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Beam: A Working Demo Of Lelantus, Progress On Double Doppler, The Beam Secure Bulletin Board System (SBBS), Development Overview By Alex Romanov

Biweekly update 17th January — 31st January


BEAM GitHub metrics
Developer activity (from BEAM
  1. Good progress on Double Doppler 4.2
  2. Work on Double Doppler 4.3
  3. They had 71 commits in /beam
  4. 250 open issues in /beam, 19 open issues in /android-wallet, and 20 open issues in /ios-wallet
  • In Depth: The Beam Secure Bulletin Board System (SBBS). In order to simplify the process of creating a transaction BEAM has developed a system called SBBS which stands for a Secure Bulletin Board System. Presented by Beam CTO Alex Romanov, an insight into how the Beam SBBS works and how they intend to improve it in forthcoming releases.

Weekly development update from Alex Romanov, Chief Technical Officer of Beam. This week, they look at the upcoming Web Wallet release and a short preview of the forthcoming desktop Beam wallet release which includes the feature of receive tokens, replacing the SBBS address in the user interface.

This week, they look at the latest android release, as well as a working demo of the forthcoming ‘Lelantus’ additional privacy functions — a world first on the Mimblewimble protocol. The latest Beam android wallet release brings the platform up to date with the current iOS version and includes user-friendly seed phrase restoration and the new dark mode.

  • Modern x86 Chromebooks supports two variants of Beam Wallet. You can run the Beam Wallet android app (left window) or the Beam Wallet with integrated node as Linux application (right window). See post.
  1. Fantastic progress on Double Doppler 4.2
  2. Good progress on Double Doppler 4.3
  3. They had 93 commits in /beam
  4. 254 open issues in /beam, 16 open issues in /android-wallet, and 20 open issues in /ios-wallet


  1. Release notes


  1. The wallet just got much easier to use for the first-timers: the seed phrase verification is delayed till significant funds are transferred to the wallet.
  2. The wallet just became prettier at night, enjoy the dark mode!
  3. Export/import transaction history, tags, addresses
  4. The current wallet data can be cleared with a few clicks
  5. Face unlock biometrics authentication for the happiest Pixel 4 users


  1. The settings screen just became much better organized
  2. When a password is forgotten the user is offered to restore the wallet with a seed phrase (or to create a new wallet)
  3. Transaction details can be easily copied
  4. When pulling the screen down transaction list is refreshed
  5. The version number is added on login and restore screens


  1. Many fixes of typos, explanatory messages, elements placements, colors — all to make the app more eye-pleasing and more intuitive to use.

{Known limitations}

  1. When restoring your funds in automatic mode, verify that your most recent transaction (from any device) was completed at least 1 hour ago. Otherwise, your restored balance may be incorrect and additional restore procedure will be required.
  2. When restoring your funds with your specific node, verify that the node is fully synchronized with the blockchain before starting the restore procedure. Otherwise, your restored balance may be incorrect and additional restore procedure will be required.
  • Beam Tutorial: How Beam Works. A tutorial explaining how private Beam transactions work, including a short overview of the Mimblewimble protocol. Presented by Beam CTO, Alex Romanov.

Social encounters

  1. Еженедельный обзор конфиденциальной криптовалюты Beam от 15 Января 2020 | a video in Russian by Alex Romanov
  2. Biweekly update by Paradigm (check our last update!!)
  3. How To Mine Beam — Most Profitable Cryptocurrency To Mine On A GPU In 2020
  4. Beam Web Wallet and Trustless Wallet Service
  5. Beam Africa: 2019 Highlights & Achievements. 2020 is Going to be Epic!
  6. Еженедельный обзор конфиденциальной криптовалюты Beam от 22 Января 2020
  • Ambassador of BEAM presented about BEAM & Privacy Cryptocurrencies in the «Startup Grind» event with the key topic “Investment in Cryptocurrencies” in Tashkent, Uzbekistan. Everyone got a chance to talk, discuss, be heard, and contribute to the conversation. See post.
  • Agbona Igwemoh tweeted “About the last weekend: Myself and Niran (Repping BEAM) attended the Startup Grind Lagos event that featured Dr. Olumuyiwa Oludayo who taught about effective goal setting. Exciting time with progressive people who share a deep sense of growth.”
  • Beam at Stockholm University Welcome Fair. See post.

Upcoming events:

  1. Créer les applis conversationnelles avec Dialogflow, Cotonou, Benin | Feb. 1st, 2020
  2. Advancing Bitcoin, London, UK | Feb. 6th 2020
  3. Coinfest UK, Manchester, UK | April 3rd 2020
  4. London Blockchain Week, London, UK | April 4th 2020


  1. Lelantus-mw activation in a few months. Check link 1, link 2, and link 3 for more precise information
  2. Second POW change hard fork on Block 642,642 (March 2020)
  3. Transition to Foundation governance
  4. According to the recent Roadmap Update:

The next version, codenamed Eager Electron, will be released in the first quarter of 2020 and will contain the following items:

  1. Second Hard Fork (PoW update)
  2. Lelantus-MW on Mainnet
  3. Confidential Assets on Mainnet
  4. Tor/i2P integration

Some of the functionality that they originally planned for 2019 but was given lower priority compared to other tasks:

  1. GhostDAG research and POC — 2020
  2. Porting to Rust — they will seek the community help for this. Beam Foundation will issue grants to perform this task.
  3. Enhanced Wallet Security — delayed till they start working on Beam Business Wallet
  4. Lightning — while Lightning is a fascinating technology, they feel that Beam network is fast and private enough at the moment, so the work on full Lighting implementation is also delayed
  5. BLS Signatures — currently delayed, they will review this in the beginning of 2020

The next big thing — looking further into 2020!

The 2019 goal was to build a solid Layer 1 network for Beam. In 2020, they will spend more time on expanding Layer 2 and making Beam more of a platform.

Confidential Assets being the first step in this direction, the natural next steps is to offer full Smart Contract capabilities to the network.

Smart Contracts will allow for a multitude of applications, including stable coins, P2P lending, non-custodial exchanges, and other DeFi applications.

Mimblewimble does not support smart contracts per se, so the right way to add them to Beam is through a sidechain. They will be researching the existing projects to choose the right technology for the sidechain (can be Libra, Ton or something else). The high-level design goals are to create a sidechain with Turing-complete smart contracts, multiple assets with the ability for 1-to-1 pegging to assets on Beam mainnet, fast execution, and strong privacy.



Partnerships and team members

For more guys from an amazing team Beam click here.

Here you can find the list of the shops and services that do accept Beam as a Payment Method. It is updated every week!


  • Guy Corem tweeted: “Beam android wallet is working on GrapheneOS. It’s probably the most secure way to store your Beams until the team will complete Ledger and Trezor integration.”

Social media metrics

Social media activity
Social media dynamics
Social media dynamics

The graph above shows the dynamics of changes in the number of BEAM Facebook likes, Reddit subscribers and Twitter followers. The information is taken from BEAM

Downloads: Beam Android Wallet | Beam iOS Wallet | Beam Desktop Wallet

This is not financial advice.

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