge-cache does not track a user without third-party cookies or equivalent browser-local storage, which Brave always blocks and always will block. In other words, sending requests and receiving responses without cookies or other means of identifying users does not necessarily create a tracking threat.

Social encounters


  • BAT’s founder — Brendan Eich said in his Twitter post: “The new approach (we may fail to pull it off) is to align user and browser interest against third parties (trackers) and first parties (websites). We shall see how it goes. Could not do it without $BAT.”
  • BAT’s founder — Brendan Eich said in his Twitter post: “To say a bit more (should’ve fit it in) we want users to support creators directly of course, but not via third parties — that creates a surveillance/trolling/adfraud/disaster system that everyone sees plainly now (I hardly use FB & never via apps now; trying to use alterna-search)”


31st Jan on Reddit BAT team held an AMA session with Joel Reis, Senior Software Engineer for iOS, and Sergey Zhukovsky, Senior Software Engineer for Android at Brave. The highlights of the session can be found here.

Upcoming events:


A new series of discussion groups is introduced whereby all those in the community are encouraged to come along to interactively discuss blockchain projects. This session will be led by Professor Ben Livshits, Chief Scientist at Brave Software, research fellow at UCL CBT and Professor at Imperial College.


Token holders and the number of transactions dynamics (information from

Basic Attention Token is growing on the 7th of February amid the launch of a special project at Coinbase. On the 6th of February Coinbase representatives announced that the Basic Attention Token cryptocurrency, also associated with the Brave browser, now has a special website page with tutorials and interactive tasks on ERC-20 token

The Brave browser’s Basic Attention Token (BAT) has recently seen its price jump over 12% against the US dollar, after Coinbase added it to its Earn program, which helps users learn about cryptocurrencies by rewarding them with tokens.

BAT stands for Basic Attention Token, and its creators are trying to reinvent the way we consume content. The question is whether it’s worth considering or not.

The price of Basic Attention Token has dropped significantly in the last year. BAT price reached its all time high in Jan 09, 2018 when it went over 90 cents. Since then, the price has fallen down to 12 cents. The article covers the potential reasons behind this 87% price drop and other price trends of BAT in 2018.

Outlier Ventures, one of the leading blockchain and Web 3.0 venture capital firms, has published the Q4–2018 report in its State of Blockchains series, reporting that despite declines in token prices, there were strong signs of product adoption in the final quarter of 2018.


  • The BAT roadmap in 2019 is GitHub. More information you can find here.
  • 2018:

Milestone 1: Open source able (December 2017 — February 2018)

Milestone 2: Builds with updates (March 2018 — May 2018)

Milestone 3: Unadvertised Dev channel builds (June 2018 — July 2018)

Milestone 4: Dev channel Releasable builds for 0.55.x (August 2018)

Milestone 5: Release channel Releasable builds for 0.55.x — released on (September-October 2018)

Milestone 6: 0.56.x

Milestone 6: 0.57.x

Milestone 6: 0.58.x

Milestone 6: 0.59.x

  • 2019:

Milestone 7: 0.60.x (done this week)

  • Rust support for brave-core.
  • Ads integration into Brave-core with foundations to support Rust based blind token confirmations

Milestone 7: 0.61.x (More ads work, described below)

Milestone 8: 0.62.x

Milestone 9: 0.63.x

The full information you can find here.

Brave Ads Roadmap

This version provides a preview for users to test ad display and delivery but does not yet include advertiser confirmation or user payment for ad views. The ability to earn BAT (Basic Attention Tokens) for viewing ads will come in several weeks in Brave’s beta channel.

Phase 1: User Ads

  • Brave’s User Ads are available in this developer channel preview, and will be introduced as its first ad offering in their upcoming Brave 1.0 browser release. User ads are always opt in.
  • User Ads provide brands with direct opportunities to provide offers and engage with users as they browse the web.
  • Users receive 70% of the ad revenue for User Ads; Brave receives the remaining 30%.

Phase 2: Publisher-integrated Ads

  • Later this year, Brave will introduce Publisher-integrated Ads. Brave’s team will work in partnership with content providers, providing opportunities for Brave’s 28,000 Verified publishers and creators to feature private ads within their website or channels.
  • Publisher-integrated Ads will provide 70% of the revenue share to participating Verified publishers and content creators; 15% of the revenue share will go to users that view and engage with the Publisher-integrated Ads, and the remaining 15% of the revenue share will go to Brave.
  • As a guiding principle, Brave Ads will always provide the user with a revenue share greater than or equal to what Brave receives.

More information you can find here.

Partnerships and team members

Brave Software is working with Coinbase Earn, a product that allows users to earn utility tokens by viewing and completing educational tasks. $5 million, denominated in BAT, is being designated for this Coinbase Earn opportunity, and 100% of the BAT will go directly to users. Check out the Coinbase Earn BAT Page.

Never Stop Marketing Research, the leading research firm on the intersection of blockchain and marketing, and Brave Software, an innovative privacy browser combined with a blockchain-based digital advertising platform, announced the release of a new tool to showcase the growth of blockchain solutions for marketers via the Blockchain MarTech Landscape.

This is the first step Uphold’s team is taking to review their fee structure and support the non-speculative ecosystem that Brave has created. Uphold is looking at a number of potential opportunities to continue evolving that include XRP among other assets.


An Interview with JP Thieriot, CEO and President of Uphold and founding member of the Universal Protocol Alliance, covers his origins in blockchain and his opinions on the current state of crypto. In JP Thieriot’s opinion, the Brave browser is the best example of the progress that has been made over the last four years in terms of proofs of concept around open API for third party digital money applications. It is equally important from his point of view that Brave proposes to improve how we consume the Internet by reorganizing value flows between consumers and advertisers and publishers. JP Thieriot also believes that Brendan Eich, BAT’s founder, is THE most respected technologist around today with particular thought leadership on issues of privacy and end-user experience.

Active Reddit discussions:

Social media metrics

Social media activity
Social media dynamics
Social media dynamics
The information is taken from

The graphs above illustrate the changes and overall growth in the number of both Telegram members and Reddit subscribers.

The information is taken from

This is not financial advice.

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